ACC Arrests Kambwili’s Son

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has continued digging into the Chishimba Kambwili business empire with his son Mwamba arrested for allegedly being in possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Law enforcement agencies are hot on Kambwili’s heels with several cases being probed.

Kambwili’s son Mwamba has been charged with two counts of being in possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Mwamba was in the company of his father when he appeared at court and has since been released on police bond.

Kambwili has fallen out with the ruling Patriotic Front after he was fired in November 2016 by President Edgar Lungu.


  1. Mbulwe

    Let all those have stolen be accountable.

    • Honourable Kaleza

      Then I wonder why you pipo come to disclose secrets after being fired, bt wen u ar in de system u ar quite coz u ar eating 2getha on de same table, once u separate u open de mouth : plz u ar all thieves & must be arrested!

      • Efyo

        It’s not good to behave like that of you decampaning your self

  2. Simoonga Joe

    Bt zoona PA zed

  3. Agm

    ACC go door by door not ba Kambwili beka !

  4. patson Kachusha

    Please leave CK alone

  5. zeke man

    Acc you are also corrupt

  6. Hanizy

    These guys the are saying the want to work for Zambians niwa kawalala wama Zambian very foolish these guys.

  7. chanda

    Acc u now disappointing Zambian people why ar u just hot on one person while others ar not why???

    • Efyo

      Exactly, sorry for zambians to vote for Koswe and his members

  8. leave a reply

    the more u are arresting ck the more famous you make him

  9. kay~2

    awe yalikosa pa zed.

  10. aj


  11. Abraham Masauso

    Awe! Please Leave his son alone.

  12. Joseph David

    Some ARVS, has made LUNGU to madness, leave CK dumb.

  13. matako 4

    mutobe libwe, nyamula mwala umu shombe!

  14. Uncle Lemo

    Next Time Its Youl


    Kamata Ena….Baza gwiliwa.


    Why ist that when someone leaves government that’s when you gain the courage to start investigating them.Zambians we are very dorsal. Foolish Acc.bafikala

  17. shaka

    The Bible says”pray for those who persecute you.

  18. big fish

    Only a fool can cerebrate foolish happenings.

    • Efyo

      Exactly, sorry for zambians to vote for Koswe and his members

  19. Jms

    Let education come thats when illiteracy can finish


    Let the law take its course.

    • Honourable Kaleza

      Ruling party & opposition parties plz let’s work together in a right manner, not destroying our nation please.

  21. tizy

    Acc z it only back ck who z to prob .just becoz his out of de party shuwa?? Zeds traditional heritage of probing once sme1 z out of power instead during power term then acc that show u arnt independent bt directd by some pipo…

    • mutasha Ngoma

      I also wonder why only after some one is fired this when ACC comes in , this shows every one in this party has issues…BaAcc be professional coz this shows you wait for instruction.

      • fisunge

        Nabo bakambwili balikwata umulomo sure he can’t just keep quiet and start just campaigning for his party if the president is a thief then they were stealing together why was he quite when he was in government but today he’s on top of mountain bickering after being chased he should emulate kalaba he will end up losing what ever he acquired through paying bonds he can do so many otherthings which befits his heathy Why making noises when you’re sick with sugars and high blood pressure let what the law says prevail each one is not guilty until proven guilty so let’s wait and see

    • davy

      awe ba ACC MWACHÎLAMO


    acc dig about lungu’s wealth too.frm zero to 2nd richest man in zed wth 550 truks.ka tasila nama shares mu security company ati ubombamwibala alyamwibala.lungu wl follow zuma

  23. George

    ‘If you live in a Glass House, don’t throw stones’

  24. Cahill

    PF is useless what about Tasila….???ACC u are useless.

  25. Maxiwena Maxinal

    Pliz PF GVNMNT leave ck ‘s family alone


    Boma ni boma

  27. Elven Fred.

    Going, going ,gone

  28. Cahill

    Boma ni Boma,,, nefyabupuba ati boma no mboma…???

  29. Andy k

    Acc guys be professional work for the interest of zambian people not for individuals. Please some punishment from God is on your heads.

  30. Future bright

    useless work by ACC,
    only following a suspect when he has opposed the government..
    I seek serious ruling

  31. shaka

    The mukula issue has died a natural death, watch out these people steal while being watched as they are in power. But they are busy taking others to courts on mere suspicion

  32. Simwaka William

    Yaba koseleko pa zed yalikaba

  33. Nzelu niweka

    Pa zed palifula ubupuba bwanganu zyabuyanga upuba

  34. Mikayele

    His NDC party just lost all the by- elections despite his media popularity.
    Now he is back to a possible fainting escapade and another ICU stint .
    One can run away from his own shadow . Kaleza !!!!!!!

  35. zambian

    We don’t the acc in Zambia those guys are pf in nature

  36. Lenado

    Alert. Message for Zambians and politicians. “Change”Download song here

  37. Gabriel

    That’s why Zambia will not develop;BA ACC y one man whilest they so many thieves in our country. have you ever wondered where our president got all the amount of money he has coz in the past he wasn’t on top ten richest person in Zambia but now he is number 2. Anyway we are in the last days.


    Look to NAREP this time to end this political unrest! Go go Elias Chipimo a wise man.

  39. Mud komboni

    Ngabamisokololola ninshi kumwikata .we ar suffering in Zambia bcoz of pf.

  40. Mud komboni

    Leadership in Zambia ar all criminals.nga ba misokololola ninshi Ku mwikata.God is there for us.

  41. Take junior

    Mmmmm ba Acc naimwe awe pliz leave kambwili alone

  42. young tyga

    Don’t tolk government position for granted you!!!!

  43. Aaron

    One By One Let The Law Do It’s Work

  44. p mulenga

    last not the least

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