Zambian Musicians To Host KK’s 94th Birthday

Zambian artistes will next Friday host a musical dinner in honour of Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s 94th birthday anniversary.

Dr Kaunda, the Zambian founding father, spent 27 of his 94 years on earth as President of the copper rich southern African nation.

He is now revered as a statesman despite reigning with an iron fist in a one party dictatorial regime.

Dr. Kaunda will be celebrating 94 years on April 28 and will be present at the musical dinner set for Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka.


Attention: ALL Media Houses

17th April 2018


The Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) is proud to announce another musical dinner event in honour of our First Republican President Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda on the occasion of his 94rd Birthday on 28th April 2018. This birthday event of Dr. Kaunda will also announce the inaugural KK MUSICAL FESTIVAL (three day nonstop music bonanza) slated for October, 2018 around Independence celebrations in order to honor our founding father for his immerse contributions to Zambian music and art. Last year, ZAM was privileged to successfully host the KK@93 Bash where the iconic figure was presented with an honorary Legacy Achievement Award and Lifetime Membership to ZAM, in recognition for the great service and contribution Dr. Kaunda made to the growth of the Zambian music industry.

The family and Office of the First Republican President have endorsed the event, dubbed the KK 94th Birthday, and Dr. Kaunda will be in attendance. It will be held at Hotel Inter-Continental in Lusaka, on 28th April 2018 from 18h30 to 23h00, for an audience of 450 people, invited dignitaries and members of the public are all invited at a charge of K2, 000.00 which will include dinner and music.

The programme will include musical performances by Andy Chola, Amayenge Asoza and Suwilanji. The programme will also include the launch of the first ever KK MUSICAL FESTIVAL, speeches and the cutting of a cake made in honour of the day.

In this regard, organizations and individuals are invited to support the event as sponsors or buy tickets to attend.

The Association is putting all the necessary measures in place to ensure the success of the event, and that it will be well attended, publicized and covered by the press.

Please contact me on the details hereunder for further information and clarification.

Njoya Tembo
M: 0977 827 935
E: njoyatembo@gmail.com


  1. HH

    Kk u haver grown now u should repent if u haven’t done that yet,God loves u and I wish u a happy birthday

    • T NyaMziba

      Go tell HH to repent and stop politics

      • Tom London

        Nyamziba you are a fool . And your foolishness is beyond imagination .
        The topic is Super Kenny ” s 94th birthday and not a pf political event .
        You seem to be full of junta .
        Leave the kk event alone .

  2. Hanizy

    Happy birthday kk, your are blessed mudala

  3. Xavier

    Happy birthday our first Republican President.

  4. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Happy birthday our founding father,may God richly bless you.

  5. buster John b

    Alpha Romeo
    happy to you

  6. blues

    Happy birthday K K, Thanks ZAM for organising the event,

  7. mubita Lubinda


  8. ichinyo

    ati k2000 charges u people u think indalama shakwangasha dont u know at ifintu nafishupa ai?

  9. Skb

    “……….in a ONE PARTY DICTATORIAL REGIME……..” How dare you call our KK a Dictator? Are you sure this is the correcct terminology to use on a President who kept Mother Zambia united for 27 peacefull years? A Zambia which did not witness this so~called Democracy. The demoracy of insults. The democracy of Tribalism .The demoracy burning and looting markets. NO my friend KK was not a DICTATOR!!!!! And this is not the democracy that Zambia aspired for.


    How possible is that Amayenge band will be in 2 places? Because they have shows here in Mongu for the Kuomboka on 27th and 28th April?

  11. jpowers

    father of zambia

  12. Musenge

    Happy birthday kk

  13. mideo mwanza

    Comment 94 years nipatali

  14. Dee

    Happy birth day to you Ba mundala may God Almighty continue blessing you with good health and many more๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽ‚love kk

  15. Chikumbuso

    the father our our grate nation.God shud grant u mo ad long life

  16. Love your neighbor

    Happy birthday Mr KK. Only that you failed to completely unite our country like what Nyerere did, thats why we see people accusing this & that tribe of being tribal, Tanzania has many ethnic groups than us but they are more united than us. Their founding father did alot in promoting swahili & that has united them, just a comment coz I bleed a lot when I think of the future of our children, especially those with mixed tribes where are they going to belong?



  18. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Lovely go ahead

  19. FGM

    KK! you truly deserve a honourable 94th birth day bouquet. Long live : founding father.

  20. Moses Solomon nyangu

    Happy birthday the man and half Dr kk

  21. Moses Mususu

    Happy Birthday to the father founder Zambia


  22. T NyaMziba

    Happy Birthday Grandpa in advance and many more years

  23. Max Tembo

    Happy birthday kk father of the great nation zambia.

  24. Wellington

    Thanks to our lovely father’s birthday, I ever give a respect to him Mr kk who got our country from that pipo ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿ˜… ๐Ÿ”ช ๐Ÿ”ซ.

  25. Moze

    hapy birthday kk we love u az a notion at large,may our good lord add many mor yearz 2 u our founding father of da notion hapy birthday once again

  26. King john ii

    Happy birthday to you our founding father of mother Zambia


    Happy birthday our founding father KK and thanks mwana wa chagwa for organising it.And am wishing KK good health and personal happines on his birthday thanks.

  28. Hezron Mk

    happy birthday my first president God bless you alot

  29. GMC nkhalyechi

    Walila mudala may God be with you all days of your life HBD

  30. maston

    God be with you happy birth day father

  31. Chichi

    K2000 cash saht nowonder its got limited guests

  32. Kelvin kangwa

    Happy birthday My forefather for me enjoy your birthday well and God will guard you..

  33. joseph s

    HBD mudala I c I

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