Pres. Kabila To Delay DRC Election To June 2019; The Third Time Since His Term Expired

Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila is planning to postpone the delayed December 2018 elections to next year, his members of parliament have disclosed.

The lawmakers have questioned the timing of a law that is supposed to come for debate over the allocation of parliamentary seats.

“In DRC, there is supposed to be a law where the allocation of seats in a particular area is supposed to be debated and determined by the whole parliament but instead, Kabila has assigned that task to a parliamentary committee,” one of his lawmakers disclosed.

“This has angered a lot of us from the ruling party but in actual fact, Kabila knows what he is doing. He wants to create confusion in parliament and claim that as long as this matter is not resolved, then we can’t have general elections this year in December.”

One of the lawmakers added that all this was a well planned move by President Kabila especially given that he knew the Congolese parliament goes on recess in June.

“There is a parliamentary holiday from June 15 to September; parliament will close for any form of business ,” said the MP who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“Kabila then wants to bring the proposed bill back to parliament in September where members are supposed to debate it before its implementation. So in short, the electoral plans for the elections will be affected for as long as this matter remains unresolved in parliament.

“Kabila will then tell the whole world that we can’t have elections this year because of that legality.”

The lawmaker said this is just a plan for President Kabila to further buy time and extend his illegal stay. His term expired in December 2016 but President Kabila has already rescheduled the polls two times so far.

“The real reason is for him to push the the elections to June next year because the elections cannot be held until this law is fully debated and a parliamentary resolution made,” he said.

“SADC have been duped and cheated by Kabila that’s why all the presidents that attended the troika meeting in Angola this week have to put an end all the nonsense going on here.”

The MPs warned that if the region does not stop President Kabila, DRC is headed for a fully fledged war which may have spiral effect on neigbouring countries.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    I have come to hate this chibila.

  2. paul

    very bad pls KABILA have a heart of consideration, the people of Congo and its neighbour’s

    • Abedi

      I will never read again this Zambian report.
      Where Musonda get this FAKE NEWS just to discriminate Congo and bring confusion in poor people mind.
      They will be election in Congo this year and I will come to ask him where he brought his nonsense propaganda…

  3. One time

    Kabila is a criminal. I wonder why Sadc are quite on this matter. He kabila is not concerned about the welfare of his people.I hate his action.

  4. father fm

    Kabila has missed an opportunity of making a difference of being a leader of DRC. Most us thought the once youngest president will lead DRC on respecting the constitution safe guard the lives of people. Too bad, that we still see people running from bullets and with bullet wounds. Power is sweet, but power can be bitter if not properly handled.

  5. Evans Mwelwa

    Am just appealing to SADC member States to more pressure on Kabila to step down is too much for the people of Congo and neighbours like Zambia which has almost 50%of our provinces shared by this rich country but nothing to enjoy.

  6. Weagans Kanubu

    Please MR Kabila have respect For Congolese Constitution.

  7. DP

    i wonder why Jonathan mutawere have such ally

  8. Lee

    Congolese should praying hard,coz vis idiot can not step down by the saying ov de pipo.

  9. Summer salt

    Please kabila be the Democrat you proposed immediately you ascended into power. Don’t be like Mobutu in disguise! Let there be light in Congo DRC. Peace be still!

  10. FGM

    ECOWAS forced Yahya Jammeh from power because they wanted to safeguard the lives , property and economy of Gambia and west Africa. Why can’t SADC do the same? Is it because most sadc leaders have something in common with Kabila ? Pluck out that selfishness and consider for the suffering Congolese and their neighbours. Kabila! You’re are indeed not a Congolese!!!

    • Chibale

      Sadc is toothless, worthless organization and it cannot protect any country from any atrocities around sadc region. Ecowas is a strong organization formed on principles of defending the democratic values of western region of Africa.

    • Zodwa wabanru

      That’s expected when u a ruled by foreigners.

  11. Bishop Austin Mpomwa

    Can we’ve de say of de majority & not one man’s voice,pliz.

  12. Gabriel

    The reason why most African countries are poor is most African leaders are too selfish . please Mr KABILA just step down let other people also enjoy you’re not the owner of congo

  13. chisanga

    U chi kabila stop visinye

  14. Starboy

    Bullet in the head, that’s when another president will take over

  15. Sunday Chisha

    What’s the meaning of this mr kabila?let other pipo lead,otherwise u may end up receiving a bullet in your head

  16. Likukela Kota Ikafa

    Even without war, we already have that spiral effect from Congo dr here in Zambia. Always have!

  17. zeke man

    He is an animal

  18. zambian

    Find a solution before its too late

  19. King john ii

    Why dealing with just a single minded person, where are the intelligence to deal with him secretly !

  20. Elven Fred.

    This man is now a big a problem to the Congolese, what does he want ?

  21. Mr belittle ugoono umwenze

    Kabila,why do you want to die b4 your time? If you are really educated step down my friend.u are showing immaturity learn to be mature.I once hold a high top post time has come accept.abubakery tapha wabalewa Nigeria.

  22. Weagans Kanubu

    May higher althorities intervene before many souls perish in DRC.

  23. maston

    Boss respect peoples views

  24. Bonde

    Please Kabila, do the right thing just to step down on humanitarian ground. You have caused untold suffering on the citizens of DRC. Follow what your elder brother of Botswana, Khama has done. Also, SADC do what ECOWAS did to Yahya Jammeh of Gambia.

  25. jules

    For me i think enough is enough ,the sadc should act before its too late because this man called kabila is not powerful than all countries find in the sadc region and do you know how many people are being killed in DRCongo each and every minute ?,it painful if you find it out


    What goes around comes back around. It’s only one day. Learn from your friends Mugabe and Zuma.

  27. Mujala

    Where is the military, why not remove him with a barrel? DR Congo has suffered alot under Kabila.

  28. Anthobalachio

    God help Congolese people

  29. paul

    we are worried about our brothers and staters in Congo can sadic do something fast


    Ba kabila why behaving like that, feel pity of DRC Congo……

  31. copperbelt

    this man should just die.

  32. john mwelwa

    hello Mr kabila plz stop doing stupid thing u idiots….

  33. steward simutowe

    Leadership is not good to most of African leaders. Like father like son, so he want to be be as how his father was, hence Army commander from.Zimzm must be taken to Congo for peace making, i wornder what is the job of SADAC, is it for allowances? Dictators, don’t they even feel.shy when they go for sumit meetings, what do they do again when they meet there.

  34. ZONDA


  35. beared bambala ng'andu

    mr kabila learn what happened to mobutu & yo father.GOD help congo.

  36. Adams mbewe

    Kabila what is wrong with u ..are u alone

  37. FGM

    Kabila learn something from what happened to Mugabe, Yahyaa Jammeh and Mabuto. History is a source of wisdom.

  38. shaka

    “Birds of same feathers flock together”.why entertain such kind if you’re not of the same make!

  39. Shachz

    Kabila alefwaika Trump. Some years ago I thought he was a gentleman. Kanshi Nici monster.

  40. Geoffrey

    Please Mr Kabila step down to avoid conflicts.

  41. FGM

    Kabila should be told point blank by civilised leaders like Khama that he is living in the past. And that he should not drag Africa to pre colonial leadership. Africa has chosen to move forward, Never backward again. Kabila step down!!!

  42. Deanmeekson

    What is wrong with the leaders of generation, scramble for Africa part 2

  43. Uncle Bizzo

    When you bring such issues on the Zambian media you should explain exactly what is all about than just say Katumbi meet Kagame at Mo Ibrahim

  44. Uncle Bizzo

    Kabila is doing this cos he has seen it happen before in Africa.Selfishness and greedness is what most African leaders have ,but one day!GOD sees what they are doing

  45. chisanga


  46. Champion Mabaya

    There will be elections in December this year.

  47. JAMES chama

    Kawalala Kabila.

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