Nchanga Open Pit Blast Damages 26 Houses In Chingola

Chingola’s Buntungwa ward Councillor Solo Mumba says over 26 houses in his have been damaged after a blast at the Konkola Copper Mines Nchanga Open Pit mine.

Mumba, who has in the recent past been critical of blasts at Konkola Copper Mines Nchanga Open Pit, said the activities have led to many cracked houses in Njanji area.

He said most residents have had their houses damaged with windows broken living the community in fear of their lives.

Mumba explained that flying stones crushed onto roofs of six houses resulting in destruction of the roofing sheets and some household properties on which the stones landed.

He said due to vibrations, 20 houses also had their windows shuttered.

Mumba has accused the mine of abusing the residents in its operations by abrogating the mine regulations.

“As I tell you there was a blast and over 26 houses have been destroyed here. This is very sad and unfortunate because I have been talking about this for a long time and no one seems to be helping,” Mumba said.

When contacted for a comment, KCM Cooperate Affairs Manager Eugine Chungu said only seven houses had their roofs damaged contrary to the 26 as revealed by the area councilor.

He said the company is still assessing the extent of the damage and once completed repair works will be undertaken on the damaged houses.

“Well it is not true that the houses are 26 we only know of the 7 and as I speak to you now, we are still assessing the extent of damage and once completed repair works will be undertaken,” Chungu said.


  1. Kaluba

    That open pit has always been there, now you build close to the mine and expect them to stop blasting because you have encroached the vicinity? Be serious!

    • Nicholas

      Ba Mumbai don’t comment on issues you don’t know the houses in question are houses miners bought from zccm.


    To bad for famailies whose houses are damaged.

  3. XYW

    Too bad,works repair should undertake their job of repair

  4. AK

    Too Bad

  5. PC

    Do we still have mine inspectors? Councils?

  6. DANNY

    Too bad for inconvinienced families

  7. gude

    Give the land away from mine solution kwasila.

  8. Patrick

    Just provide shelters for those people not to neglect their cry ¡!!!

  9. Leonard

    Nothing else but compassion, this company should build Houses for them and money for resettlement (relocation) which is K100 000 000 per family, failure to do that am coming. Zambians we shouldn’t be suffering this time, Zambia was going to be one of the richest country in the World, but being cowards making Zambia the rubbish Pit.God is watching.

  10. Smart

    Too bad for the family’s but don’t let them like that do something for them please please

  11. Joseph David

    Lungu, is behand those calamity in danger, of life pipo their suffering in their home land.

    • Bige

      pliz, avoid dragging the name of the president in useless issues.

  12. mutinta

    Being near the open pit mine,flying depris or stones due to blasting are likely to cause damages to houses.

  13. mercutio

    Where is the minister of mines in this serious matter…! what is the vice presidents office doing for the affected citizens.

  14. Ospeck Sichilongo

    Lives are in danger, we do not want to come to a point when lives are lost them we react. The mining company has made hundreds of trillions dollars in profits let them relocated this community and carry on the blasting

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