ECZ Rejects PF Demand To Cancel Monze By-Election

The Electoral Commission if Zambia (ECZ) has rejected demands by the ruling Patriotic Front to cancel a ward by election in Mwanza Ward in Monze.

PF CE Davies Mwila had asked ECZ to halt the by-election after violence allegedly perpetrated by the opposition UPND erupted.

Monze is the UPND’s stronghold and its candidate in the Tuesday by election is almost guaranteed to win.



The Commission received complaints from stakeholders on incidents of electoral violence in Mwanza East Ward of Monze District.

The Commission has since made its assessment of the situation in the affected Ward in conjunction with the Zambia Police and the District Electoral Officer. Its findings are that the environment is now calm and in addition, security has been beefed up.

Further, the District Conflict Management Committee in Monze engaged with stakeholders on 18th April, 2018 and recommended that the by-election in Mwanza East Ward should proceed as scheduled.

Accordingly, the Commission has resolved that the by-election in Mwanza East Ward should proceed on the 24th of April, 2018.

Margaret Chimanse
Public Relations Manager
For/The Commission


  1. bb

    Pf is scared of losing badly.

    • Christopher Silwamba

      Let The Elections Go Has Planned By The Electral Commission Do Th Eir Job Without Being Derailed By Out Siders Thanks. Chris.

  2. Xavier

    Still loading.

  3. abilima

    The story says PF SG “asked”, but the headline says PF “demand”. Can we be a little careful with selection of words.

  4. ichinyo

    y baning in monze wat about on the copperbelt pf finshi muletina?

  5. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle master


  6. Robson Mulowa

    Let them do it

  7. Sianga

    That’s proof at its best that THE ECZ is truly an independent entinty. Its only those who want everything in their favour complain about so called rigging.

  8. Kelvin kangwa

    Let them please why that happened?

  9. Muks Twaams

    we just need free and Fair elections because elections are not for pf as ruling government but all parts .i hope all other polling stations will have free and fair elections for right people to win. rigging votes makes wrong candidate to win and bring problems. we need people who can bring development.ecz continue being independent.

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