Kalusha Pays Quiet Homage to Gabon Disaster Heroes

Former FAZ president Kalusha Bwalya paid homage to his fallen teammates at the Gabon Memorial Site two days ahead of schedule to stay clear of public scrutiny.

Bwalya who was supposed to have linked up with his teammates in Darkar enroute to fulfilling a FIFA World Cup fixture against Senegal survived the plane crash as he was travelling from his base in Netherlands where he starred for PSV Eindhoven.

The 1988 African Footballer of the Year later captained the reconstituted Zambian team to the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations finals were they lost 2-1 to a more experienced Nigerian side that had the likes of Rashi Yekini, Emmanuel Amunike, Daniel Amokachi and Jay Jay Okocha among others.

Saturday marks 25 years since the Zambia National Team perished off the coast of Gabon wiping out 18 players, officials and crew members with a journalist.

Below is what Bwalya wrote:

Today I decided to go give homage to my fallen team mates one day earlier. I wanted my full attention to be on my brothers rather than on a public function. A day does not go by that I don’t think about my family that I lost off the coast of Gabon in 1993. 25 years later my heart is still broken. A team that could have gone so far…………. #KK11 #chipolopolo #Zambia #gabon #airtragedy #25 years


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    A good thing a good human being can do

    • Honourable Kaleza

      Mr kalu am happy for yo habling

      • Honourable Kaleza

        God z dere 2 open our eyes 2 c wat we can do next!

  2. Hanizy

    Bwalya that’s is a good thing to remember your team met may God bless you

  3. Charlesmicklayì

    Kalu that’s good spirit for a leader like you

  4. Christopher Silwamba

    Kalu I Recommend You For The Memories Of You Former Team Mat Es Are Still Fresh. Chris Sills.

    • BlackBird

      Ba Christopher Silwamba your message should have read “Kalu I commend you for remembering your former team Mates”. Recommend is to endorse something.


    That very good

  6. One time

    That a good signal kalu.We all miss them.Let their soul rest in everlasting peace.We miss them.

  7. faz

    may their souls rest in peace

  8. Chris B

    Some wounds never heal the hurt is just as fresh. I miss that team, thanks to you great Kalu you brought us comfort in time immense sorrow over the fallen heros. You humbled yourself and served mother Zambia with humility, love and Passion for the game of football. May God bless you.

  9. Masters

    May Their Souls Rest In Peace

  10. lindiwe

    A big lose ever,memories will always remain . congrats kalu u are a leader indeed

  11. paul

    Tears may dry but memories are fresh.may your sours rest in peace our heroes

  12. Bishop Austin Mpomwa

    Great loss & painful.It’s hard to forget!
    God bless uuKalu.u

  13. Take junior

    Kalusha we’ll done

  14. Gabriel

    May their Saul rest in Christ’s peace

  15. simz

    Rest in peace hero’s.

  16. Chibola

    We miss them. One kalu, that’s wonderful of you.


    Rest in peace our football hero’s,,,,,,.

  18. Paul Brown Chanda Rtd wo2

    I kindly appreciate what you have you have demonstrated for your fallen team mates had they been alive they could have seen how you loved them may their souls rest in peace we love them till the end football is our tribe one Zambia one nation

  19. Paul Brown Chanda Rtd wo2

    I kindly appreciate what you have
    demonstrated for your fallen team mates had they been alive they could have seen how you loved them may their souls rest in peace we love them till the end football is our tribe one Zambia one nation

  20. Paul Brown Chanda Rtd wo2

    I kindly appreciate what you have
    demonstrated fo

    r your fallen team mates had they been alive they could have seen how you loved them may their souls rest in peace we love them till the end football is our tribe one Zambia one nation

  21. mpyangu

    Great Kalu, thats true humility stay blessed. In God we trust that comfort for mother Zambia will be provided as we reflect.

  22. zeke man

    Our heroes may your souls R.I.P

  23. RMV

    God bless you man continue with that spirit

  24. Likukela Kota Ikafa

    Next Year don’t even carry a Cameraman cos the public might think you want individual spotlight. Well done. MTSRIP!

  25. Lottie Simataa from Katima Mulilo , Namibia

    we lost the team which would have taken zambia up on the world map. that team was fantastic starting from the staff to the players. thank you my brother keep it up . this shows love and sinergy you hard in the team during your playing days. young stars should emulate from him.


    A big loss ever,some wonds never jst be strong cause we can not change the fact tht they are gone

  27. All is well

    Indeed brothers and sisters everything has its on time .time to be born and time to die so we praise God for his time is the best of all the best. Mr bwalya you have done a percurio thing to remember your fellow footballs. Praise be to God for that .All is well

  28. edgar chibuta

    Thanks ba Graet Kalu for doing that at that time when some people balimeka. For the fallen heroes we moarn you as a team

  29. situmbeko

    That’s good to go, Kalu.

  30. Masauso Nyirenda



    great kalu

  32. Anthobalachio


  33. ELISHA

    that is a heart

  34. GM

    May their soul rest in peace.Our great heroes .my condolences


    That’s how a leader must be……
    May their Saul rest in peace,,,,,,,,,

  36. Js

    Great Kalu. Your parents raised you well. This is a true contrite and upright spirit. Instead of seeking the Lime light like other people we know you chose to reflect upon your own loss. MTSRIEPComment

  37. Edward Tembo

    Rest in peace guys till we meet again.

  38. Adams mbewe

    Well done kalu their sour r.i.p

  39. Stephen Chishiko

    You have proved that relationship is stronger than circumstances we experience. Thumb up, Great Kalu!
    We love and respect you regardless of the odds. God bless you.

    • kaumba jennings

      This day we remember not only our football heroes but also our great fathers , uncle, sons of Zambian football. In loving memorial of th great Alex Chola original computer and all the team that perish ,we greatly miss as family, and what u could contributed to football by this time

  40. Shachz

    Ifilamba filelukuta. Sometimes I don’t want to remember. I was in grade 12, I heard the announcement on the radio, it was repeated. I didn’t believe. I went outside to tell my neighbours. We come in and waited. It was the Same announcement on the radio. We wept. MTSRIP. Great Heroes indeed.

  41. Shachz

    Sonner or later that squad will resurrect mu BANA besu both abalumendo Na bakashana. God bless icalo cesu ica Zambia.

  42. Shachz

    May God forgive the one who shot at that military plane.

  43. Shachz

    Limbi alesambililafye ifyakulisha imfuti Ali ni reservist.

  44. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    I’m sorry guyz 👉😐😮😑😴😔😩👈

  45. Hotness

    That’s the way to go great kalu,that team was fabulous. May their souls rest in eternal life.

  46. Edwardoh C4

    Well Its A Good Thing To Do Mr Kalusha.

  47. Kk

    Rest in peace our heroes

  48. Kennedy

    Chinecine efyo wasende na Africa cup ,umutima obe usuma my God bless u ,so that u can become a reader again,thank aba ni ba mumbi pa samfya,mutwafyeko couch tatukwete pali ino nshita pa Zambia,

  49. Kizo

    God bless u Mr kalu

  50. Dube

    We need 2 bring back HERVE RENARD

  51. zambian

    KB don’t be selfish share the method that team used

  52. Chocho

    Rest in peace!heroes will always be heroes even when they are no more!

  53. Tom London

    Wonderful spirit great Kalu . you have always been a patriotic , selfishless person on and off the pitch . some of us still remember that equalising header you scored Zimbabwe ” s Bruce Globler whilst playing alongside with some of the fallen heroes you are paying homage to .
    This real brings sad memories of how ftj openly broke down after praying at independence stadium .
    18 coffins were lined. up on the pitch . all of us in the stadium wept . I do remember , it was frank mutubila of znbc who told Zambia that the entire kk 11 had perished off the coast of Gabon .
    There is one more thing I would like to request you kalu to do for mother Zambia , if possible please find out as to what really happened to your comrades . Because even The indomitable Denis Liwewe left with out knowing the truth . The commission of enquiry didn’t reveal their findings to the nation .
    And also if possible please talk to Charles Musondo to have that heart he used to have when wearing the white number 8 Jersey to bring home his two sons playing football eswhere to consider the plight of Zambia as we mourn our dearest departed footballers .
    Of course the year 2012 will go down in history as being one of our memorable tributes in remembering , Efford Chabala , John Soko , Samuel Chomba ,Whites on Changwe , Ashios Melu , Winter Mumba , Robert Watiakini , Patrick bomba banda , Moses masuwa , Kelvin mutale , Timothy mwitwa , kenan Simsmbe , the Summer bee Wisdom Chansa , the couches ( Godfrey Ucar Chitalu and Alex Chola ) the faz president Michael Chileshe , not forgetting Moses Chikwalakwala , the journalist .
    With you kalu wearing Jersey 11 as captain , Johnson bwalya , Charles Musonda at 8 , Lucky Musiska and Stone Nyerenda , when put together you made a Nuclear Assernal Zambia had had produced .
    May the souls of your former team mates rest in eternal peace as we continue mourning them

    • Paba


    • mutasha Ngoma

      You forgot Derb Màkinka,,,I oso still remember the was Small we spend the whole nite in the stadium. And wen the cofins arrived we cried seeing The president FTJC weeping,it was so sad…RIPOur Heroes.

  54. Paba

    I like your Humbleness Great Kalu, even if you are not part of the current FAZ administration I know that you are doing a lot to help improve football standards in Zambia. And I can assure you that one day you will be recalled to help revive the declined football standards in Zambia.

  55. Collins Kazhinga

    That’s the spirit we need fellow Zambians.

    • Richard mubita

      May the Almighty God bless you all for remembering our fallen heroes God bless our mother Zambia.

  56. Abraham

    May their souls rest in peace
    the best team Zambia has ever had😦😧😳

  57. Moira

    Zambia come to a stand still as the likes of John Soko and Wisdom Chansa perished whom l personally knew. I remember very well then l was in College. Still in our hearts vigilant soldiers who shook the world with their tactics. You ran your race well and l personally salute you! M

  58. francis wakumelo

    We shall forever remember them

  59. BenShu

    That is sign of Leader.MTSRIP

  60. ama charlie

    I commend u ba kalu for remembering your friends and brothers who perished in Garbon.God bless

  61. ama charlie

    Thanks ba kalu

  62. Oscarmwale

    Thanx Mr kalu for that.

  63. Shachz

    My fellow Zambians, it clearly evident that we are very much united in times iya macushi. Naibukisha napamfwa yàba tata ba Sata. It is only us to develop our motherland football in particular. I don’t know why we reach an extent of killing each other when it comes to politics. In football, I see one Zambia one Nation. There is still hope for our great Nation. Kuli ba Kalu, ndetila mwabombeni epashili pakuleka,tekwesha Na ukunenuka.

  64. Shachz

    Ba Zambia Chipolopolo Sipolopolo Kipolopolo Hipolopolo. Go go Zambia, the Copper Bullets.

  65. Shachz

    Yesterday, the bankers nill timu ya ziko 1. Numba remember we were in the same class grade 1 to 7 at Suburbs primary, Hillcrest, Ndola. Football was our breakfast, lunch & dinner. At night it was all books.

  66. Henschel Christian

    thank you mr kalusha for showing humble to your team mates.May their Saul rest in peace.

  67. Joseph David

    MAY THEY REST IN PEACE, the great team, forever.

  68. ac legacy

    That’s the spirit kulusha

  69. Morrischongo

    May is soul rest in internal peace

  70. prince banji

    You right but that can’t happen

  71. Francis

    Way to go great Kalu the team is ever remembered and missed.

  72. Milton Soko

    May God add more days unto your life for what you have done.

    • Ackim

      May there souls rest in internal peace – thank you great kalu

  73. Wisdom

    We missed hero’s lest in internal peace

  74. Peter Kubala

    That’s good ba Kala may God Almighty be with you.

  75. Peter Kubala

    That’s good bakalamba ba kalu may God Almighty be with you.

  76. George kaso

    May is souls rest in peace

  77. Gunda

    That monument needs attention

  78. K.m.k

    My God bless u always Mr.former faz president…for ur kindness ad care.

  79. young don

    Thats a greatest moment you have had taken to recall your team mates, continue with the same spirit and may the Almighty God be with them for ever and ever amen.

  80. joe

    So sad, but we thank God you were not part of them.cos he God had other plains for you Mr #Kalu. God bless.

  81. Cahill


  82. Pilingana

    Zambia as a whole has to pay homage to our loss of players…. May there souls rest in peace…. God bless

  83. Rieumi Kasumpa Mweni

    That’s really good for real Zambians. I salute you. For our departed friends, we still feel fresh wounds in our hearts when we recall their memories r.I.p. AMEN.

  84. BakuBanja

    I Like The Spirit

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