Kitwe Magistrate Threatens Journalists

A Kitwe magistrate Leonard Tembo has threatened journalists in Kitwe that walked out of court after covering a case involving juveniles.

Journalists in Kitwe among them international award winning ZBNC staffer Paul Shalala that covered the case were embarrassed in front of the whole court after they were called back to be openly reprimanded.

After the end of the case involving three juveniles that are before court for being in possession of marijuana, the journalists walked out of court.

To their surprise, magistrate Tembo called for them.

Magistrate Tembo ordered the journalists never to walk out of court after covering a court case involving juveniles.

“Can you call back the Journalists, Stand Up!! From now on never walk in and get news without the written permission from me,” Magistrate Tembo ordered parading the scribes near the accused box.

The behaviour angered the journalists who are recovering from news of the harassment of another journalist recently slapped by a police officer from State House in Lusaka.

Journalists in the country have constantly come under threat with some physically harmed.

Shalala was recently victim after his life was threatened with an unknown person warning he would shoot him while on assignment Mufulira.


  1. Sunday Chisha

    too bad

  2. mercutio

    Where mother zambia is going ala mwandini me i donchi know cheacher.

  3. ivor

    Too bad mother zambia



  5. shu shu shu

    Journalism has been hijacked by UPND cadres hence the disorganisation

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