Congo’s Problems Are Our Problems, Says Paul Kagame

Rwandan President Paul Kagame says the imminent political unrest in the Democratic Republic of Congo affects all its nine neigbhours and the African continent at large.

Kagame made the comments during a discussion with Mo Ibrahim in Kigali at the weekend.

The African Union head says Congo’s neigbhours had sufficient interest to be concerned with the situation in the vast central African nation.

Kagame says an internal agreement leading to the end of incumbent Jospeh Kabila seems to have lost ground after other parties raised doubt.

“I think there have been efforts to bring the Congolese…different groups together in order to agree how to move forward.

“I think they have secured some kind of agreement as to how they move forward. Now the problem has shifted to being, is this agreement going to be implemented? Because there are signs that yes, people have reasons to be doubtful.

“So what the African Union wants is to pursue that route where the internal situation… their leaders continue to talk. The international community has already been engaged,” he said.

Kagame says Congo’s neigbours were watching the situation with keen interest.

“It’s a big problem we don’t know how it will be addressed but maybe as we discuss the leaders of Congo are listening. They should be thinking what we need to do.

“Also maybe let people know where they can help to resolve that problem because Congo’s problems are not just Congo’s problems. They affect us as well, as neigbours,” he said.

Kagame adds, “Congo has nine neigbhours. Each one of us is affected by what is happening in Congo. There is no question about that; some [neigbhours are affected] more than others but everybody is affected.

“That’s why neigbhours have legitimacy to do something or say something about it. And if we can figure out as neigbours how to help in the transition in Congo to happen without affecting us or affecting them so badly then that’s what we should be looking at.”

Popular Congolese opposition leader Moise Katumbi also attended the Mo Ibrahim Foundation event and when he was called upon to discuss the situation, he said, “I think I don’t have anything to add at the moment. I think the President has said everything.”

Zambia, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo Brazzaville, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Sudan, Central African Republic and South Sudan all border the DRC.



  1. FGM

    SADC be bold enough and Kabila that the instability in Congo has made us suffer enough. SADC should set a dead line for elections to be held. Failure to observe the deadline Kabila should be forced out of power. We need peace and economic stability and growth in the region.

  2. zeke man

    ZAMBIA is being affected More SADC and African union must do something before things gets WORSE

  3. Mazimayumu

    Just like dat Zambian we are happy state

  4. father fm

    To much of the Congolese in Zambia, they even enjoy free food in correctional facilities (prisons) and this causes congestion in Zambian prisons.

  5. maston

    OK for that

  6. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Ka Chibila,like father like son.

  7. kingpin lamar

    Whenever you see a Congolese,they look like their about to steal at any given point 😅😅😅


    Leave the Congolese GOD said go on earth don’t trouble them if they are not thieves it’s one world one GOD.

  9. Martin Keech

    Surely Zambia de beacon of peace ‘love thy neighbour as u love yoself…..
    Let’s kip it tht way& alwys Truely We thank God…as a Christian Nation…

  10. Tyne

    ……and blessed are you who welcome and accommodate people without a home into your house. for some of them shall be Angels to bring a blessing in your lives…..Trust in your Father in Heaven for he fights for the power and defend the defenseless….

  11. justine

    I think u blacks presidents especially in DRC. U don’t think in the way it suppose to be and u don’t serve others lives and u are selfish indeed. Look at Obama he resigned in the way it is but u blacks selfish and u will never be blessed.

  12. PF

    A Good Man Must Die Wth A Will,
    And A Good Man Alwaz Has A Plan.
    Nayo~Nayo A Lungu I Lyk Ur Plan Ok.

  13. PF

    If I Wz There, I Would U’ve Employed Me 2 B Ur Worker During Dis Tragulation Period.

  14. Munalula Minyoi

    We should not at this point go round circles, the problem of Congo directly hinges on Kabila, and if we pretend not to know the solution then we should stop talking about it altogether as SADC, make Kabila accept to step down then 90% of the problem is resolved, so what are we waiting for? GENOCIDE?

  15. One time

    Its true,kabila is a problem. Pretence won’t solve any problem.We have suffered enough with DRC refuges.Some come in good faith as brothers and sisters but some take advantages of our peace and bcom master thieves. Not only that but being human beings its not good to see our fellow humans loose their lives or well being bcoz of one person kabila.AU and SADC should force this evil person to step down.Can’t this man learn from his neighbours how democracy is ran.Let him give others chance to run the country.We are fedup with his nonsense.We are watching what AU and SADC will do.

  16. fisunge

    For those who have been to kasumbalesa border you can tell that the border belongs to the congolese people but try to enter in there country weather you have papers or not you will be manhandled the immigration system is weak at the zambian side so we. Ask them to start scrutinizing them

  17. Bmw

    All people in world had their period of suffering but woe for those who let people suffering for nothing

  18. Joseph David

    tommorow , its you, lets welcome our neighbhours

  19. Jms

    No matter how you talk less people just laugh but I assure you that we still have courageous and strong Presidents what is needed is him to be supported by other presidents BEFORE we HAD big bosses like KK,JN,SAMORA,(mtsrip) etc used to help one another now AFRICA is suffering may be some presidents seems as if these aren’t their origin countries

  20. FGM

    The issue is not about caring for Congolese , it is about letting them settle and have a feel of stability, economic growth and democracy. As neighbours we feel pity for them. Why should the Congolese be perpetual refugees? Since leadership is the source of their problems then responsible organisations should ensure appropriate leadership is put in place. Failure to tell off Kabila by neighbouring leaders is cowardice and acting in bad faith. The region needs regional peace and stability.

  21. Lee

    Kabila!!!!!!!!!!!far key you.

  22. Chipolopolo

    I have said this before and now I say it again. One of my most important objectives when I become President is to annex Katanga Province. DRC is too big for any one black man to government.

  23. martin chiyesu

    Kingpin DRC people are just like
    & not thieves they are our brothers & sisters it’s kabila troubling them.

  24. Jms

    Poor africans you choose but you still let some one chewy your resources ELECT someone knowledgeable and a tycoon who can use less on what he has ( key education for all )

  25. Summer salt

    Be a brother’s keeper

  26. Mufwempa

    The chief culprit of what Congo is going through right now is Kagame.

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