Katumbi, Kagame Meet At Mo Ibrahim Even In Kigali

Congolese opposition leader Moïse Katumbi is in Kigali, Rwanda attending at international event orgaised Mo Ibrahim.

The Mo Ibrahim initiative promotes good governance, accountability and salaries.

According to local media, Katumbi touched down at Kigali international airport ahead of the Ibrahim Governance Weekend – a flagship event of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

The event is held annually in different African countries.

Moïse Katumbi, a favourite to win the delayed elections is also wanted by DRC leader Joseph Kabila for politically motivated charges which include allegations of running a covert mercenary group.

Kabila has delayed elections that were due in 2016 after his second mandate expired and he is constitutionally barred from seeing a third term.

While in Kigali, Moïse Katumbi is due to meet renowned debaters Donald Kaberuka, Member, Global Leadership Foundation and former president of the African Development Bank, Dr Carlos Lopes, Professor, Graduate School Of Development, Policy & Practice, University of Cape town and former Executive secretary, Economic Commission for Africa.

Others attendaning are Nanjala Nyabola, Kenyan Writer and activist, Comfort Ero the Director International Crisis Group, Clare Akamanzi, CEO, Rwanda Development Board and Acha Leke, Senior partner,McKinsey & Company, SA. Co-founder, African Leadership Network.


  1. Hammer

    What do we us Zambians have to do with this meeting?

    • iqama-sadiq

      We have everything to do as the Ass that owns this site benefited under RB who was persecuting gallant son of Zambia, Dr. Mahtani, a true patriotic industrialist and creator of decent jobs for thousands of Zambians.
      The Ass is giving coverage to Katumbi as he wants to benefit from his billions of dollars that he has invested across Africa, mainly in Ghana with son of RB.
      It is all about looting and fooling the gullibles.

  2. chisanga


  3. Likukela kota Ikafa

    We should read international news in order to be part of the global Village

  4. Charlesmicklayì


  5. FGM

    Zambia should send a clear message that we support the democratisation process and that unnecessary clinging to power should end immediately. Zambia has paid a heavy price over the selfish and dictatorial tendencies of the leaders of that country. I salute the Ibrahim mo initiative.

  6. Bishop Austin Mpomwa

    Majority would like to hear the mischiefs of
    Kabila,if anything, please.
    Not private meetings.

  7. Zach

    Does the No Ibrahim embrace all African states or individuals of certain states? Need an answer I have just seen it here

  8. Zach

    Meant Mo Ibrahim


    Ndelolesha fye

  10. phiri benson

    Mo Ibrahim is Sudanes bsman who is ex Celtel owner .sold it and uses proceeds toreward good leadership in African countries ,Zambia included .5m Us dollarrach year



  12. Uncle Bizzo

    When you bring such issues on the Zambian media you should also explain exactly what they’re all about than just Katumbi,Kagame meet at Mo Ibrahim

  13. shaka

    People learn from others through such meetings

  14. Shaka Michelle

    Moise Katumbi is a very corrupt politican from the Congo and he’s Italian citizen. So why do we care about him. You should stop taking his money and printing his stories for he’s PR campaign. President KAGAME wants to invade Congo and BURUNDI to create a Tutsi empire. Kagame is the modern day Hitler of Africa — why is he not before the ICC? Wake up. YOU ARE FAKE NEWS

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