Chipenzi Says Blames ECZ For Electoral Violence

Governance, Elections, Advocacy and Research Services (GEARS) Initiative Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi has noted that some of the governance and political conflicts in the country are as a result of the ineffectiveness of the Electoral Code of Conduct.

Chipenzi says political parties are not entirely to blame for the political violence in the country saying the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) shares the blame for its failure to enforce the Electoral Code of Conduct.

He states that during elections, the Electoral Code of Conduct comes into effect meaning that the ECZ should ensure that it enforces the Code of Conduct by ensuring the security of all participating political players.

Chipenzi says for as long as the Electoral Code of Conduct is ineffective, political conflict will arise during the election period.


  1. Kay2 Pack M

    Yes that’s true, its the failure of the ECZ not political parties.

  2. bravo

    Thats how an intellectual is supposed to speak not shielding nonsense and covering up dirty deeds.bravo uncle chipenzi

  3. Wellington

    Yalikaba game yama politics

  4. MC

    That’s true

  5. King john ii

    Ma politics ni kula umone kkkkkkk

  6. Chimanga

    True observation

  7. zeke man


  8. Portfolio


  9. Bangu

    Ecz has got nothing to do with that conduct, because Ecz is no longer fair enough, bcoz the gvt of Mr lungu is taking part in all affairs of this country, God will judge you for your un fairness……

  10. Muko

    Shamefully noted.We keep our eyes open.

  11. Katomanga

    The president of our nation has finally arrived to his conclusions of running the affairs of this country. Let others also benefit from the few resources we have in Zambia, especially other opposition parties want also try to make it surelable…..

  12. Mr. BJ

    The problem is the need for everyone wanting to get there. Tashibuka shibili, its one at a tym! God’s tym is the best! Ndeloleshafye!!!

  13. Oscar

    That is true what chief said.it’s too corruption

  14. Sunday Kanyangu

    Good morning brethren in our Lord Jesus Christ, am very happy with the observation that chipeze has seen in our country, the fact is that how can the electoral commission of Zambia perform there duties when there are after money and not about the need of the of majorit , I believe some of the statement which are in our constitution are just there to fill up the pages but not to be put unto consideration because if their were there to be in consideration all these issues couldn’t have been there now just because you come to your mind after you have seen something going wrong that is when you start bringing the issue of enforcement of the law .people if Zambia when are we going to open our eyes and see what is going on in our country, because the country is under the leadership of foreigner ,the things that were surppose to invested for our own business you have sold to people out of our country and there are now leading us ,what kind of people are you who sells your own asset to foreigners ,sell your own people ,your own prisons ,your own market ,your own rivers and other associated assets to foreigners, I want to tell you who are support of Jonathan lungus leadership that the same God who punished those people who rebelled against him may he too punish you ,job opportunity are there but just because one is not a pf cade will never go ing to be offered employment shame upon you with your foreign leader of Malawi .lastly but not the list stop selling government properties and leave the things of the government to people who consider the need and the poor not you who are just there for personal interest please we beg you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ leave Zambia and go to were they don’t consider for tomorrow as for us here in Zambia we consider most for tomorrow. In Tonga they say mwana utavwi kulaigwa wakainka amazyu kubukwe,they also say mulonga wetakazyolwa wakabula makoma .may God bless you shalom-shalom.tell Jonathan to go back to Malawi his origin country not here in Zambia we don’t keep foreigners here we are tired with his no sense .

    • Sharp Observer

      Let us perfect our systems for the betterment of everyone.
      Poverty starts at campaign period.

    • zodwa

      Kkkkkkkkkk Jonathan mutaware,when we discover truely u are from Malawi u will pay, hanged mudala Wait i go and dig dipper in malawi,surely a president no Parents no bwino bwino!!

  15. Evans

    Making sense that’s talking u are a man now….

  16. maston

    That true i support his statment

  17. Shaka

    ECZ is compromised, nothing more nor less.

  18. Kapita kabambi


  19. Masters

    good observation but i feel there is need for the ECZ to work strictly with the police and other law inforcers to curb this disease.

    And electoral voilence can only be limited if political leaders respect one another

  20. Tom London

    Mr Donald Chipenzi , my dear brother you observation ( research ) are meanful as they make good sense to us Zambians
    In all fairness what you are simply saying is that Zambia as a country LACKS strong institutions to defend the tenants of the constitution . because how do you expect ecl a foreigner from chief muzuzu in Malawi to be
    head of state ? So the immigration department which is under the ministry of home affairs fail to take meaning full measures to address this unfortunate state of affairs . Weakness is the answer .
    The police which is also under home affairs and kampyongo as minister are brutalising Zambians using the unfortunate public order act giving more teeth to this foreign ecl .
    We have this so called ECZ facilitating a foreigner in rigging presidential election results to favour a
    foreigner to an extent that it can’t apply itself meaning fully .
    You have this group of pf MPs who are not patriotic enough to be led by a foreigner .
    So to me even the need for dialogue with a foreigner is baseless . The constitution has become irrelevant which is why even the ConCourt has become an irrelevant institution in addressing serious issues .
    Now we hear about this Cyber act Lungu wants to enforce , this is a clear attempt to start sensoring the Social media . If this goes ahead democracy will be compromised .
    At the grass root level we have an atmosphere of cadrelism a tool that supports nonsense .
    Democracy will only survive here in Zambia when and if Edgar is removed from power .
    But to all this state of affairs the common denominator is MONEY which is compromising the genuine functioning of institutions that are supposed to provide checks and balances to the GOVERNMENT of the day to provide an enabling environment .
    GEARS must and should continue highlighting genuine ideas and ideals in Zambia and Chipenzi you should continue spearheading this struggle .

  21. Sunshine


  22. ddd

    he is a upnd dog

  23. barotse man

    true ifyo walanda,,,,,,from comboni from here….ECZ you’re fools

  24. Laston Bulaya

    That is maturity, if people starts reflecting and evaluation of what they do. Maturity is more important in every person,because it helps people think of tomorrow and compare yesterday today and tomorrow. Keep up Mr chipezi

  25. Xavier

    Where were you all that tim?wake up.

  26. BLACK


  27. Masters

    Too much sense

  28. King David

    The man is saying the truth

  29. Derick

    Am jxt passing

  30. Treason

    Ecz Has The Biggest Blame Its true.

  31. Treason

    Ecz Has The Biggest Blame Its true.Its Impontent.

  32. Scott

    At least we still have able men who can point out things as they avail with all intelligence and analytics mind. Thumbs up uncle Chipezi and continue deserminating vital and real issues that the big Fishes are avoiding.

  33. c sam

    Ni Ku mapeto tuli

  34. Joseph Mulenga

    Pure centiment dear Chipenzi.
    ECZ have to see the degree of the disgrace they are doing to us zambians and they are ruining our rights.starting with the time of campaign periods, poll day and announcement of the results sure,you can see that alot is needed to done to improve ECZ and make it become non partisan and independent body because they are always supporting ruling parties.In MMD it was a same song we were singing and in PF the same song even the party which will come it will be the same.Is it a food Chain?

  35. jack daneils

    eh ba landako ifi shinka


    That’s totally true!!

  37. Francis

    That is true

  38. James ngosa

    Wen the comments sides wt the opposition parties,they say chipenzi is right. Wen in the comments seems to favor the ruling party wt ECZ the opposition say all sorts of things against chipenzi. Pliz stay away frm politics to avoid heartache and headache. Respect leaders of today and ECZ efforts. Afta all u are getng a salary frm leaders of today and u dot refuse

  39. King cool

    Bolla yalikosa

  40. Morrischongo

    ilyashi yamapolitics yalikosa,kulaumone

  41. ben

    Chipenzi…..if it was his fellow UPND cadre who was beaten the chap would have laid blame SQUARELY on PF but in this case since its his party that did the beating, he blames ECZ!! These guys’ blind loyalty is great to say the least.

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