Kalindula Musician Philipo Chimbini Dies

Veteran kalindula singer Philipo Chimbini has died.

Chimbini’s promoter alderman Patrick Tembo has confirmed to that the musician died yesterday at Kitwe Teaching Hospital.

Chimbini, who was born in 1944, suffered a stroke leading to his hospitalization.

Popular among the songs Chimbini produced include Abana Bamucani, Italanta and Emele.

Alderman Tembo has described Chimbini’s death as sorrowful.

“Mr Chimbini died on Sunday afternoon at Kitwe Teaching Hospital,” Alderman said.

Funeral is at his home in Kitwe’s Luangwa Township.


  1. Nkonkosheni

    To bad RIP.

  2. Weagans Kanubu

    Pliz may yo saw RIP

  3. Chris

    My your soul rests in peace sir

  4. Musonda

    Too bad.MHSRIP

  5. King john ii

    Oh no that’s too bad, my condolences

  6. memory chenga


  7. suntwe

    This man was a hero Why can’t thy give him a state funeral?

  8. Steve

    To bad my condolences

  9. Steve

    To bad my condolences . House number mr tembo

  10. S.K'snistics


  11. peter


  12. Rasta Simon

    Yes he was a hero but he can not be recognized because Zambian government recognise politicians only remember our footballers boxers who brought the name of our country to the world the arts ministry is there by mouth its OK M Y S R I P

  13. Great Greater Greatest

    There goes our heritage. With these American carbon copies remaining Zedian music will be dead in 10 years

  14. Hotness

    Sad news indeed, the was a hero and will Miss his good music. Mhsriep.

  15. Muchese Vincent

    My condolences. I will him remember him through his song against tushimapepo twalelo tumo. Those forming churches for personal gain. MYSRIP Philipo chimbini.

  16. Anthony chitefu


  17. Charlesmicklayì

    Rest in peace papa,we will meet again in parades

  18. homohabilis

    Rest in peace.bashi emele.umwana wamubemba.ndeya Ku luwingu

  19. Trust

    R I P


    My deepest and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.

  21. singoza

    Comment .2 bad

  22. Un employed professor

    Rest in peace sir u have died a legend someone that spoke his mind

  23. Cash Flow

    Rest in peace too bad

  24. King cool

    My condolences to the entire chimbini family


    Rest in peace papa! You have left a great sorrow and bad memories to us.
    Thank you for the good things you have done for both people and the country. Your music will always be remembered. Lupososhi and Luwingu people will never forget about you.
    You are among our ancestors.
    Fara well papa Chimbini.

  26. Dennis Mwelwa

    To bad ,MHSRIP I shall remember him by the song INTALANTA.

  27. Maybin

    Sad news more especially to the music industry it’s a great loss even to the country at large mhsrip

  28. Barotseland


  29. zeke man

    We Will MISS YOU R.I.P

  30. Joe

    You are our Hero. You song Lukungu Lweka contributed to the taring of mansa Luwingu road. U represented us well through your music. Rest in peace.

  31. Lolo


  32. Nike Lee

    Sad news papa Chimbini,u Will Be Missed.

  33. Brashe L/stone

    Oh no shikulu l remember u when l was staying Kitwe, to bad papa you’re also a freedom fighter RIP italanta God bless .

  34. Glaan


  35. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle


  36. fikashala

    to bad ba chimbini lesa amibike mwibumba lyabasalwa bakwe tukamisanga muposheko chibesa kunda na mbyangu

  37. BJ Oyeee!

    Rest in peace bakalamba tukamusanga naifwe bene.

  38. GM

    Too bad my condolences, may your soul rest in peace Mr Chimbini

  39. paul

    too bad condolences

  40. Sunday Chisha

    rest in peace soon or later we shall join you

  41. ZONDA

    Comment MHSRIP

  42. Mulenga kelvin.

    He was a great man,may God secure a green pasture for him..RIP PAPA.

  43. Bernard Mwila

    Farewell Mr Chimbini, we will deeply miss your love for us young ones, your Mafunde music still hits the hearts of all Zambian culture custodians. M.Y.S.R.I.P…..Ndeya ine ukwafuma mama, aasha abana asendapofye umweo wakwa Kabumba,ilyo yesu afwile,

  44. Ben MSISKA

    MHSRIP, ‘Abana Bamuchani’ was a favorite of mine. Go well, Phillipo.

  45. Chabu Godfrey Lubumbe

    Ing’omba shapwa—all along was thinking Mr Philipp Kimbini was a ND resident.When is burial? MHSRIP.

    • Peters Mwape

      The burial done today in Chingola Cementry

  46. At it

    MHSRIIP am a good time fun of his music,songs like nachisungu,chinshi minimal bamuka mfwilwa,kansekele,emele, it’s very sad I was hoping to meet this elderly man for inspiration since I am in the same music style

  47. Peter Mwape

    May all good Job you have done for us follow you grandpa.

  48. Peter Mwape

    I will never forget you grandpa especially the songs you leave in this world

  49. Kennedy chama

    Rip, may he soul rest in peace mr chimbini

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