Electoral Violence Worries Pres. Lungu

President Edgar Lungu has expressed concern that political violence has resurfaced in the country as witnessed in some parts of the country where there are by-elections.

President Lungu said this at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport shortly before departure for Angola to attend the Southern African Development Community (SADC) double Troika Summit of Heads of State and Government in Luanda, which starts tomorrow, 24th April, 2018.

He says it is the duty of political party leaders in the country to ensure their followers do not engage in such negative vices.

President Lungu hopes that there will be no violence during the voting in Tuesday’s by-elections.

Meanwhile, President Lungu says he remains committed to dialogue despite indications from some political party leaders opposed to the proposed roadmap.

He says the dialogue process should go ahead because of it importance to the country.

President Lungu says he is pleased with the efforts coming from stakeholders who want to see the dialogue process succeed.

And President Lungu has disclosed that his Angolan counterpart João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço will be coming to Zambia in May for bilateral talks.

Source: Qfm


  1. Criminal sase


  2. Kapita kabambi

    Who is to blame?

  3. MC

    Koswe Mupoto

  4. XYW

    Calm the situation

  5. Ty

    Kano ngebo(upnd).

  6. Maloto

    Time will tell

  7. sim1

    Yes the head of state,bring more joy to Zambia.

  8. Obuseva

    When he says political leaders are responsible he does not look at himself as one of them. Give the police back their power . How can of start using guns and you remain passive?

  9. gude

    God we need your intervention in our country.

  10. Barotseland

    You are the causer Mr big Rat

  11. No Comments Allowed

    You create then “worry” about it?

  12. Starboy

    Respect our leaders and lead by example don’t insult

  13. FGM

    Correct leadership and guidance is lacking in our political system. Politicians don’t seem to mind what happens to their opponents , cadres are armed with pangas and guns . The point they have missed; Zambia is a multi party state. All should be allowed to campaign freely. Shame on all those using violent tactics to remain in power or to get to power. Government should use its authority and resources to maintain Peace and tranquillity at at time.

  14. muudem

    the voting pattern in dogs land called south is to blame

  15. mboro yako

    Crhe cause is tribalism from dogs called tonga



  16. Smart

    Do not give up

  17. James

    you are busy insulting the pre

    • zodwa

      The president! Who recognise him?yo self not us Original Zambian,do u remember when he was sworn in or inaugurated the Dove Skipped down that was evidence enough he didn’t win genuinely,his ministers naulify naulify!!

  18. Zuma Nengo

    If you who are insulting tongas can just for a moment reflect and consider yourself tribaly being insulted ,how would you feel.?I tell you when he’ll break loose ,blame yourself for your
    own actions because you will not be spared.thank you for your insults.

    • Ngoni warrior

      sure this country where are we going?local by election cadre with guns what more 2021 winangu azajubika mukosi this is dangerous are we at war u people u want war? U think yo neighbour who are war are fools this is what started we are like there is no leader in this nation shame!shame!

  19. no man

    lets all be united…one zambia…..one nation…one pipo.hate not one another…and lets all zambian pipo respect our leaders.

  20. team

    remember our tribe is Zambia, one people, don’t allow politics to divide us,at the end of the day, we face same challenges in our daily life.
    if you want to blame for tribes, blame God.

  21. Mb oomba mu much ch

    Iwe muudem if u re not tribalistic why re u insulting tongas? And if u have the sixth sense can u post such against ur fellows thenu expect them to unite with u. Don’t forget these are black Israelites. If u know how to do good why can’t ermege as an example to those who doest know instead of insulting them? What do u gain from insults? May God in the most high bless you

  22. chasanga


  23. chimbwi

    Can u control those cadres or else twalaiponona ka?

  24. koswe mumpoto

    Go back to Malawi ok!

  25. ba zega mwine



    Never give up our president we love you one Zambia one nation

  27. Nick2

    Respect our leaders pliz no matter how much u are going to insult the leaders it will not change your life through insults. What is important is to vote wisely ,insults will give u nothing n waisting time for nothing we are one Zambia one Nation .we belongs to the same race, Love your neighboure as u love yourself.

  28. ek

    Do go to church,bible says love yo neber as u love yourself.

  29. Christian

    Look to the workers in the company s people are Bing mistreated no salary increments,and you the government you are doing nothing about,please help especially at musa biscuits company,


    Iwe lungu nkhala che busy na chitukuko olo bakutukwane ise banthu bako tizabayankha pa ballot.May God bless mwana wa chagwa.

  31. Dickson Mtine

    Respect our President like the way u respect ur parents at home

  32. FGM

    Officers charged with the responsibility of maintaining peace and order are waiting for partisan inclined leaders to give directives. Professionalism has been sacrificed at the altar of cadreism . Only true Democrats are working professionally in this politically divided nation. Leaders should revisit our Democratic values if Zambia is to achieve its aspirations.

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