Phillipo Chimbini Will Be Laid To Rest Today

Legendary kalindula musician Philipo Chimbini will take place at Chingola Road Cemetery in Kitwe.

Chimbini’s promoter alderman Patrick Tembo confirmed to Radio Icengelo News that the family has announced that burial will be held today.

Chimbini, who was born in 1944, had been battling stroke prior to his death on Sunday at Kitwe Teaching Hospital.

Some of the popular songs Mr Chimbini produced include Abana Bamucani, Italanta and Emele.


  1. suntwe

    Go well my dear bro,my favourite song you did was the one on roads”lukungu lweka-lweka” after u mentioned RDS like umusebo waku luwingu& mporokoso,we saw govt coming in to construct them! Shallom Shallom Shallom Tata Wesu! Mupumule haende ndate

  2. Unchangeable

    What a legendary .may your soul rest in internal peace

  3. King john ii

    May almighty God keep you on the right hand side so that we will meet again shikulu, may your soul rest in peace

  4. Real man

    Rest in peace

  5. Sunday Chisha

    Really you were a musician,rest in peace papa

  6. Nanji

    I remember the song CHINSHI TUFWILA FWEBAUME
    Will be greatly missed , go well tata go well you’ve done your part you’ve it.mysrip.

  7. chasanga

    Oh sorry sorry

  8. john simutowe

    Rest in peace shikulu

  9. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)


  10. Ignorant

    RIP soldier, we salute you


    May your soul rest in internal peace

  12. XYW

    May his soul rest in peace

  13. Armstrong njovwu

    May your soul rest in peace,I salute u father

  14. Jah Chris

    After the son

  15. Jah Chris


  16. Jah Chris

    It’s been true after. The song th

  17. Oliver

    Rest in peace

  18. fikashala

    good bye chimbini rip

  19. Yabvundumuka

    Rest in peace

  20. zeke man

    R.I.P father

  21. luckson m munthali

    He was a great man will miss him indeed

  22. Rickey

    Mhsrip ll miss u

  23. sinx

    Go well Mr chimbini , your music will remain in our hearts and I will personary miss you. Rip

  24. ZONDA

    Comment May his soul rest in peace

  25. Saimbwende 2


  26. Smart

    May God receive you in Jesus name go well

  27. Enock

    That’s too bad shikulu may yo Saul rest in PC

  28. Fridah

    Rest in peace,your songs will still remain (Abana bakufyalila muchani tabaweme ,meaning Will be answerable to God even to this street children, we are at fault.

  29. Francis chiti chisha

    Rest in peace shikulu

  30. Gabriel

    may his Saul rest in Christ’s peace

  31. Reuben sb

    rest in peace


    Sorry ba shikulu chabipa sana mulale bweno tata

    Emele umwana wamubemba Emele…….. ?.

  33. Kay2 Pack M

    May your soul rest in peace shikulu,, go well.

  34. Paya 1

    MHSRIP you shall 4ever b remembered your songs will 4 ever stay in our heart

  35. monica mulenga

    May his soul rest in peace.

  36. Maxiwena Maxinal

    R. I. P

  37. FGM

    We shall spiritually always be with you especially that your songs are still in our homes and pubs.

  38. Musalakata

    Great musician we have lost! The songs by Chimbini were great. I loved you Chimbini though I never saw you in person.

  39. Augprina

    Too bad bashikulu, u have indeed left a legacy to us young ones to always respect our traditions. Go well until we meet again!!

  40. Royson syams


  41. Chipango Sondashi

    May your soul rest in internal peace..

  42. Moira

    Rest in peace papa. I loved your music and will always. “Cipelelo umwanakashi ushafundilwe – Akakumo umwinko pe koshi”

  43. Chilubi Titus

    Sorry Shikulu Mr Phillip Chimbini may yr soul rest in eternal piece.And i really want to appreciate you for the songs which u have left to zambians in general more esp to those who interpret them properly.We will be using yr songs to teach our children who ar coming and the song i loved most is ‘ndeya ine uko nafumine’ meaning u were teaching us not to forget where we do come from.Words of condolences to Chimbinis family.

  44. Scott

    What a great man of thought you had been, rest in peace our legend we always miss you through your great and conscious songs.

    • Kalaba Katebe

      Too bad, may your soul rest in perfect peace for indeed you were a legendary musician, you music will live on.

  45. Raphael

    My condolences dear ,rip

  46. Chitupi Musonda

    I was coming from the copperbelt with my wife,when I reached one the place mentioned in your song I remembered you Mr Chimbini,not knowing that that you had passed on the same day. After reaching home I escorted a friend who came to mourn with us as I came from the funeral in Chililabombwe my wife phoned me telling me that,the man you were talking about is dead. I liked most of your songs like emele, intalata etc. Rest in peace you did your part Mr P.Chimbini.

  47. Yams

    May his soul rest in eternal Peace, and may God take
    care of his family members.

  48. elias

    My your soul rest in internal peace and thanks for the great works in music industry.

  49. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Farewell thee,till we meet again,RIP chinshi tufwila fwe baume pano pacalo…miss u shikulu n yo music.

  50. Moira

    Ndeya ndeya ndeya ine uko nafumine ee kuluwingu lwansanse uwatumpa lwamocho! Ndeya one uno nafumine!

  51. Moira

    Uyo ulesesema mwishina lyakwa Lesa mwilamulesha aseseme mwishina lya kwa Less! Cilamuntu ne talanta lyakwe! You used your talent well! Go well you never buried your talent!


    May his soul rest in internal piece

  53. GM

    May your soul rest in peace papa we miss forever,your songs will remain just like P k and Chibesa

  54. Moira

    Ba Mbulu bonse bena Ngoma bane mayi wee! Chitembo bonse bena Ngoma bane! I mourn with your clan!

  55. chikumbuso L


  56. maston

    Sory may sore lest in peace

  57. Banyele

    May his soul rest in-internal peace …till we meet on di other side

  58. Moira

    Amano yabula Nyina bane we mwana niwe uyamone – yali pa nsoshi kabule iwe ! Ala bafunde cinyelele bane ala umunya’ngu waifunda kale! Ici ci mwana ni cicipelelo! Cipelelo umwanakashi uushafundilwe! I will miss you!

  59. Anthobalachio


  60. Musenge mwelwa

    May his soul rest in peace till we meet again

  61. Nick2



    My condolences, Rest in peace my Big Man

  63. H.c.m

    Sad indeed, condolences to the family and may your soul rest in internal peace.
    God bless

  64. How perfect

    May your saw rest in peace

  65. barotse man


  66. big fish

    He is legend mhsriip chilamuntu ne Atlanta lya kwe.

  67. Double 2

    So sad papa

  68. Rohi

    M.H.S.R.I.P.P wil miss you the great chimbini……

  69. joyous

    rest in eternal peace papa

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