Letter: Zambia’s Alarming Divorce Rate

Greetings to you ADMIN.

Please post for me. Did you know? Zambia recorded about 29 000 divorce cases in the year 2017. This must not surprise us because we know the reason. Our generation has lost tradition and culture. We have no regard for our roots because technology and Western culture has taken over. Diet has also sparked a new era in abnormal sexual appetite.

Infidelity has engraved our right thinking and we fall prey to vile affections. We all hide in the name of ‘modern days’ thereby neglecting the prospect of healthy and wise living.

Telemundo and Zee World has erased reality and rubber stamped our minds with fantasy. Most street kids don’t qualify to roam the streets, but because we let our trousers and skirts to control our thinking. Think about it! If Half of the 29,000 divorce cases can translate into an HIV VIRUS, how many more pending patients should we prepare to welcome in the arena of sickness?

And if half of the 29,000 divorced have an average of 4 children, how many more street kids should we prepare to dispense in the streets? Zambia, we have deeply disappointed God has a Christian Nation. We have sold our moral obligations to the desires of the flesh.

It is not and will never be the government’s responsibility to ensure that we imitate Christ Jesus, but it’s a personal responsibility. That’s why even at the judgment day Satan will deny having tempted you because he’s never had you in his register.



  1. XYW

    Divorce tefitu….mother zambia save us


      Thank-you so much for this article ,we don’t know were we are herding,divorce has become the issue of the day in courts ,let the government also do something,because the number of street kids is increasing,may be they change the rules on marital affairs I think men are going Scort free they marry and divorce whenever they feel like,in the name of ,niwadoti,alimbe ulemu after 4to 5 kids can you imagine.

  2. Kalampa 4 lyf

    Sad statics,no wonder marriages in Zambia are under attack by lucifer and his demons.But we are also to blame for allowing vanity and material gain to rule our marital bliss.Slay queens and chancers are also a threat to marriages in our country albeit the pretence by our women folk to be gender independent.Gender issues are the main cause of breaking up of marriages and not Telemundo or Zee World thats naive thinking by the author.Marriage is sacred and as such it has been under attack by satan dating to the garden of Eden era when lucifer seduced Eve.Lets be alert and be prayerful and refrain from spending too much time on facebook,whatsapp and in niteclubs dancing seductively and flirting with slay queens.

  3. PCK

    Too bad for Mother Zambia…

  4. King john ii

    Zambian we have ignorant curiosity, this is because whatever foreign thing that have come out, we want to adopt it. we are putting ourselves on top as if we know everything but we behind like a jacket.
    The second thing is the of gender worldwide government has maintained and put more respect for women, then women has grown feathers underlating men and forgetting that they are behind in thinking.and if a man sees that the wife deserve no respect to him, why wasting time just leave because for doing so she knows that she is everything

  5. PC

    How many divorces compared to 2016? How many marriages in 2017 the year in question? Help us put data in perspective.

  6. Joseph David

    those are the results of AIDS & technology.

  7. FBI

    2017 marriages:2000
    2017 divorces :29000
    2017 GBV. :…………….

  8. mauto nkhowani

    Jehovah hates divorce.

  9. Wawa

    Most of them are women divorcing the husbands

    • Leonard

      You’re right 👉 dear, ladies are blind people, they think that jujus got from their grandmothers can sustain marriages forever and continue misbehaving thinking the Husband is under her pitcot, but when things upside downs 👇, they start thinking the Husband is not good. 95% Husbands in are innocent.

      • Tom

        Well oberseved, my brother women have become more matrialistic.if a man leaves employement then she starts fliting using the so called WHATSAPP.So many things start happening. women of today are all cursed they need deliverance.

  10. No Comments Allowed

    Christian Nation??? You chase Zodwa but do the same acts when no one is watching.

    “Pastors” are too busy using bibles to propose love to married women and preaching money instead of good morals.


      Kiki Kiki ki true mwandi God will punish us if we don’t repent

  11. Muko

    learn from the past


    I can only divorce if my partner in not faithful to me (Infedility)

  13. Starboy

    U see slay queens do not break anyone ‘s marriage, they just assist husbands from broken marriages coz take this for example when women get married u are in love just for a short time, the next day u leave your husband freezing in bed, u go busy dancing dununa reverse then that ka politician seesome umulundu nautunkumana and offers u ka K1,500 then u think your husband of 10yrs is nothing to, let slay queens take over for their good services

  14. Criminal sase

    Koswe is the problem, poor foolish government p f

  15. cross

    Why blame the government,ae they ones telling pipo to divorce….instead of asking God for forgiveness and detraction u ae busy blaming the government. Kutumpa

    • zodwa

      I blame the judges sometimes u just cauncel the couple unlike any couple who took the case land into divorcing them some whip them and chase them,u even tell them ‘ukutumpa kanyenganenifye’ stupid.

  16. BCSAKS

    Wawa and leornad guys you are rit lady’s nowadays wants rich men forgetting where they ve come from .please respect us men.

  17. tuks

    motherfuckers get married for tall the wrong reasons not for love thats why here is a real kicker gals want finacial help security guys want to own that pussy after both parties are done with pussy nd money divorce and we cant fool GOD by calling our selves christians

  18. timbuktu

    Ain’t gonna marry

    • scarecrow

      you guys you are just wasting time if you are a married man just fuck others BOPWALALA cunts are sweet ka especially ba nsenga and Kaonde they way they wriggle their waists in bed you can even surrender yo atm

  19. Unchangeable

    The desire of the fresh, let’s don’t these desires blind us people of Jehovah.

  20. ANO

    mesier bwela ukwapule nafuti

  21. Nick2

    We are living in the end of age.children of God things has fallen apart I tel u may help us cause we are moving without directions brothers n sisters Ladies let us read the word of God and fear our creater and repent .repent please time z ticking no extra time in life wen u lose it.Godbless u for your understanding

  22. Jemmer

    Bring Back Marriage Interference.. and put a hush sentence to it.

  23. Summer salt

    You’re right, am a victim too, because right after wedding I lost my job in the presence of my wife and her brother, my marriage then became horror. My brother in law told my wife to leave me and that he was going to find a husband for her!

  24. Fridah

    And lust.

  25. Bman

    its the end of the world. the bible says when the end is near strange things will be happening.

  26. Summer salt

    Indeed marriage interference must be brought back with immediate effect, cause the tidyeropo are breaking up marriages with no fear of the one who instuted it( God). This must stop it’s total madness!

  27. koswe

    am on separation heading for Divorce this year. not happy but it has to be done.

  28. sundano luckson

    U don’t need to find s right partner for marriage no,bt u aught to be right yoself. Mind u marriage is more like an empty box,it need both parties efforts. It is foolish to know yo partner in marriage,take advantage of z so called” courtship.”Kkkkkk,niyobaba!

  29. mpyangu

    Mmmm! so alarming the number.

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