Pres. Lungu Is A Foreigner Debate Is Unproductive – Chaile

Opposition leader Vincent Chaile says the debate that President Edgar Lungu is a foreigner is retrogressive.

Chaile has urged proponents of the debate not to instill negative energy in the efforts Zambians were making in building the country.


Such debates whether president Edgar lungu is a foreigner or not will not bring food or pay rentals for us the poor .

Zambia has too many problems which need solutions than dragging ourselves in such level of pettiness.

If it’s really true that President Edgar is not Zambian , then the Intelligence are to blame for showing the highest level of incompentence and putting this country at risk.

Where was the entire intelligence when President Edgar lungu first stood as a councillor in chawama?

Where was the entire intelligence when President Edgar lungu stood twice as member of parliament in chawama ?

Where was the interlligence when President Edgar lungu was appointed minister of defense and deputy minister under office of president.

Where was the Intelligence when President Edgar lungu was acting President of Zambia ?

Where was the Intelligency when President Edgar lungu when President Edgar lungu was compangning for 3 months as Republican President ….

Vincent Chaile

President for Radical Revolutionary party


  1. Patrick

    Ask them!!!!

    • Sean

      LUNGU is a zambian, i wonder y pipo ar buy talkng on ths, guy scott z nt a zambian he ws a vice president of zambia bt pipo were quet. Eithr lungu z a zambian or not the fact z that he will still remain a president until 2021.

    • Hammer

      The intelligence hasn’t complained ! Ask Mulongoti where he wa! He is thie one with the querry?

  2. chachacha

    you are right even hh is said to have Angolan routes
    who is a Zambian then

    • Benson

      Don’t worry my brother their a thinking that by doings all this think they can win 2021 not knowing the we Zambian we known there games and come 2021 ni pamakafwe vote Ecl

      They are sacred with him that’s why mulongoti is eating money from somewhere for this rubbish game.

  3. Man of God

    Only God knows

  4. Man of God

    Ineeeee Shocked 😲…. Please where are my fellow intercessors… please join me in praying for our nation

    • mboomba Muche

      Alwanina bacende kupenga bwizu. Katuya one Zambia one Nation swebo nkuswiilila tulumba buyo Leza ulawisya mvula.

      • Sean

        Wayasa mwana baama, katubaleka bama lumbu. Tulumba leza utupa nvula.

  5. FGM

    You are right Chaile. People charged with the task of investigations are rightful people to do that job and not politicians as it were.


    Ushe edgar anamilakhwilani chani kuti paliponse mungankhale kunena za yemve nthawi zonse Elo kumunyoza monga anasiliza yonse nsima pa nyumba panu bakabwalala
    Imwe mwatinyansa navokamba vanu vaupuba ataseeeeeeeeee.

    • Benson

      Don’t worry my brother their a thinking that by doings all this think they can win 2021 not knowing the we Zambian we known there games and come 2021 ni pamakafwe vote Ecl

      They are sacred with him that’s why mulongoti is eating money from somewhere for this rubbish game.

  7. Zach

    Some pipo’s manners are bad dor unity of the country. It’s like habit now in Zambian politics. KK was said to be Malawian, FTJ was Congole, RB Zimbabwe some said he was Malawian. Sata would’ve been given a nationality in one of our neighbouring countries. Some are saying HH is also Angolan.

  8. Matthews


  9. mboomba Muche

    Jokes at the expense of really suffering citizens. Cita yaaya

  10. XYW

    Tough issues

  11. Chimba the third.

    No one is the real Zambian,, arcording to real history,,, after all Adam and eve where not created in Zambia…. Think before you act.

  12. Dstar Yumbe

    Let us seek the face of God in this trying moment. Pray for our nation Zambia and our President

    • jk

      Pray for Zambia not a dictator who welcomed Kabila,told Robert not to resign,when people are talking about u there is something in u,he is not the correct man to lead this Nation very far from Sata,Mwanawasa, even RB.people are complaining day by day, busy with Chinese police officers,kkkkkkkkkkkkk zoona we have a president this era.

    • Inutu


  13. XYW

    Indeed,where was the intelligence,they did scrutiny him before he even became a republican president of zambia

  14. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    He should go

  15. annexed

    hh is not a real Zambian Edgar is not but who is

  16. Kapena Kapena Augustine Prince

    Can you please stop such absurdity and concentrate on the going forward of this nation.
    We are all foreigners on this earth for Christ sake.
    Zambia is not the first country to claim of having a foreigner as the head of state.
    The so called super power United States, was once ruled by a foreigner Obama. It’s current President D. Trump, there are allegations that he has a German background.
    Former French Head of State Nickolas Sarkozy was claimed to have Italian pedigree.
    Congolese Joseph Kabila, is claimed to be Rwandese.
    Congo Brazzaville’s Dennis Sassou Nguesso is from Central Africa.
    The list is endless.
    You guys let’s grow up as a Nation not these babish things we see.
    The allegation that Lungu was a foreigner is just one of the opposition’s strategies to get popularity and did not expect President Lungu to respond back by claiming that HH was also a foreigner no!!! This was the time to show his maturity by keeping quiet. We respont to an imbecile by maintaining silence.
    From Kaunda to Sata , all these people were being called foreigners so let this not surprise you cause this is like Zambian doctrine towards their Presidents.
    Show them that you are native of this land by working for it. Bring development which you promised, let them bite their tongues alone with their foolish words.

    • hungry lion

      Zambian constitution doesn’t allow a foreigner to be a president so dony bring Obama in this issue ok?,This government too much forgery things,Fake Teachers,Mp wth fake results,Councilors,goverment officials, who is can not be a foreigner securty people are too sleepy to scrutnise someone – too much yes sir! yes sir! even to a foreigner shame Zambian!

      • abinala

        if u think your friend is a foreigner much more yourself. Do u know were your great grand parents comes from?

    • Benson

      Ecl to is not a good President for u but Zambian is this Best President who is working hard to change the face of mother zambia,talk about road hospital university house of chiefs keep Zambia clean bring order in country in powering the weman more jobs in rural areas paying the civil seventy in time teachers, nus, policemen etc in pamakafwe Pf is still in control

  17. mikayele

    Naye Nyamulenge waku Burundi Mulongozi ndiye ana yamba vaupuba ivi.

    • Benson

      Kasi ni Molongoti mzake Wa h h afuna kuday ndalama za h h sister wake anamkwatilisa bwanji kuli folena nishi nayeve ni folena.kapena amutuma kili sister wake. Tell him that ECL is a Zambian we love him he has Zambian N RC not were he knows 2015 mulongoti was supporting ECL to day because there is no job for him he has come a for.why you people

  18. Shaka

    You people disturb me, some of you seem to be unmannered. You are full of abusive language. Some of these people are older than you, learn to respect elders, God will punish you.

  19. Tom London

    To others this appears to be a HOT POTATO . But to me Lungu is from Chief Muzuzu in Malawi and he is a Malawian FULL STOP .
    And hh is a Donga Tonga from Bweengwa , Mooya chief Hamusonde whose parentage came from Kuti or Zambezi ask the ngombe ilede you will get all the missing answers in this equestion .
    Pf is just panicking that’s all to this .
    What iam saying is that ba pf kuya bebele .
    Elo ndetila ati kimasholi feeela mwa si Lozi .
    Ba Koswe mu mpoto .me I know teacher .

  20. Derick

    True mwadi

  21. Simwaka William

    Only God knows our nationalists stop noses and force more on the developmental programs. Kwasila

    • sakala nyongo

      That man he is mauless what can he defend himself down deep his heart he knows that ‘yazanda’

  22. S.K'snistics

    bwafya bamuntu

  23. abinala

    people of zambia y do people who does not add value 2 this country even a child @ a nursery school can’t bring such matters, i wish 2 tell mike not 2 b a mikephone of useless agenda, what have achieved in leadership 2 build must country?

  24. Sunshine

    Koswe is a foreign true

  25. COONDE

    This is typical of these foreighners tactics so that they keep ruling us the Zambians people. Most presidents who have ruled this country are foreigners, and this explains why our country Zambia does not develop. Because these foregners who come to rule us don’t care about whether our nation develops or not. All they want is to siphon money from our treasury so as to enrich themselves.
    We can all see that Lungu has sold our country to his fellow foreigners and doesn’t care about us the Zambian people. Lungu is fake! Lungu should be pushed out of the office as President of Zambia because he not a Zambian.
    These guys who are condeming this debate might not be Zambians as well or they may simply be unpatriotic.

  26. Idle Zambia

    Parentage not clear???? Efintu efintu nust because at one time u shared a tin of chibbuku,see now defecting to upnd,if u are cheating yo self pf is sinking even ba chako they have now become sober, ask bo kuku bo Inonge abalati Bu president, she has seen things not done correctly no wonder Kuomboka no Politicians zwaa! Bukuba!busholi!

  27. Idle Zambia

    Parentage not clear???? Efintu efintu just because at one time u shared a tin of chibbuku,see now defecting to upnd,if u are cheating yo self pf is sinking even ba chakolwa they have now become sober, ask bo kuku bo Inonge abalati Bu president, she has seen things not done correctly no wonder Kuomboka no Politicians is allowed zwaa! Bukuba! Busholi!

  28. wisdom

    until when?

  29. Herbert Nduulwa

    These bakoswe are troubling me soo much in my house kulibe kusiya chimbala they eat without my permission.That is why they are called foreigners, they don’t have mercy for innocent citizens.

  30. BJ Oyeee!

    Who is a true Zambian? Whoever enters Presidential office automatically becomes a foreigner! Who among us Zambians doesn’t know that even former Presidents: Kaunda, Chiluba, Banda, Sata were all accused of being abena fyalo. A sheer waste of time and resources. Ba politician, u are time wasters ba mambala, atasee!

  31. Sean

    Even HH wen he come a president ,pipo will start sayng HH is a Namibian. Politics wil nevr b clean.

  32. Demutal

    It does not matter abfyashi aba to panga ebaliko .those are Zambian period. Move on

  33. Inutu

    Amen pray for Zambia

  34. amini dada

    Comment zambian

  35. lindiwe

    Comment only God above knows more

  36. Starboy

    Our next president will come from Rwanda chapwa kaili nimwebo bamuselela kwakaba, uwapundefye “donchi kubeba” u join, “dununa reverse” u join, I don’t know iya pa Rwanda slogan u will still join. Stop complaining ifyabupuba especially women, u leave your husband home u go to dance for another woman’s husband at the airport ati dununa reverse atlases!!!

  37. Maiwano

    It is wrong to insult. It is wrong to use abusive language as a way of expressing one self. Let us not use our freedom of expression to offend others.

    Everyone who has followed this will agree that there are a lot of inconsistencies in the parantage of the president. It’s not like it was in the case of Kaunda chiluba or anyone.

    Can one who the whole truth of the president’s nationality clear the air and put these inconsistencies straight.

    If has a village it is not sin to mention it’s name. If his parentage is not properly known or if he is from the orphanage it is not sin that the president is from an orphanage.

    Let us not condemn people who are asking about the parentage of their president, they have not committed any offense, they have not broken the law.in fact they are expressing their right to information. They have the right to know.

  38. FGM

    MPs, you have number of legislations and clauses to amend in our constitution. Among them; The public order act and the parentage clause. This nonsense has come because MPs have not done their homework. Making laws aimed at fixing opponent’s is in fact abuse of office and national resources.

  39. Smart

    If God says yes no one can say no that’s it

  40. ambassader

    one frm malawi canot gornvern this country for wat. zambian where a u plz. wy sleping.

  41. Hopkins nda ndawa


  42. Masters

    Genous pipo will always say ‘yes’ not that they agree with u but 4 u to shut your stinking mouth…which evidence do u’ve 4 u to say that he’s not zambian?
    why doesnt CHINTOMBWA come on open and defend himself?

  43. paul

    No smoke without fire

  44. Rs

    I strongly condemn championing such void and unproductive debates ,it clearly shows that people we call leaders and leaders to be have nothing to offer to our country Zambia.I would urge people to hold the leaders and leaders to be to always bend their inclination to the plight of the poor and common people. I’m tired of hearing such petty issues being discussed in place of offering solutions to real issues that our nation is facing and much more to be faced at the devils we may not no yet.

  45. kdn

    kkkkk awe sure zed lyf

  46. kachaku Moses

    political is a diet game

  47. M.M.

    I remember in those days when I used to listen to Radio RSA (Cichewa Service), there was this man of Malawian origin by the name of Mike Mulongoti. Any relationship with our very own Mike Mulongoti? I am curious.

  48. Mphatso Zulu

    You are all fine

  49. memory chenga

    These pipo are jst confused, they can’t tell who is Zambian or not. Lungu is Zambian and no one can change that

  50. Tom London

    Chaile I admire your courage to stand out tall in discouraging the continuity of Mr Lungu ” s origin .
    First of all I would like to believe that you are a learned person and former Unza students ” president .
    What I have noticed in you is that you lack basic understanding of two issues here . one is the meaning of the word constitution OK . And secondly the meaning of the word parentage .
    The constitution is the supreme law of the land . And parentage simply means where someone ” s parents came from .
    Mr chaile you are standing out tall because you are exercising your constitutional right as provided for in the constitution . The issues of bread and butter you want addressed comes from the owners of the land and not from foreigners . A foreigner would not care whether that particular country is developed or not OK . The constitution only allows a foreigner to hold the position of the vice President and not of the top president . The provisions of the constitution are very clear here .
    If someone came in the country here the constitution does not allow that particular person
    to run for presidency . If however if the parentage of that person came from another country and his grandparents were born in the country
    they were neutralized their grandsons are citizens and can enjoy full provisions of the constitution . And this is the case with Obama , Trump , Nicolas and many others . Now let us take the USA for example the natives of that country are the Red Indians , the Anglosuxons originated from Europe and iam sure you know how the black Americans moved to that country and the Americas .
    Now back home it appears the arguments on social media about ecl ” s origins are basically questioning whether his grandparents ” parents came from Malawi or ecl came in here and got neutralized and eventually became president . If this is the case then , it is wrong and his presidency is contrally to the provisions of the constitution .
    The example of the American Henry Kissinger who during his political career held almost all the portfolios except that of president as he was from German by origin OK .
    Now in reference to the above I find your arguments in your article
    very narrow minded in the sense that you are lacking patriotism as you are failing to defend the tenants of the Zambian constitution and this unfortunately makes you a bad leader .
    Look here the Bemba clan came from Kola in DRCongo and the Bantu Botatwe it is argued that their exsistance only came to be known at Ngombe ilede and got established at Kuti and it is here that the Tonga dynasty originated . whereas the Lozis and the Ngonis came from South Africa during the Shaka wars .
    And so all races made some movement from one place and to the other and got established .
    In the case of the former Yugoslavia this is what brought about that bloody civil war of ethnic cleansing and after the war Yugoslavia got divided into Serbia ,Montgomery , Croatia and the Czech republic .
    Just near home , in Zimbabwe , the Shonas being the owners of Zimbabwe don’t want the Ndebeles who come from south Africa to rule that country .
    And so how can Edgar C Lungu allegedly from Malawi be president of Zambia ?????

  51. homohabilis

    Well well…go straight to the point and tell them fruitfully words they gona understand.beta to blame so called intelligence.ask them!!!

  52. Benjamin

    When will Zambians grow up.
    they said Dr KK is from Malawi. HH is from Angola. and Edgar lungu from Malawi. please Zambians grow up pleaseee!!!!!!!!!

  53. malepe

    tom London why commenting as if you are a Zambian.we know you kachikala we shall deport you to Zimbabwe were you come from you are not real Zambian .shut your anus and tell chief mukuni to shut his too

  54. zoona

    Much have been talked about the nationality of President Edgar Lungu. Those who say Edgar is fro Malawi, should prove it based on these facts.
    1.can they tell us the the village from where Edgar comes from in Malawi.
    2.From which Chiefdom?
    3.From which district?
    4. Let them take him to the village in Malawi where they think he comes from
    Some people say they do not recognise Edgar Lungu as President yet they want to impech him.
    How do you impech someone who is not a President? Because you only impeach a sitting President.
    The bible says “Respect those in authority because authority comes from above meaning they are recognised even by God.

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