Ndola’s Visually Impaired Street Vendors Appeal For Space

Visually impaired street vendors in Ndola have appealed to the Ndola City Council to allow them continue trading on the streets due to their conditions.

The Vendors complained that their businesses have been affected due to movements from one point to another in search of customers.

They said the local authority should consider giving them a chance to trade on the streets to help them earn a living.

“We are appealing to government and the council to allow us trade here (on the streets) because our conditions has led to business going down in search of customers, they should find a system of how they can help us the visually impaired, surely we cannot manage moving from one point to another in this condition,” one visually impaired street vendors said.

But when contacted for a comment, Ndola City Council Public Relations Manager Tilyenji Mwanza said there is already a law that restricts street vending in the country.

She said the local authority will place persons with disabilities as priorities when allocating market stands.

“There is a law already which bans street vendors but what we can do is give them priority when we start allocating market spaces because if we allow them on the streets others will also start joining,” Mwanza said.


  1. Xavier

    Please do so in order to help them

  2. Izukanji simukoko

    You should have first find places and construct markets for them before putting that law of chasing them from street,cause now they are affected

  3. Muselela justin

    U too bad you didn’t get to the right

  4. mercutio

    Please help them….please if you’re a caring government… whether there is street vending policy…

  5. mengmoreler

    Balichete muchi mation chawo nizi!

  6. Armstrong Mudenda

    U ar such a useless person, u ar evn saying there Z the laws which restrict ,weren’t u there when they were debating for that law?if u was there u was supposed to do something immediately to save yo pipo
    Wizards on positions

    • jazzy

      visually impaired how will u see cash$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  7. Tim

    Help them.

  8. mmmmm

    Pliz do it fast
    People have suffered a lot.

  9. Johnathan t

    Pliz do it fast
    People have suffered a lot.

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