PF Members In Opposition Strongholds Are Sell-Outs – Dr. Chanda

Bwana Mkumbwa Member of Parliament Dr Jonas Chanda has accused some PF members in opposition strongholds for lack of loyalty in the just held local government by elections.

Dr Chanda said some of the results received in some areas especially in opposition strongholds do not reflect the number of officials on the structures.

He has charged that some Patriotic Front Officials are working with the UPND and did not vote for the PF candidates.

“A ward has 24 officials, and each branch has 24 officials. If there are 40 branches = 984 votes minimum, not even counting officials at section levels. That explains the votes UPND gets in PF strongholds because their structures vote for them,” Dr Chanda said.

He said there is need to have structures at lower organs effective and made them be patriotic to the party.

“Just shows all PF structures in this ward are working for UPND or did not vote. There’s need to be restructured. It’s a case of betrayers, Sell-Outs, traitors we see you,” he added.

The PF got an embarrassing three votes compared to over 9,000 by UPND in Mwanza ward, Monze in Southern Province.


  1. Herbert Nduulwa

    Let them choose who they want,One think Mr honourable you should remember is that these people have got eyes to see what is happening in pf & they are not happy at all that’s why they decided to change a team .UPND izula bayangana & good morning too you all upnd supporters.

    • John Chinena

      Where are the 9000 vs 3 coming from? Offal ECZ RESULTS show; 1’546 for UPND, 206 for Rainbow Party and 109 for OF.

      • FGM

        The spirit of ” Wako ni wako has grown roots in Zambia. The ruling party should come up with ways, means and strategies to end it quickly.

  2. Al kaida

    Sellouts we see them clear signal , Dudumwezis,they don’t appreciate ,if it was the Pf which got those results they were going to talk of petition, Zambia is bigger than southern Province & its high time some stupid Zambians who are out of southern Province to wakeup & treat these tribalists the same they do during voting , its unfortunate for some pipo who are not Tonga’s the way they honey moon with this tribal party.wake up

    • EK

      I have been to Southern Province. Yes the majority of the people there are Tonga. But i have also seen a lot of people who are not tonga (Ngonis, Bembas, Luvales etc, probably in a few thousands. So those saying “it’s tribalism” should think Critically because we are just promoting hate in the against tribes. If you get three votes in an election result, don’t think it’s always tribal. “Do we only have tongas in S/Provice?” Let’s stop it.

      • Amano

        Correct observation. People are carelessly spreading hatred against Tongas which is very unpatriotic. Please learn to focus on real issues and not this tribal thing that is bound to spark violence one day.

  3. Ignorant

    Tribalists, we cant entrust you with the duty of running this country otherwise even their cows will be put first before any other non HH zambian

  4. derock

    Upnd or pf i cnt vote for u to much tribolism, this cn lead to segrigation in our country, the politics in zambia hv now been base on tribes.

  5. Bamuna

    Mwanza ward in Monze is the new Dudumwezi! Let’s keep watching. Mulimbe a UPND.



  7. Xavier

    You fool they know what is happening there. Let them do what is best for them iwe cimbwi.

  8. Ackford Phiri

    P F Do’nt Worry This,s Dundumwezi Upnd Kulibe Kumene bayenda

  9. Hammer

    9000 for UPND and 3 for PF in Mwanza ward, whereby in all other wards where by elections were held the maximum of total voters was less than 2000! Interesting numbers here! What is going on??

    • Hard man

      The pattern of voting will never change in this country and do so solutions must be found to make Zambia a safe place to live. For others political power will be used to fix other tribes and privatisation will be given centre stage to again steal from the people of Zambia. We see you, we hear you sale outs . Time is up to wake up to the realities of our tmes…


    9000 in one ward. Highly populated ai


    ECZ Should publish number of voters in all wards and constituencies. 9000 people is suspicious. What in more in a constituency?

  12. Lyayo

    This is the wake-up for other provinces ukubako about tribal when voting.Iciila ca nsaka umo aleta (ecibemba)

  13. Joseph David

    the voting system, its reflects, the tribalism both UPND & PF, so don’t open your ass hole.

  14. Thomas

    Comment in every election there must be a winner and when your party lose, we should only admit,people are now seeing what is happening in this country.

  15. shaka

    PF, stop complaining. When you arewinning, there is no complaint. Just work hard .Infact stop perpetrating tribalism. You are tribalists

  16. real

    The article on Mail&Guardian says HH has continued to tell the international community about Zambia’s domestic issue.

    Question: does the international community vote during elections in Zambia?
    Question: if by any impossible chance HH becomes president in 2031, will he b president of the international community?
    HH is embarring himself. People in the outside world r intelligent. Go in Zambia’s rural areas and campaign and sale your party manifesto, perhaps u can later win an election.

    Be patriotic to your own country. Leave south Africans alone. They have their riots to take care of. Don’t add to their trouble.

    • Tom London

      Mr real fool ,the world has become one big village and so what happens in one country has a direct or indirect effect on other countries . Look here you big real ash hole when drought hits Zambia it is the international community that comes in to help , for Zambia to meet her fiscal budget the outside cooperating partners come in to help .
      When war broke out in Iraq the who world was affected in terms of oil supply .
      The list is endless . In fact I suggest that you go back to school otherwise you will remain a real pfool for the rest of stupid life .
      Koswe mu mpoto always saying , ” me I don’t know teacher . “


    wat ar u going to say about the results in kawambwa (ntumbachushi) if u say tongas ar tribalistc?ninshi ciwamila garu kuluma mbuzi.awe zambia has turnd into an animal farm.mwilasabaila akoni kekalapamusambo katemwa.am a pure bemba nd non partzan bt am nt happy wth hw u treat yo fellows.

    • Double 2

      U’re writing my brother as me a bemba pure but the way our colleague treated it’s hell late us b one.(pa Zambia ukuitemwa bamo)

  18. One time

    I wonder which party I will join.All parties in Zambia have their way of indulging other fellow countrymen and women. Insults are not helping us in any way. Why so much hate in our mouths. Did God create us to hate one another.Why can’t we reflect and do away these hate speeches. I wonder if D’s platform is for immature people who still need to be given breast milk to grow bcoz mature people can’t be using D’s words every time they comment.Please let’s use brotherly words to build our nation.May God bless all the readers and commentators of D’s platform.

  19. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Nice one

  20. Sunday Chisha

    JUST 4get about politics and soldier on ,economic and developmental programs

    • Mikayele

      Rented crouds don’t vote and social media disciples don’t also vote. The rich mayadi people rarely vote but the poor komboni people do vote enmass .
      The result is a loss to the rich mayadi party !
      Preach peace , love and respect even the shanty people.
      Always deamining the Boss ati he came from Chawama .
      That is why the many poor zambians are for the poor man’ s party .
      the rich men’s party Boasting too much.

  21. chici

    If really Zambia is a christian nation,why insulting one another? The bible says love your neighbour has you love yourself.learn to accept defeat and congulate the winner.

  22. Read my comment

    Kkkkkkk ati tribalism 😀

  23. Danger Zone

    That’s true Mr Chipasha thank you . Surely among all the wards people are seeing mwanza ward only. Chiwamila galu zoona. Every time tribalism among Tonga’s but when its pf leading its not tribalism why? Let’s be fair pliz and take note that every tribe exists in all the parts of the country. Let’s be united good deeds and brotherly love . Insults will not take us anywhere

  24. WMS

    We are losing democratic trucks by allowing tribalism to dominate. One is said to be while another is not but doing the same things

    • Tom London

      WMS it is not tribalism , excuse me , it is called cadrelism which is slowly but surely killing democracy because every Zambian has tribal inclination .
      But when it comes to marriage all of us just intermarry we look at tribes .

  25. Lenado

    Alert. Message for Zambians and politicians. “Change”Download song here

  26. wisdom

    Na winaaa……………! Siuna wine cika……!!! kikikiki

  27. BlackBird

    Thats why I will continue voting for UPND. Even if I remain alone, I will still vote for UPND because voting for others becomes non – tribal while voting for UPND is tribal. So I have decided to become tribal. Those who are not tribal can continue voting for PF. I dont see anything wrong in being tribal since I belong to a tribe called BISA.

  28. fly kezeeee

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i will not be a politician in my life cause mwaba ifyaupuba atase kkkkkkkllkkkk

  29. Mujala

    Congratulations to all those who genuinely won in the last local govt elections. I noticed that there was a lot of vote buying especially from two major political parties in the name of pf and upnd. The pf as usual used violence to win these elections. I am foreseeing a blood bath in Chilanga parliamentary election.

  30. James ngosa

    Stay away frm politics mwe bantu twapapata. Does it mean TAMWAKWATA ifya kucita? These leaders stand placed in their relative position by God. Respect leaders of today and of course even leaders of tomorrow.

  31. Treason

    That Is Real Support, these Guyz Are United We Appreciate Them.They Love Their Leader.

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