Arrest Chinese Defiler, Demands UPP

The opposition United Progressive People (UPP) has written Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja to immediately arrest a Lusaka man of Chinese origin for defiling girls aged between 9 to 13 years old.

UPP media director Mainda Simataa says the named Chinese man who was arrested and released on bond must be arrested and subjected to immediate prosecution.


United Progressive People (UPP)
Party Headquarters
Reedbuck Road, Kabulonga
Lusaka, Zambia

April 18, 2018

Mr. Kakoma Kanganja
The Inspector General of Police
Zambia Police Headquarters
Lusaka, Zambia

Dear Mr. Kakoma Kanganja,


Let me start by stating that owing to the nature of this matter, the UPP has decided to dispense with the diplomatic etiquette of confidentiality with this correspondence. As such, be informed that this letter is public and has been circulated to all media houses, including the outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Zambia and copied to relevant authorities. This is in remonstration of our displeasure at the attempt of the concerned case officers in covering up the case, and obstructing the course of justice. We therefore refuse as a Party, to give this case the benefit of confidentiality and secrecy.

I refer to the verified crime against several Zambian girl children reported in the State Media, the Sunday Times of 15th April 2018, in which a Chinese national who has repeatedly committed acts of STATUTORY RAPE against girls as young as 9 – 13 years in the woodlands area of Lusaka, has been repeatedly let off the hook on police bond by some of your officers at woodlands police station – officers who in their own wisdom, have allowed this Chinese defiler to plead guilty, and get away with such serious crimes by ‘settling out of court’, which in effect means defeating the law and buying his freedom with money, while his victims lives are ruined as the girls will remain scarred and traumatized for life, and possibly infected with AIDS; and hence, no amount of money can bring these girls back!

We therefore hold the view that such duplicity on the part of these errant officers is despicable, unacceptable and conduct unbecoming of a public officer. This is not a civil case, but a criminal case. Be advised therefore, that the victims, the victims’ parents, the Chinese offender, and the Police have no right whatsoever to delay, divert or obstruct the course of justice by accepting the offers of the Chinese defiler to settle out of court! It sends a signal of weakness to foreigners in this country.

Therefore, as a Party that is the voice for the oppressed, and as a government in waiting that has clearly taken a decisive and uncompromising stand against CHINESE STATE CAPTURE, and the growing corrupt and corrosive tendencies of foreign nationals in the Chinese, Indian and Lebanese community, we shall not hesitate nor relent making this a relentless campaign issue, and a media spectacle in which all those who are complicit in such crimes – whether perpetrator or aider, public officer or private citizen, shall be put in the public spotlight where they shall be judged in the moral court of public opinion.

We therefore call upon your office to exonerate itself by promptly and proficiently executing its public duty of arresting and prosecuting this sexual predator for the safety of the already vulnerable girl child. Finally, be reminded that Zambians have not forgotten the debacle of 2016 where Chinese nationals where recruited as high-ranking Zambia police officers; and this particular case shows why the nation widely condemned the recruitment of Chinese Police officers. No doubt, those memories are fresh, and they are playing in the minds of the Zambian people as we watch to see what action will be taken against this Chinese rapist. If note, your inaction shall confirm what the UPP has been warning the Zambian people all along, namely, that the PF government along with all state institutions of
justice and law enforcement, have been CAPTURED BY THE CHINESE!

We hope for your public response regarding this matter by Friday this week; not to us, but to the Zambian people whose integrity, and political and economic sovereignty we are duty bound to serve and protect.

Cde Mainda Simataa
Party Media Director
For and on behalf of the Party and President

Cc. Cde Dr. Savior Chishimba, Party President
Cc. Esther Katongo, Zambia Police Public Relations Officer
Cc. Outgoing Chinese Ambassador – Yang Youming
Cc. Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    These Chinese investors, they are a problem.

  2. Xavier

    Crusfy him.

  3. Marker

    It’s very stupid for them to bail out a criminal on such a matter while Zambian with civil cases do Struggle to be bail out.

  4. Don't kubeba

    I don’t know why government does not take action against these Chinese, they are taking Zambians for granted in many areas by abusing the Zambian workforce through poor conditions of service, slave wages, sexualy abusing minors etc is this the price that Zambians will pay for their bogus investment, government must really do something.

  5. Hanizy

    Money talk any language, arrest him siveka

  6. Mwila Chola Mclagan

    Let justice prevail

    • Priscilla

      Pliz help me also my daughter was asexually abused but nothing has happened despite reporting the matter to police and medical shows it all.

      • Star

        Go to legal aid for women and get help. This is so unfair

  7. My Name

    Arrest him. He has insulted mother Zambia’s moral standards. Only cowards succumb to money and cover up such cases.

  8. Nkonkosheni

    Its just the matter of helping the parents so tht justice can take its conse coz he can use money.

  9. Nip


  10. sage tembo

    I can just imagine how it would have been if it was a Zambian involved………bane let’s be serious with these Chinese nationals

  11. able

    Zambia is a very poor country without these investors we are simply nothing that’s why the government defends any Chinese guy Zambia sucks

    • Abudu

      Chiwamila Garu! Kuluma mbuzi, not mbuzi kuluma Gary! Mabo ni Mabo!Quiet!

  12. open mouth

    Most Zambian leaders are dull,they are not those people you can be proud of when you are in another country or continent. Just for a minute, how do you call father who nills down and praises a swine who has raped his daughter?definitely he is much more than the subject swine.at police in Zambia.

  13. FBI

    C c. Chishimba kambwili

  14. zeke man


  15. sam

    no one is above the law

  16. zeke man


  17. kachepa

    Well done UPP. These are matters that opposition in general and civil society needs to be vocal about. Unfortunately, they are only interested where big money is possible. The police should be held accountable for ‘the course of justice.’ We demand that the police follow up this case with due diligence including the office of the DPP. Any officer involved in letting it lie must face disciplinary action. A felony cannot be ignored.

  18. Master

    Chinese are not Investors, but harvesters

  19. FGM

    Law should be applied in a non segregative manner. Is that how poverty can dilute our laws? Shame indeed!

  20. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Even you Zambians you are doing the same thing.Chaona munzako mailo chilipaiwe careful with what you are talking about. You are also criminals in different ways

  21. Moses Solomon nyangu

    Mmm let him go to hell.

  22. dman

    that is why zmbians complained by allowing these people to enter the police service nd these is our haervesting

  23. bmabuya

    May you continue doing your good job, chinese seem to be overtakin the law

    • Abudu

      Which good Job,surveying your on house! At good job! They Will end up survey your sehow!

  24. Mutemwa Elijah

    Let them go back to their countries please! What is th function of the Ministry of Affairs………….?that chines should be attested and today is Friday.

  25. jk

    Zambia has been sold to choncholis

  26. Joseph David

    All this problems & unlawneless the country is facing, their caused by LUNGU, cz last time, he told you , dat ” i don’t ve a vision to this country. “

  27. King john ii

    People let’s try to learn to appreciate the little someone did for us

  28. Lolo

    Kapana amaona ati nibakulu kaili kwao sibakula

  29. Barotseland

    Corrupt Woodlands Police Officers for sure that’s not a bail able offence .Its treason whereby only the court of Law has powers to decide what action to be taken either to be arrested or to hung until pronounced dead .Stupid Of Police Service Zwaaaaa 2021

  30. bravo

    Its there country so what can you do to the owners of the country? Food for thought

  31. Francis

    Let the government do samething to this so called investors. Busy raping childrens .there is no say from police coz of corruption.thing the system

  32. Chibale

    The problem is that these Chinese sent to Africa are convicts where they are coming from. Sad Zambian Law Enforcement arms don’t even conduct a due deligence on these criminals. Let justice prevail.

  33. Mr Humbles

    Misapplied ubomba mwebala, alya mwebala there, protect our vulnerable children by putting that criminal in his rightful place…

  34. zeke man

    It’s pf govt which has cozed everythiing by bringing in so many chines, they are like ANTS every where you go there is a chines…,we will also start RAPING thire ladies Punch for Punch

  35. Bangu

    That’s being nonsense, Chinese should all go back to their national were they do rapist .

  36. Portfolio

    You shouldn’t be so dull and let our children raped cause next time it will be your daughter, let the law works accordingly

  37. Raphael Chulu

    Lions den

  38. Evans

    They will do nothing coz these pipo who are also called police are like them…who are defiling youths

  39. Yams

    Just imagine sure ,these police officers, where did they get the powers to release these Chinese on bail? Let’s assume if it is you defiling their daughters in their own country? do you think they can leave you? both the police officers and the Chinese they don’t fear the law and ,care for Zambian girls life.they are taking the law on their hands. now if officers are doing this, what about those who have got no Money? they would have been arrested and sometimes died in prison because they don’t have money to release them . please let’s judge accordingly.indeed these are last days .

  40. Kabwe

    The women fork must protest heavily. If a Zambian did the the same in China he could have been killed already. Why are we so kind to these heartless foreigners?

  41. Muhammad james

    Unless if it was a fellow zed you will see how they act quickly even coating stupid Acts

  42. joseph phiri

    This Chinese are doing anything because government is doing nothing..

  43. ditto

    Zambian men do this to girls and boys daily…but it is not news worthy until mafolenas do it. Xenophobic spasims kick in.

    • jazzy

      i cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumiiiiiing to chiiiine to fuck all teeeeeenagers

  44. Musonda umwana musuma

    These brainless creatures you call police officers are only interested in position themselves better financially through corruption and not in protect people from hazardous people especially chin

  45. Blastoto

    Why don’t we just burn him alive or cut his dick with machete?

  46. Kelvin kangwa

    Please police arrest them they foreigners and their are doing wrong thing like this , in country which they not belongs to

  47. j.ronnick

    Please arrest em.

  48. Rasta Simon

    Zambian law is there to defend foreigners am saying this here in chipata town Malawians are all over comfortably doing business working and commit crimes no action is taken but if a Zambian goes to Malawi all eyes are on you meaning that they are security concius so for our government to know let us act not talk or insult in their country if the law says kil they do if but here in Zambia we don’t that’s why we have been taken for granted let’s act

  49. Akomeza

    Mmm that is too bad

  50. Masauso Nyirenda

    That Man Should Be Crusified!

  51. mutinta

    Curcumcise him

  52. Simwaka William

    These are same people that causes chao in the country and he was not suppose even to have bond but he was suppose to be sent to his hometown than being busy here in Zambia destroying the life’s of innocent girl just because they come from poor family. No sent him to his hometown.

  53. jack daneils

    ka la ingila muselo

  54. mmmmm

    Arrest him
    That’s being unfair

  55. Shaka

    Our young ones are also to blame, they very much love money that they can even sacrifice their parents. It is poverty at work.

  56. Dandee

    Koma..just arrest him.
    Let the law take place. alendo si vuto ayi vuto loipa kwambiri ndi pornography.

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