Nurse’s Council Shuts College In Chingola

The General Nursing Council of Zambia (GNCZ) have shutdown Comnet College of Health Sciences and Arts in Chingola for operating illegally as a Nursing School.

And the Council had also order Citizens University of Nchanga North in the same district to stop offering nursing courses until it puts in place improved training standards.

Speaking after a tour of Colleges, GNCZ Spokesperson Tom Yung’ana said it was disappointing that Citizens University had even gone ahead to recruit over 100 students for nursing course before being licensed.

“For you, you have even gone ahead masquerading as a College that has been approved to train nurses and consequently you have started recruiting students. We have a combination of what you are calling registered student nurse and clinical officer meanwhile you are not regirstred to do that,” Yung’ana said.

And Comnet College of Health Sciences and Arts Acting Registrar Green Teleka pleaded with the Council that the college be given time to regularise documents.

He admitted that the institution was wrong and stood ready to correct the situation.

“What we are just pleading, yes we are wrong we are just pleading. We intend to do this. Since we have been doing this with other courses, we prepared ourselves even with that building we did everything,” the visibly shaken Teleka said.

Meanwhile, at Citizens University, Mr Yong’ana was disappointed that unsuspecting Citizens were being duped of their monies by institutions that are not registered.

“today we have asked managed of this campus to stop training those students because this institution is not registered with us”, He stated.

And Citizens University Registrar Kay Muyunga said the institution was not aware of some of the requirements and was ready to formalise its documents


  1. TC up

    Involve more inspections in these colleges, even registered ones have no clinical instructors and practical labs,How do you expect to produce a fully backed Nurse?

  2. Leonard

    People stop fabricating fake news we tired the so called gnc spokesperson is so mean he knows that the institution is well registered he should have just advised management to register chingola campus also instead of tarnishing the institutions name and it’s students

  3. Muhammad james

    Too bad to my brother’s and sisters

  4. Alivk

    Please let the Teaching Council of Zambia emurate what the The General Nursing Council of Zambia is doing. There are many teaching colleges that are operating below expected standards. Some foreign college/universities have taken more of their people than Zambians as teaching staff. Teaching Council, bgo round please before things become worse.

  5. Florence Mulenga

    Does it have a license now?

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