Opinion: Mulongoti’s Heritage Challenge Laced With Malice

The debate around the origins of President Edgar Lungu has dragged on for too long. So much has been said about him not being the man he says he is. But why has it become necessary now to question the credentials of a man who has stood for Presidency twice and also served as Member of Parliament for Chawama Constituency.

His life has been pretty open with a traceable background that takes him back to Mukuba High School and later the University of Zambia. For those who care it could be deeper.

The man also served in the army with the story around military recruitment in Zambia well known in relations to foreign nationals. It appears the debate follows a well scripted narrative that seeks to disorient President Lungu by his political adversaries.

It had been a long struggle to discredit the Head of State that started with the Presidential petition and now an over ambitious impeachment motion through parliament.

Every imaginable front has traps laid for President Lungu through the judiciary, legislature and to some extent the executive. The lone ranger leading the heritage debate Mike Mulongoti had not until now seen anything wrong with President Lungu’s Zambian heritage.

Mulongoti stood as one of the loudest cheerleaders of President Lungu in the 2015 Presidential elections hopping in the then Patriotic Front candidate’s plane across the country.

Mulongoti swore before everyone that cared to listen that President Lungu’s credentials were impeccable until demands for a reward for his role hit a snag. No one could blame President Lungu for turning his back on Mulongoti for this is the man who has been eating with Heads of State since the dawn of multi-party politics.

Mulongoti had begun to take it as a given that he will always be the go-to guy for Heads of State. Like a jilted lover Mulongoti has been all over town telling everyone how bad President Lungu is and even questioning the President’s identity.

Does Zambia really need this needless and destructive debate when a lot is begging for attention in our country?

It appears it is a routine query around the Presidency that started with Kenneth Kaunda, Frederick Chiluba with their successors not escaping the same level of accusations.


  1. Masters

    Authority and Power are two difernt things…i can promise cows that they will never step in plot 1 through dubious means
    jst work hard bane not what u are doing, tell yo god to grow up infact replace him with Mweetwa, let him be the part spokesperson

    One more thing tell ka Mukuni to handover the throne and continue with weak politics with the loser

    • Tom

      Mweetwa is the ideal replacement.if this happens i promise u ,i will campain for him.he is a very mature and humble person. Very good person hoping they will not “PHD”out of jealous.

    • tan sian

      too bad

  2. Ishmail

    Comment His royal highness chief mukuni, honouable mike mulongoti, honourable hakainde hi chilema and all fools questioning the citizenry of ECL, Yoy should stop playing with people’s time and continue working on your chiefdoms and fake petty political parties. we going to 2021 but if u approach with the same system you headed for a heavy downfall. Your continuous mediocrity shows consistent unpreparedness to rule. people cant hear anything tangible from u so tell as what it is? You have now stopped talking about economy and you have shifted attention to dialogue with a president you dont recognized and u want to go further and impeach he who you dont recognized shame!

  3. Lee

    Kamulongoti kacikamba

  4. Criminal sase

    Koswe nipholena bamuntu

  5. Kalampa 4 lyf

    We have done our own traced background origins of ECL which shows without doubt that he is Zambian.We asked his relative in Luanshya a retired teacher Mr Lungu of Mikomfwa township and he give us important data.Mr Mulongoti is just a rubble rouser with no direction.

  6. Starboy

    That’s why u are all blockheads, umuntu is infact finishing his third term that’s when u start saying he is a foreigner, oh impeachment. U don’t even know the meaning of the word “Kwacha,” all u just know is Kwacha ni ndalama, u are still in darkNess. Start migrating that’s when u will know where your mbuya came from vi ma blockheads imwe u suck for sure

  7. FGM

    Its like our parliament doesn’t have laws to make or amend. Those are the clauses that shall keep on bringing unnecessary debates at the expense of real issues. MPs ! enact laws promoting democracy, unity and development.Don’t use that August house for fixing those you perceive to be your enemies. God will surely reward those that are using the house correctly. He will also punish those that abuse the house for their selfish fulfilments.

  8. RN

    Its a shame that people are still supporting blindly like cattle following a headsman to the slaughter house,how do you support a man that has lost direction,to the extent that he sinks so low as to hire failed politicians and a now well known cadre hiding behind royalty to malice the presidents name as a foreigner,shame to Un-popular Non-developing Party (UPND)

  9. Hanizy

    Wa mulongoti khalini chabe timiziwa ose ndimwe wakoswe mupoto

  10. Patrick

    Hi , iam not a politician , but i know Mike Mulongoti very well, having worked together in the same Company known as ZCBC , he is a selfish man , he thinks of himself as an important person.so dont take his word, when he was in government he never said anything about Pres Lungu, do ehy today .I know this man. Tell to have something to do instead of wasting peoples time.



  12. ZONDA

    Comment mulongoti nimbwa sana ena afumakwi mwina ni kasai

  13. Hammer

    Two things, actually 3 :1 Mulongoti is mentally ill and needs urgent psychiatric evaluation . 2. Mulongoti is now bankrupt and has accepted a job from one perpetual loser to bring discord and unrest in the country
    3. Hatred has blinded him and he has reached a point where “‘whether the country burns or not “ he doesnt care.
    Fellow countrymen , women, guys and girls , should we allow few individuals to make us asylum seekers in neighboring countries when them
    They will go and enjoy their off shore moneys?

  14. Kyakilika

    Mulongoti twalekweba how did you get of ecl’s NRC copy.we mukote taufwa.
    Now time as come for you to give evidence as you said.Go to police balemifeaya shikulu l.mutekanye muzangena mundende fyakuifwaila.Nabukote you become a political prostitute sad.Do you take advice from your wife and true friends.support the govt whichever govt.me I support any govt

    • mulongoti

      only a fool, like a certain grouping can fall for mulongoti’s foolishness.he is broke and he is thinking like a child now.too bad!this is what hunger can do if ur financially indispline.mulongoti is broke and he has turned himself into a call boy!shame!

  15. Zach

    Claiming that that the republican President is Malawian, is abuse of public speech therefore Mukuni whom I hear, he likes jumping at the falls must not be leten go free so there is no more such allegations for any seating head of state. Mukuni, Mulongoti and all other enemies, go to any CHIEF of Petauke and challenge them over your over how you know the heritage of ECL.


    Mulongoti knows that he is irrelevant in zambian politics…so he is trying to be relevant out of stupidity.

  17. monica mulenga

    Mulongoti claims to be the uncle to Edgar Lungu’s daughter Tasila and if he is the brother to Tasila’s mother, or rather uncle then, the mother to Tasila should be called to come and clear the air of the man she was married to; is actually the Edgar Lungu the current President or the dead man who buried in Livingstone.

  18. polynomial

    mulongoti is a mad dog

  19. beared bambala ng'andu

    may GOD bless zambia

  20. Emmanuel kayawe

    Mulongoti is he ok?I don’t think so

  21. Michael Jim Chibulu

    Well this issue of questioning President Lungu’s identity is just getting out of control. For me I consider it to be absurd and a statutory nuisance because President Lungu has been inaugurated as President two times now and he’s been in the public office for quite sometime, we all know he was an MP for chawama constituency. So Mr Mulongoti’s claims are irrelevant because in other words he is saying the Zambian Intelligence agency does not exist and also it entails that our national security is weak.We do ve the right to freedom of speech and expression but let us not use it for borgus claims.

  22. Jms

    A man is recognized as a man when he Doe’s his job but when he doesn’t he is questioned due to his falling to perform unfortunate

  23. Julius

    This really entails how shallow minded mr Mulongoti is,because it’s not so long when he campaigned for the same person he is publisising lies about not being a Zambian. Mr Mulongoti lacks principles.He thinks by peddling lies can increase his political mileage which in the end will take him to state house.One thing he has to know is that being a president doesn’t come on a silver platter but through hard work.For him to break into polical arena has to tell people what he will offer once he is in office,otherwise lies will not help in anyway

  24. Adada

    Mulongoti and Siwale must be feeling very foolish today. Lungu’s immediate elder sister, Mrs Bertha Lungu Chama, of Lusaka’s Jack Compound, has told it all regarding the origin of ECL, It is all there in today’s issue of the Daily Nation and the story continues tomorrow. How can people be so cruel as to create lies like that against a fellow human being? God forgive these people. Their lies have been exposed today ,thanks the Daily Nation .

  25. Bk

    God bless our country

  26. Kambwili@yahoo.c

    Zambians are stupid. What’s wrong with someone questioning the identity of another Peri? Chiluba allowed even the Post newspaper to go to Congo. Imwe ba koswe what are hiding? Just let independent people investigate the issue. Why arrest innocent people?

    • Benson

      You are very stupid no respect to the old people a you saying that the all Zambia we have only tow people call edgier


    I just can’t stop laughing……..about Mike ..!
    THAT :
    1. Patrick at ZCBC knew him as a selfish man who thought of himself as important
    2. He has been eating with all heads of state since the dawn of Multi-party politics.
    3.His demand for a reward this time round has hit a snag.
    4. ……he is an On Line qualified L…….. (roya)

    Very funny man


    Olo bakusonthe natu njala twawo twadothi iwe osabwezela choipa ku choipa bangakutenge mukamwa.Imwe bonse munyoza tate wanga ECL mau wonyoza mumutu mwanu yazakasila muzakapezeka yaku last elo yabwino mpaka day one muzatembenuka nakubwela kuitana lungu ate batate banu.Elo azakakulandilani kaili yemve nitate opemphela sataya bofunta amabapeleka first ku chainama elo bakapola aziba kuti kunali kufunta chabe azakulandilani monse .Elo mumalo mwa PF tikupemphelelani kuti mupole tembenukani ngenani mu PF malo niyambili mu BOAT.

  29. fisunge

    Those arrested are not free their the witnesses let them remain in custody to help with investigations infact there the ones who started the story so let them be beaten so that They disclose beat them so that this thieves can learn to tell the truth ifikote fye no bufi what can you teach your children gold diggers

  30. monica mulenga

    There cannot be smoke without fire. This deliquescent purporting to President, could have killed the real Edgar Lungu, so that he uses his identity and credentials to attain what he is enjoying right now. Don’t doubt this Mutaware thing. Remember how he brutalised other PF members to become PF President at the convention in Kabwe. He even manipulated the electoral system to win the 2016 elections. The man is simply a fraudster from the word go.

  31. Rasputin

    Perhsps a dog has some respect but Mulongoti now has intentionally and deliberately dragged himself so low to be a souless evil spirit just to garner bread crumbs from the table of HH

  32. HH

    zambia fowad

  33. bk

    It s high the opposition together with their sponsored micenaries start talking about what they can do for the people of zambia not personal attacks otherwise it will be same old story of crying that your votes have been stolen infact when not. Nationalities of people who lived in zambia since northern Rhodesia. So were do you want them to go. If you cant defeat in the ballot join them rather than making unneccessary accusations. This will not make you win elections.

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