DRC Opposition Leader Felix Tshisekedi Demands Katumbi’s Unconditional Return

Democratic Republic of Congo opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi has asked the government to freely let Moses Katumbi to return to the country ahead of this year’s general elections.

Tshisekedi, whose late father Etienne was a veteran of Congolese politics, spoke at a rare rally in Kinshasa that went undisrupted by the government after nearly two years.

“By setting free all political activists who are in prison; they should also allow all politicians who are outside the country to come in freely,” he said.

“My thoughts are with Moise Katumbi, Mbusa Nyamwisi and all others. They should be allowed in the country.”

Katumbi has been living in exile for the last two years and while he has been outside the country, he has been sentenced to three years in absentia over a real estate case.

With the country set to hold its elections two years after they were initially scheduled, Tshisekedi has demanded an all-inclusive election.

Katumbi is a presidential candidate for an opposition coalition called Ensemble.

“To the electoral commission of Congo, Inask them not to proceed with the electronic vote machine,” added Tshisekedi, leader of the Union for Democracy and Social Progress.

“And we want an audit to be carried out on the registration server by an independent body to clear all doubts.”

He dismissed suggestions that he had struck a deal with incumbent president Joseph Kabila to serve as prime minister under his cabinet.


  1. Simoonga Joe

    Democracy shud take its course

  2. chisanga

    Katumbi go go usabwelele forward

  3. Xavier

    Katumbi forward

  4. Agm

    You are a man !!

  5. leave a reply

    katumbi has helped a lot of countries to attain economic development If allowed to go back home he can really improve drc economy

  6. Kayoya kingsley

    give us a signal

  7. FGM

    Kabila should allow the Congolese people to taste democracy. SADC and AU where are you? Congo is looking for your support.

  8. shaka

    The same applies to Zambia where is the AU and Commonwealth?

  9. Jms

    I’m astonished to find that sadic,au,comesa etc are doing what I call never say but watch no support men have gone let him he is a man no Wonder they are after him

  10. King cool

    Zambia is a democratic country, why can’t DRC copy from US ,if your neighbor is doing well, ask them the criteria they are using.

  11. Andy k

    Tinataka moise katumbi

  12. Weagans Kanubu

    Please MR Kabila u mst learn to respect DRC Constitution,coz GOD z about to nutrolise the System.

  13. Jacob

    I need to supply you with party t shirts from South africa

  14. Timßelaßayuma

    DEC issue is merchandise which everyone is on lookout. 3/4 of Our neighbours play a JUDAS kiss kind of politics to sale DRC out to the Hands of capitalist & tyrants of the world. Praise belong to Him who created tht land in which the Rwandese, Ugandan…. are gaining their percentages as sale out. Everybody is ready to plan for their agriculture produce to be sale in DEC means, they don’t want the RDC to return in leaves tht they may keep doing their transactions there. What can Congo learn from some who are commenting about democracy, when you are the one who brought this tyrannical government in power 21yrs ago ? Is not Katumbi who was commenting in the post news paper tht his mum is Zambian from Mwata Kazembe chiefdom & the late Dr Chiluba is his uncle from his mother’s side & his father is a Jew? Than you want people to accept him to presidency jst like the. Shame on AU, COMESA, SADC & UN. Where is justice & decency here ? America knos how to bomb Syria & condemn the genocide of Rwanda in 1994 where 800,000 Tutsis & so called moderates Hutus massacred but they don’t see over 13,000,000 Congolese who have been butchered by Kabila regime where Katumbi share power in ???? Be blessed but the judgement day will be in the Hands of God the Creator. Enjoy your Satanism but the day will come

  15. BlackBird

    SADC and AU are moriband organisations. Nothing good comes out of these talkshow organisations. The Situation in Zambia would have been more democratic if these good for nothing organisation cared even for 1% only. They watch situations get out of hand and when Europeans come in to save the situation, they are the first to claim foreign interference. We should forget about these useless organisations and spend the little we are contributing on building clinics and renovating prisons. What are they for? The situation in Congo would not have reached that level if those useless organisations ever cared one bit. Zambia is heading the same way and they are watching.

  16. Summer salt


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