Mutati Warns Civil Servants Against Abusing Vehicles

Works minister Felix Mutati had warned public service employees to refrain from abusing government vehicles failure to which punitive action will be taken against them.

Mutati, who doubles as Works and Supply Minister and MMD President for one of the factions, said government relies on its fleet of vehicles to effectively deliver on its promises for a better Zambia.

He said there was need to ensure there is an efficient transport system that should be operated in a cost effective manner.

“However, reports of misuse of government vehicles has been noted leading to high expenditure on fuel, service and repairs. It is important to note that all utility government fleet are supposed to be used to provide services related to government operations,” he said.

Mutati said all government employees associated with the running and utilisation of government fleet are expected to abide by regulations that govern the use and management of the vehicles.

He said among common trends of misuse of government vehicles that have been recorded include the driving of vehicles without filling in a log book and with an unsigned log book and being on an unauthorised route.

Other trends are driving a government vehicle without a certificate of competence, without a weekend pass and for personal errands as well as parking at unauthorised places such as bars.

“In this regard, all users and drivers of government vehicles should have, government competence, signed log books and a weekend pass,” he said.

Mutati warned that several penalties that will be applied on any public service employee found wanting which ranges from K150.00 to K1000.00 in fines.


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    Walking is good for your health.

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