City Of Lusaka: A Brief History Of ‘Yamoto’

As the Football Association of Zambia under president Andrew Kamanga continues to display its ineptitude in resolving the problems that have beset City of Lusaka, a little time down the memory lane is important to understanding the impasse.

A company, Forli Ltd, owns the legal rights to the City OF Lusaka brand but a group led by Justin Zulu has insisted on running the club saying they were duly elected.

FAZ has not helped matters by registering both teams to feature in the 2018 league. So far, two matches have been abandoned.

Yesterday, Forli Ltd lost its members of the security team after they were involved in a road accident on their way from Chipata.


HISTORY: in 1962 City of Lusaka Football Club private limited is formed. Assets includes the soccer team, two plots – on one plot a club house. City played in the showgrounds main arena, and Queensmead. The team earlier played at Chimboikaila even Matero. The team colours black and white symbolised it’s non racial stance.

In 1964 Woodlands Stadium is built. Mortgage of £10,000 obtained from old mutual building society (later became ZNBS). Mortgage was guaranteed by Mr Raftapoulis – the last MD of the company. He privately owned Lekraf in Makeni.

1970 black Zambians attempted to take over the company but failed. They however got away with the soccer team. They forcibly took over Woodlands stadium. Mr Raftapoulis was foreclosed. He paid out of his pocket. The company went into ‘hiding’ but with title. The soccer club called itself City of Lusaka Football Club 1970. They didn’t register itself as a legal body anywhere. There being no requirement it just existed at the courtesy of the NFL later FAZ.

In 2000 this was harmonised with the soccer club and private company transforming into City of Lusaka Football Club PLC. Titles passed from the private company to the PLC. A board of directors constituted. The board went on to appoint an executive body for its team until 2015.

At creation the PLC issued 950 million shares; 300 million was allocated to Cavmont FMO Capital and appointed it management consultant. 450 million were allocated to City of Lusaka Football Club. Later the 200 million shares were further allocated to Cavmont FMO as preference cumulative redeemable shares at a value of 1 preference share equals 1 million ordinary shares.

Part 1 look out for Part 2

In the pictures, one is of Kabaso. He was part of the securiy detail for the City of Lusaka proper while the other picture shows members of the Justin Zulu group.


  1. RN

    Kamanga this young mans blood is on your hands,as a family will miss you boss,east park mall will never be the same with you gone

  2. Habeenzu mweemba cheelo

    Problem easterners loves fighting people who are more competent than them even for things they can not manage to run you will see them seeking to be in the lead but clueless they even reach the point of using charms and shedding blood.

    • scarecrow

      agree with you cheelo easterners too much juju and TUCHAWA MUZUNGUANIKONDE syndrome that’s why most easterner women BOPWALALA can sleep with them even them without noticing

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    i dont ve a better comment jst now.

  4. Slater Mushila

    Faz must do something for city of Lusaka football club b4 we lose another life because of football its painful to start losing lives in the name of sport that confusion must come to un end at city of Lusaka football club

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