Quit The Parentage Nonsense: Pres. Lungu Is Zambian

Is it just me or this looks like the actual NRC for the sitting president and not the hypothetical man we are told died? This is like when we were at school and you are solving a math problem and you know the answer so you start working backwards to derive the working. Petty and a waste of time. Whether the parents are foreigners or not if the man was born on this soil with at least one parent being connected here then he qualified to be president. We are not in 1996 when we needed both parents. Simple.

Oliver Shalala (Facebook)




  2. All is well

    Only God knows. All is well

  3. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Zambian son,no doubt about it.


    Nonsense news every day. What kind of the government is this? Mwebo just resign if you are tired of ruling.


    Zambian son, our lovely president

  6. Benjamin mbilima

    I think this caward coming up with this problems try to bring confusion must be disprined so that no one will be messing up with the state

    • Pierre sedu

      Guy let’s find the truths , who z right or wrong.

  7. open mouth

    NRC should have Young man/womans face.not an old face.{?}

    • Angels

      Where were U when evry 1 was advised 2 change NRC’s,coz even my self mine is bearing a face of an old man it seems all those saying it should have a boy OR girls image R not Zambians coz every 1 knows that it was mandatory anounced 4 every Zambian 2 change NRC”s.

      • stebbin

        every thing has time,remember FTJ attempted a third tearm,kk managed only 27yrs,two legends nature spoke and they answered,banda,held the nation but it was too heavy for him and here we ar,uncertain of the future of our nation,change comes by its self with time.who wil be president 21yrs from now.it don’t matter does it?lets play the game right,change is inevitable.

    • kerico

      h.m…m….point to be noted

    • Troy

      True,people just want to bring conflict into our nation and that horrible.

  8. Michael. mulenga

    chikunyonge upnd ecl 2021 nankwe nankwe shiwangandu muchinga province

  9. Skb

    According to our CONSTITUTION, which is the mother of all the laws of our land ,’…..The Burden of Proof lies with….’ those who are making the stupid allegations. In this matter may MULONGOTI MUKUNI and HAMUSONDE please provide their proof (evidence) or else please…..SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! oh with due resspect.

    • fisunge

      You couldn’t have allowed to be president in the first place because everyone who wants to be president undergoes serious scrutiny so why now we don’t want confusion please we’re tired it’s better we wait for 2021to change goals this time the opposition shud start organizing for next election than keep crying over spilled milk

  10. GM

    Let his excerancy rule the nation,where were ar u all these years

  11. chasanga

    Iwe chinyonga iwe pf not upnd oky leka chaba 2021 uzaona mukamba HH go go go 2021

  12. Hammer

    Wonder shall never end! Sometimes we want what is happening in UK and USA to be happening here ! Here I am referring to us wanting to be as democratic as Americans ! By whenever it suits us we don’t want some aspect of the american democracy to be part of our democracy ! According to Zambian standards Obama should never had seen the corridors of the White House ! I think there is a big syndrome in Zambia ! The country Zambia is not put first at all. As we Zambians are busy insulting each other and demeaning all our institutions including the presidency the foreigner is busy making money , and when we come back to our senses we start insulting the foreigners !
    I suggest a civic curriculum to inculcate in our youngsters the love of their country.
    Otherwise Mulongoti is mentally disturbed and need an urgent psychiatric assessement.

  13. Barotseland

    Just shut up yo rotten mouth you don’t know what you are talking about .Pf zwaaaaa

  14. mwape

    My President of Zambian no matterw what

  15. Benjamin mbilima

    You people educates your noburs so that we must not saffer over their ilitracy and foolishne

  16. mac-b$sign

    ecl true zanbian

  17. wisdom

    God bless you

  18. vusi Sithole

    its ether he is a zambia or nt, is just a zambians president, let the fools stop talking,

  19. Kelvin smith

    Please! Why are you people trying to bring confusion in our peaceful Nation, HE Edgar C Lungu is a Zambian whether you like it or not and He is our president.

  20. Benson

    Whether you like not one President at a go who is ECL 2021to 2026 then pf choose another president 2026 to 2031 then another to come NDC not upnd or h h no zwaa mark my word’s

  21. Maybin

    Wether he is somalian,Chinese or Malawian let’s all not waste our time discussing pet issues. Let’s just criticize him for what he is delivering to the people of Zambia. it’s like we are killing some thing which is already dead. One Zambia one nation.

  22. Benjamin mbilima

    That is the fact guys . and however hear or see any foolish person saying things like what other fools has said please culture their dem faceses so that we post and teach them physically

  23. Jay

    Zambian son

  24. D.M

    How can a non Zambian become a President, don’t act like a foolish man

  25. Dickson Mtine

    ECL our good President ordained by God

  26. COONDE

    That head is so recent. Crooks just fixed this recently to cover up this foreigner. Edgar Chagwa Lungu is a foreigner and should not be allowed to continue serving as president is Zambia. If ordinary foreigners can buy NRCs from ministry of Home affairs, what more with Lungu, a sitting president?

  27. micheal

    zambians wil only mature in mind when they test life in a refuge camp,right now they behave like broiler chickens who think life wil always be the same.chicken and chips.

  28. Zach

    God bless ECL, Zambian seating christian President. May you stay on that authorising position for more than your enemies expect. Sir!

  29. Henry

    For sure,zambians will sit up one day only to realise that all natural resources are depleted by those who are not heard now!!! Pipo are busy working and us are busy opening our mouths for nothing!!!! Take a look at the recent by- elections!!!



  31. sim1

    Let sunny chintombwa produce his,ifintu ni lungu

  32. Martin

    100% Zambian, and let the president our President rule this country in peace, please let’s have some respect for the head of State

  33. Talented top

    Let him leave then

  34. polynomial

    I told you he is a Zambian

  35. john simutowe

    Have respect for the head of state

  36. Pamusebo

    We have many citizens with NRCs across Zambia but they are not Zambians.

  37. Armstrong njovwu

    Most of you Zambians ar coward, why could u let a foreigner to rule your country? to discriminate yhu in your own country foolish people, some of ar still

  38. HH

    Lungu is a Zambian.

  39. HH

    Viva pf l

  40. Does it matter?

    He has a heart of a Zambian!
    The only issue is the managemental!!!

  41. Joseph David

    NRC, its doesn’t matter, his a foreigner.

  42. Cahill

    He is a foreigner .let replace CK.

  43. Cahill

    We ll replace CK.

  44. Mukwasa Gideon

    Kk,ftj,levy Mwanasa And Ruphia Banda Were All Not Zambians!:all Of Us Came From Either Congo Or Zulu Land!

  45. Mimi

    Comment Those of you who are insulting and saying all sorts of nonsense,have you stopped to wonder why all these issues are coming up,all one who has had an NRC taken knows very well that it’s taken at the age of 16,17 or 18 in those in remote areas.but this face is old and looks like it was taken recently.

  46. Shachz

    No matter what, he is the president. And Mimi stop being dull. If one was born in 1956, his 1st NRC must be taken in 1972, 2nd NRC 1982, 3rd 1992, 4th 2002, 5th 2012, 6th 2022. It is after every 10 years. And don’t forget, he is a lawyer.

  47. Emma

    yes yrs yes

  48. Paya 1

    Who ever is saying our president is not zambian go and deport him. Mr mulongoti if you have nothing to tell people what you will do for them when you are voted in power sit down quite politics otherwise u will run mad in 2021 when president Edgar changwa Lungu will be voted back in his office and countinue 2 serve the people of zambia. You have tried alot to bring him down but we will never loose faith and hope in PF Ba sata ni ECL batushi efye chapwa

  49. Newton

    Zambian politics!!! Ba mulongoti & other opposition political parties ninshi u dnt hav wat to talk about unlike this nonsense??!! There are a lot of imperative issues to talk about than this nonsense! Can’t you talk about real issues like high unemployment levels, expensive school fees, bore hole tax,withholding tax and other relevant issues affecting the majority Zambians???!!!!! That’s y we dnt have opposition parties in Zambia & echo baponena bamo!! So wat if Ecl z not Zambian??!! will that change anything??!!! Amateur politics!!!!

  50. CK

    This parentage debate is utter nonsense. Mulongoti , Ka Siwale, Msoni , ka kasebamashila and Mukuni STOP IT. It shows you are not Zambian when you anathematize Lungi in this manner.

  51. CK

    Don’t anathematize Lungu . It’s utter nonsense.

  52. monica mulenga

    If President Lungu is not Zambian by birth, then he is by naturalization. So Mulongoti and your fellow losers, leave the President alone.

  53. Chiko

    Pa BWATO, ECL nafuti, Olo bakambe bwanji

  54. real

    ECL nafuti nafuti. Mpaka 2021

  55. Kennedy

    Just live our president along ,bonse twalikwata eko twatuntuka ,mubombeshefye naimwe mukateke ukucila ukulanda pafishikwete icito

  56. Augprina

    Shalala u are a good man to at least put the N.R C. of the head of state on online media. We thank u a million times especially for those doubting the parentage status of his excellence president Lungu. D.M and Coonde are not worthy to be commenting on this social media because they seem to be a threat to this beloved nation. Mind u God is watching over you so don’t cheat yourself by posting hate speech!!

  57. Augprina

    Even u Armstrong or whatever u are called mind the way u talk and remember that every leadership that exists is appointed by the almighty whether through dubious means or what does not matter as long as we have a government endorsed by the ones in charge who are representatives of the heavens! Pliz respect the leadership of Edgar Lungu!!


    ECL has a blessing from God,he just managers to outsmart his rivals.I admire how he does it.long live Mr President.WE LOVE YOU ECL…………..KWATA

  59. Chiku

    Comment:We Wish To Have Peace In Zambia.

  60. Treason

    Lungu Is A Real Foreigner.No Doubt.

  61. vincent zulu

    Lungu is a Zambian

  62. RMV

    ECL president of zed.God is with you mr.L

  63. Anthobalachio

    Yehova eutusunga ifwe bonse, mwilasabaila ONLY GOD KNOWS

  64. kelvin

    Every one wz given time to live, so it’s his time and his time to enjoy the luxury way of living

  65. King cool

    Open mouth , close your mouth and nose and throat and cough and cold, lungu he is in plot one were Honey and milk is flowing like water from the Zambezi River

  66. Mazimayumu

    Kulumyele kibuopapa

    • Bm

      Ba upnd na mulongoti please have real issues lungu is a Zambian. tu politician utwaiche be like Michael sata go
      lungu go

  67. nebert lumamba


  68. Tom London

    ( 216992/67/1 , kandawalo , Ndola , Edgar Chagwa Lungu ) Charles Sakala your NRC of ecl on a first glance looks genuine .
    On my second look I find that the picture is is all art work depicting an older man than ecl himself today born on 11.11.56 . chief kalindawalo but with no village or headman .
    216992/67/1 , on the card is written Ndola it is not true because the /67/ cord is for Kitwe . even if many of us are not experts an avidavit form would have been more appropriate . whom are you trying to decive . Please try something smarter than this rubbish or was it because even the artist you used was panicking or that maybe he did it deliberately . if ecl was born in Zambia where are his relations .??
    All what we know is a ecl from rugs of junta to riches at state house .if the card was changed surely a much younger ecl would have appeared .Anyway in Zambia anyone waving zkms or $s can buy his way
    Through . this one was taken in 1973 according to the card .
    Poor works of Freud .
    16 years as a lawyer with out winning a court case .

  69. fisunge

    Those want Edgar to show them his relatives why are they on auction can’t you see that they are humble people whoDoes not want to show off what profits are you going to gain if he shows you his relatives you know that he’s a father of six and he has grandchgrandchildren and his children are a perfect example of the father very humble no boasting no man is an island 2021is around de corner lets wait and stop following the president one muzamukonka nakuside mwe

  70. bargley simonda

    at pf do you know the meaning of pf-(puor family) no champion forever

  71. Macgyver

    Oliver Shalala, Lungu’s nationality lies squarely on Lungu and his Kin and Kith to solve, were you there when and where he was born?

  72. Joseph Mbuzi

    We Ar All Foregners

  73. Take junior

    Joseph mbuzi kikikiikikikikikikiki ati we are all foregners

  74. kalipa misheck

    Always remember that Gods plan are not your plans.

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