PF In Landslide Electoral Win In Ntumbacushi

The ruling Patriotic Front has won the Ntumbachushi ward in Kawambwa with a landslide margin.

Early results show the PF candidate has polled an impressive 574 while Chishimba Kambwili National Democratic Front candidate is in distant second with a paltry 22 votes.

The NDC has relegated the UPND, whose candidate managed 19 votes, into third place.

Early results may suggest the tribal voting pattern will still haunt Zambia the opposition UPND is expected to win all the wards in Southern Province.


  1. mwape

    Mamamam of still !!!come come on!!!

  2. Benson

    It be the same at 2021 pf is Reading at batibela no Zambian we are watching who is doing things for the people ECL you talk pf is working for people

  3. vusi Sithole

    this shos that pf is at work and fools are making stupid nozy


    ilila itambika.


    ubuteko buteko.
    Songs apo wabomba ingatapali


    ubuteko buteko.
    Sonta apo wabomba ingatapali


    Lungu ku state house waona ntchito za manja yako zikuchitila umboni!

  8. Sailas Mvula

    Congratulations to the winner!

  9. King lipton

    Congratulations to the winner! i love it we still go

  10. Weagans Kanubu

    Politics is the game of numbers but never mind what will come up in 2021.

  11. King john ii

    Mukulu ni mukulu apa wachaya poboneka, kkkkkkkķķkkkk, nayo bola

  12. jeff munkondya

    No crying just say twasumina

  13. Danny Denzel

    Let’s congratulate the winner, no kutukana nakunyozana, we are all Zambians.

  14. Masters

    Ba UPND just fight tribalism which u’ve brought then u may have yo way to plot 1 or else u will continue governing cows with your topmost hakapona hagain

  15. Shi Tasha

    bazafa nachi konko…

  16. Xavier

    Wait and see its wako ni wako in zed.

  17. Shi Tasha

    Chikonko mwikate

  18. Dickson Mtine

    Thank pf

  19. Danger Zone

    Sense ba Danny, that mature thinking

  20. Danger Zone

    Chi Master iwe, its good to govern cows than governing rats.

  21. GM

    Pf again and again

  22. Joel kamba

    Northern tribalism at play ….kkkk bemba tribalist stop pointing fingers at others

  23. Gibson Chisenga


  24. Gibson Chisenga

    Why insulting one another one Zambia one nation we one

  25. Henry

    Things are very clear,one Zambia,one nation! Just provide checks and balances to the government of the day! Then in 2021, pipo start campaigns. Rather than just distracting pipo in government!!!!! Am tired of these unnecessary noise,including from chiefs! Aaaaaaa! Mbo!!!!!

  26. chasanga

    Bat iwebatu shuwa simuona vetivutika olo kut mukonda pf shuwa kunyameshe pf kunyameshe imweshuwa muzionako vituvenango osati kuvichitilamo olokut ukonda of shuwa muzikhalako nazelu iwebatu nishe khupuzila nikwachani vipuba moonga iwe so mwe mushusha muutikha Bat musapota wy wy so pf khunyameshe okay

    • Chola

      You reckon UPND will provide food on your table. Just work hard and make a living

  27. James

    Mama I’m waiting for a signal on how we should treat this tribalism

  28. XYW

    PF nafuti nafuti

  29. Jks

    Congrantulation to the winners

  30. Hanizy

    Pf is working and others are talking are you sure the can be at the same line? No, we are waiting 2021 will see who will take the day again.

  31. COONDE

    What land slide? After buying votes from hungry voters? Who in his sane mind can vote for this failed PF Government and for this foreigner Edgar Chagwa Lungu? Lungu has once again started harassing and intimidating those with evidence that he is a foreigner. He is sending out his dogs instead of going to court to prove himself otherwise.THIS FOREIGNER LUNGU SHOULD GO! HE HAS MADE OUR COUNTRY DIRTY WITH CORRUPTION AND BLIND SUPPORT OF HIM.

  32. Joseph David

    its bemba land, its not a surprise.

  33. Ak

    Ati 2021 mukali kulila,muchinje amdala ao.

  34. john simutowe

    Mulesefya Bambi balefwa nifishi mule sova

  35. john simutowe

    Mutekanye saana

  36. sinx


  37. kaoma ballack


  38. Musalu

    Peniko abanenu chance babombeko ukwamba ukufuma mu 2016 mufulunganyafye abanenu lekeni babombe twapapata nshita ekafika natulolele 2021

  39. mercutio

    Me i donchi know cheacher…ati na shubuyunji ba koswe naba putilisha..yaabaa iyeee imweeee…!


    Ni lungu fye na pf cabe✊👊

  41. Mislovic

    Pf is the party of the people like it or not, and ECL is the presindent for everyone even hh and kambwili and the know that.like it or not, even if you can insult him. Zambia we stand.

  42. Augprina

    Coonde what evidence do u have to suggest that there was vote buying? Learn to congratulate others because it is not always u can not say good about others! Leaders are chosen by the almighty through us the people when we vote for them no matter the outcome!

  43. Augprina

    Joel Kamba talk about something which is constructive and stop castigating others. Infact u are the people who will try by all means to bring curlse to this country by your reckless talking. Be very careful God is watching u, just congratulate the winners whether the people u support or not!!!

  44. King David


  45. Jbm

    Every thing has time this is time for UPND

  46. Cash Flow

    Ilenda ilepya

  47. evaristo kt

    Your friends are working and you are busy looking for their faults this z the end results .politicians are politicians and business men ar business men.

  48. Vks

    ECL is not Bemba so this is not tribal voting

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