Speech Analyst: Mutati Is A Man Of Action

An independent analyst has praised works minister Felix Mutati’s ethical approach to discharging public duties.

Max Sichula, the face of the Speech Analyst, writes that Mutati has impressively settled in his new role at works after being demoted from the Ministry of Finance.



Mr. Felix Mutati, is creating enemies for doing a very right thing what other Ministers in the past have failed to do when everything is before them to execute the policy.

When Mr. Mutati, was moved from Finance Ministry to works and Supply, alot of commentators were expecting The MMD faction Leader to leave government, something which he has shamed those who sought so.

The Man is proving to be a Man of Action, you cannot take away his good work from him. Mr. Mutati, is just a natural performer.

Many Ministers have come and left the Ministry without implementing a total enforcement on the usage of government vehicles. They were just talking whilst sipping Coffee and some wine.

In one operation conducted by the United Nations Building on Alick Nkhata Road, Kamloops Road and Kabwe road in Kabangwe area on Saturday 21-04-2018, close to 30 government vehicles were impounded for various offences.

A total number of 29 vehicles were impounded after drivers were found with various offences ranging with one lady who is not a Government employee was driving her husband’s vehicle.

Imagine, unathorised person (Lady) driving a government vehicle, at yours expense and benefit. These are the same people who compromise the resolve to save national resources for national development.

Others were found guilty of driving without a certificate of competence, weekend pass while one had no single documentation on him and others had no Log Books.

During that unexpected operation, one Officer from State House almost caused drama when the vehicle he was driving was impounded, a thing he is not used because he works at “State House”.

Mr. Mutati, made the following comment over the conduct of this driver.

“It’s understood that this person is from State House. Am very sure that even President Edgar Lungu cannot permit that type of behaviour, we have got details of that person and he will be dealt with squarely because we have to begin this journey from somewhere,” he said describing the conduct as total indiscipline.

The overall objective we want to achieve in this exercise is how we can begin to change the mindset and attitude of our people that we can’t continue to waste people’s money, that is a dangerous path,” MR Mutati said.

Currently the Government is spending about K2 million on the maintenance of GRZ vehicles whose number is about 12,000 hence the need for discipline in the use so as to minimise wastage.

This 2 million kwacha can be used to build more than 700 three by one Class room blocks and more than 200 Clinics.

In an effort to curb the misuse of Government vehicles Mr. Mutati outlined the penalties as follows;

• Driving a Government Vehicle when one is not a Government employee attracts K 1000.00

• Driving a Government Vehicle by an unauthorised Government driver attracts K800.00

• Misusing a Government Vehicle by abrogating the laid down rules three times in six months attracts DISMISSAL

• Driving a Government Vehicle without a certificate of competence attracts K500.00

• Driving a Government Vehicle under the influence of alcohol drugs or alcohol attracts K250.00

• Parking at an unauthorised place such as bars attracts K250.00

• Over speeding or reckless driving attracts K150.00

These fines could have been more than this and included shaming, some government drivers are too careless and irresponsible.

Quasi Government institutions should also increase monitoring on the usage of vehicles under their custody.

Our Team is pleased with Mr. Mutati, we know that his action will send shivers into those so called “PF” faithfuls who are abusing government fuel on personal errands without regard.

The Speech Analyst



  1. ganisterm

    l also want to recommend Honorable mutati for his hard work he is truely a Zambian. Only few people can see that some have stopped using their personal vehicles because government fuel is free.

  2. mubita Lubinda

    Comment job well done.

  3. mubita Lubinda

    well done

  4. zeke man

    Let’_s hope he will continue

  5. Shaka

    Infact the vehicles were supposed to be confiscated. These people enjoy a lot of privileges at the expense of heavily taxed poor Zambians

  6. Bryant Gates

    Big up Honerable Mutati for ur hard work.big up my law model. ..

  7. King john ii

    Well done honorable felix mutati, those are the things we are expecting from your duties to be dealt with as minister on duty keep it up

  8. Kambole Sikazwe

    Please the check the amount K2,000,000. Isn’t it supposed to be K2 billion?

  9. King cool

    We want a ministry like Felix mutati not a minister like Felix mutati, why I have said So , anytime Felix mutati can be removed from that ministry and a new minister who will take over will not do like the way Felix mutati is doing. So we want a ministry like Felix mutati or like Chishimba Kambwili , then the ministry will work effectively. Thanks so much.

  10. Joseph David

    well done, but pf bootlicers, they made enemity with him, like LUNGU, since, he has come out of the darkness to light, to saying dat his until a MMD president.

    • big fish

      Stop it that is not what we want to hear ,keep it to your self man.

  11. Nkonkosheni

    U can even vist samfya bich 1 wekend Nabatumpa.

  12. Rev. Scott Chawewa

    Thumbs up for Honourable Felix Mutati.

  13. hh

    this guy failed miserably at finance, NOW he is out as MMD president. Am not sure he is clean, either he was moved due to perceived corruption.

  14. mark

    Good save our tax money.please let it be countrywide thumbs up mr mutati

  15. Ishmail

    Comment iwee! mutati nimupondo osati the harmless soaked leopard

  16. justine

    Man of action MR Felix ask GOD to create another Felix.

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