Kamanga: ‘Leave Our Kabila Alone’

Last year’s nonsense of fixing matches has started again by the FAZ executive.

It all started by suspending Donashano Malama from a Charity Shield red card which was engineered through a named referee, then Walter Bwalya’s issue and later it was the suspension of Nkana president Evaristo Kabila from all football related activities.

This same Kamanga administration has again started fixing matches by destabilizing the management of Nkana football club with clear intentions of wanting some teams to be operating free whilst Nkana officials getting suspended.

The summoning of president Kabila to appear before the FAZ disciplinary committee [Ethics Committee] is a very well-known calculated move and we know it very well.

Therefore, FAZ should instead put its house in order than venting their anger on innocent individuals.

Leave president Kabila alone and let the league flow peacefully without interference.

It is our journey to the 13th title.

Uwafitala akaimwena



  1. GRAND

    kamanga how many pipo are you going to fight.
    – in less than 2 years of your FA presidency you have taken more pipo to court than any other president
    – in less than 2 years of your presidency you have made our national team to loose 3 home games
    the list is endless

  2. BGM

    Dictatorship Type Of Government In Football Is Unacceptable, Kamanga kontoloka

  3. Mphatso Zulu

    Mwenze funa kamanga ati FAZ president .
    You were insulting kalusha bwalya
    Thinking that kamanga ndiye muntu sii apa mumukumbuka kalusha. Tiyenayo bvuto munaipeza nakamanga wa bantu.

  4. Kalampa 4 lyf

    Kamanga is tredding on hot fire please dont play with Nkana we beg of you.

  5. happy Mwengwe

    Mr faz president please leave nkana alone if you want to save your presidency

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