Nyirenda Calls 30 For Chipolopolo Camp

Chipolopolo coach Wedson Nyirenda has summoned 30 players for a local camp that commences on Sunday.

Nyirenda has handed call-ups to Kitwe United’s Emmanuel Chabula and New Monze Swallows striker Peter Nyirenda keeping faith to his philosophy of an open door policy.

The camp will be part of the long term preparations for next month’s Cosafa Castle Cup Senior Challenge that will be held in South Africa.

Zambia will play Namibia in the quarter finals of the Cosafa Castle Cup that will be played from May 27 to June 10 in Limpopo Province of South Africa.

The Chipolopolo boys were runners up at last year’s Cosafa Castle Cup with the local camps preceding the tournament having brought to the fore hitherto unheralded names like Justin Shonga, Brian Mwila, Augustine Mulenga and Ernest Mbewe.

Nyirenda also has one eye on Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers that resume in September when Zambia plays Namibia.



Allan Chibwe (Power Dynamos), Ken Mumba (Red Arrows), Sebastian Mange (Lusaka Dynamos)


Thandi Mwape (Kabwe Warriors), Paul Banda (Lusaka Dynamos), Martin Kaonga (Nakambala Leopards), George Chilufya, Jimmy Nakena, (Zanaco), Bournwell Silengo, Solomon Sakala (Zesco United), Isaac Shamujompa (Buildcon), Boniface Sunzu (Green Eagles), Kedson Kamanga (Nkwazi), Allan Kamwanga junior (Power Dynamos)


Mischeck Chaila (Zesco United), Jack Chirwa (Green Buffaloes), Ngosa Sunzu (Buildcon), Clatous Chama, Mwila Phiri (Lusaka Dynamos), Larry Bwalya, Benson Sakala (Power Dynamos), Charles Zulu (Zanaco)


Martin Phiri (Zanaco), Lameck Banda (Zesco United), Youremember Banda (Green Buffaloes), Peter Nyirenda (Monze Swallows), Chanda Mushili (Buildcon), Kelvin Kampamba (Power Dynamos), Ronald Kampamba (Nkana), Emmanuel Chabula (Kitwe United)

(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. Likukela Kota Ikafa

    Not my kind of team. Wonder the criteria used!

  2. Ben bela

    I can’t support such kind of selection its user

  3. Ben bela

    I mean useless

  4. paul chinga

    the team its just fyn kanshi go & be a coach so that u can select good players

  5. zeke man

    Wada work hard eitherwise u r gone

  6. AK

    Zambia Will Play Against Guinee Bissau In September At Levy Mwanawasa Stadium

  7. Morgan

    This is useless you will end up lose the game

  8. RMV

    Nice one if u don’t like the team go and make yours

  9. Julius mabz

    I think i like the inclusion of Charles Zulu

  10. Chiz naks

    The team is fantastic with luck of clatous chama.go Zambia.

  11. Michael Khapochiino

    The problem is that he’s concentrating too much of local players,he doesn’t know how to choose international stars

    • costa moyo

      hey people no wonder its local players, nice team we are behind u.

  12. Henschel Christian

    I can’t support that kind of a team y is he not including our known stars that’s very useless..please think of that Mr nyelenda go back and check your work otherwise you will do nothing and at last you Will come back with tears..


    What a useless coach with a blind selection which will finish the good histry for chipolopolo.
    #You are gone Wada check this out#

  14. Zach

    This how a camp is started, the stars usually come later due to there club’s assignments. The goal keeper (Allan) is best👍

  15. Collins

    I think to me the selection is OK but am not because you’ve left mr nsabata include him as a first choice thank you

  16. Collins s

    I think to me the selection is OK but am not because you’ve left mr nsabata include him as a first choice thank you

  17. Hotness

    Let us wait and see .

  18. Peter mutale

    grt term coach

  19. Swilllar

    Average Team With Overrated Players!

  20. Kalunga malyo

    The selection is good

  21. suntwe

    Fwayo tembo&chisamba lungu are supposed to b included pliz

    • Chanda kasonde

      You are right Mr suntwe.chisamba and fwayo are local players but why are they not included in the squad?

  22. kaseba mumba

    Though we Loose or win please let support them.Bola na Lesa..

  23. Bellintone

    Let’s support our team

  24. imani

    I like what Wada wada has done this time hope he is not going to change his mind he is not looking on faces but the type of playing from small small clubs wada continue with the small spirit God bless you amen

  25. Zach

    I am not comfortable with the defenders. Big George shouldn’t be even on the selection mind. If no changes will take place on defenders, then it’s an experimental section of our team

  26. cmc

    kapumbu, mulenga y are they not included

  27. Matukuto Mumbi

    Mr coach we need a winning team not what you have made
    We need plays with experience like parson daka where are they

  28. Anold

    Go go chipolopolo we are proud with u guys

  29. Kennedy

    OK the team is OK ,lekeni tumone mwebantu cawama talelolesha pamashina awe thanks ba couch limbi kuti twacitako ifyamano ,but remember cisamba is a loca nabola ilelanga ati tapwa

  30. chisenga fred

    Were is Kambole L imwe mulafwaya ukulusa

  31. Gift Kachama

    Mulenga and kapumbu should included n mangani banda.

  32. ek

    the player u mentioneddidnot corupt the corch, y including.Pa zd kulyamo

  33. Leonard Mwandila

    Nice sqaud work hard and win the tournament

  34. Amon

    These are good players indeed!!!

  35. Lottie Simataa from Katima Mulilo , Namibia

    I think the coach is doing his job, let us support him and the players. He has selected good squad to play Namibia in the COSAFA tournament. the team is quiet good

  36. real bus

    mule angalila kuli boxing na wrestling not FOOTBALL coz yabantu bonse cimo naulya baleti zodwa wa bantu bonse.remember PATSON AND THE STARS PREASE


    Awe sure ndeloleshafye

  38. john simutowe

    Were is our professional players? Na cosafa tuluse

  39. john simutowe

    Try to use sate sate,e kangwa,bornwell mwape and mukuka mulenga. Those types of players were are they?mubabomfyeko kula ka COSADA pakweba mus

  40. john simutowe

    Mubabomfyeko kuli ka COSAFA PAkweba ati mwishibe peformance yabo nefyo nomba twinga qualifier in the AFCON 2019

  41. tbn

    Cosafa is for local players, not I interternational players like patson data no

  42. david nsabata kangwa

    were is toaster! allan chibwe is a amateur keeper i see toaster wil be on called in september no plesure coach wanga

  43. Easy B

    Don’t just comment,you should watch the Zambian league.Wada has selected the good players that do better in Zambia league apart from a few player like Justin Zulu, larry bwalya who likes playing position football.Football is one torch and pass not someone dribbles and end up with poor pass.Wada should also includes Tosta musabata “Zanaco” kambole,swilimba,daka,chingandu ”Zesco” Billy mutale “power dynamos”and National assembly star George chiloba.

  44. Mr. Masiye

    What a good selection. let’s suport it and the coach.

  45. Chanda kasonde

    Where is chisamba lungu, fwayo tembo and fackson kapumbu? Coz They are also local players

  46. Avinashi

    Please just include chisamba lungu other wise this is the nation up not northern province team nice balancing coach keep it up kelp giving opportunities to each player until you find the best and some will benefit like shonga and Augustine mulenga

  47. john mwelwa

    That’s only player we have in Zambia ,they is no were to go with that team pliz ba wada poseniko amano otherwise mwalawa twalusa sana….

  48. happy Mwengwe

    What a shameless team kikikikikiki blind supporting

  49. happy Mwengwe

    Chipolopolo is now finished

  50. innocent banda

    What about Isaac chansa

  51. Aaron

    That is balanced team👫👫👫

  52. Deanmeekson

    Some is losing his job very soon #FAZ

  53. Real man

    Pick a team that will lift the cup not the one that will bring a cup of sorrow to Zambia ñooo

  54. David Mwansa

    The squared looks promising despite some missing e.g. Kapumbu and Kambole.


    wat z ths?testng a gun wth 1 bullet while facing a wonded buffalo. let Beston Chambeshi take over nd control the lost.imwe lyonse ni we almost won

  56. Elisha

    Not stable!

  57. Owen mutaka

    Nice one coach Wadawada good balancing and selecting of players..all the best for thoughs who we will be on the final list

  58. Sanyifuk happy

    Why is it that only mbebas and nyanjas are the only people who play football in Zambia? This is one Zambia one national so mr kamaga try to include some tribes like lunda,kaoide please.

  59. H.c.m

    Youremember Banda

  60. nuetrol

    This is foolish my dear

  61. nuetrol

    This is foolish

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