Letter: The Dilapidated Kafue-Mazabuka Road

Zambia Reports to be honest you are a very fair news blog and as a keen follower of your blog I am kindly asking you to put up a campaign for Kafue-Mazabuka road.

Don’t hide my ID as i am not antagonistic of the government of the day but just concerned about this road.

As a concerned citizen with no political attachment; I am petition His HE ECL the able president of Zambia to seriously consider working on this part of the road regardless of the political disposition of this part of the road.

We are one country and that road services all zambians. Please, with your access mustle to reach the masses and the powers that be, help me reach this message to them.

Concerned Sunday Nyeleti.


  1. Scott Davis

    This road has been used to claim Garry nkombo is not working for his constituency.
    From 2011 its been degrading and the last time I used it in 2013 it was a goat track with potholes sized half the road.
    Even trucks and buses had to drive at 20kph and on the wrong side just to keep moving.
    Edgar you are not being fair to traders, farmers just so you can punish UPND voters.

    • John Chinena

      At one time UPND asked if we shall be eating roads. Now they can see importance of roads.
      Anyway Inyasi contractors are already on site to rehabilitate this road.

      • james kaumba

        This government is so selective in bringing development mind u those vehicles passing there they pay a lot of money nothing is for free with this pf mind u Truckers from other country are laughing at our roads despite paying colossal some of monies, paya farmer munchende! ubomba mwibala( regime)

  2. zeke man


  3. Ignorant

    These dundumwezi mps are the ones to blame, dont they put’ forward ‘as their slogan states the plight of their people who use this raod everyday. Shame on you ba dundumwezi mps

    • Jk

      Ignorant u are a fool MPs are the one controlling government infrastructures is it not the agenda of government the chitotela and like,Gorvmnt has a mandent to build schools, roads etc not shopping malls

  4. FGM

    Money got from toll gates should fix that. Zambia has planned in advance unless the toll gates tax is being misappropriated.

  5. Hakainde Hichilema

    You Area Members of Parliament have no time to table such issues in the house.Everytime they go to parliament,all they are interested in are stupid motions such as petitions,impeachment,Lungu’s nationality etcetera which can’t work and won’t even bring development those opposition territories.
    “Muza muziba Yesu apa manje”

  6. Chris B

    Foolish stupid united party for national distruction mpz they are only good at boycotting N.A sittings, if the time the state of the nation address was being given by H.E the President Mr E.C. Lungu, if at all these robbot mps where present they could have noted issues like this road now fipuba they runaway kwati ichilema echabovotele bakabalwe. Mwembutuma mwee. Garry forgot about the electorate and went to dance with slay queens in the slaughter house behind massmedia complex and other brothels. Mwanya fidundumwezi kaili tamufwaya ukuvota bwino imwe mambuzi.

    • Tom London

      Chris B , you are narrow minded and a dunderhead . Providing checks and balances is what opposition MPs do . But if the so called government is looking elsewhere there is absolutely nothing can be done .
      A genuine president should understand that development is not based on political patronage because his mission is to develop the whole country .
      But in a country like Zambia where the President is a foreigner you expect a biased developmental tactic signing mega developmental projects for Lusaka as a souvenir . to meno .
      Ba Koswe mu mpoto , we not surprised

      • Angels

        Idiot, don’t pretend, were where U when yo stupid H H. was telling de nation that people R not going 2 eat de roads also telling UPND MP’s 2 abandon parliament, issues were being tabled in de house BT fools from dundumwezi have kept on pressing on issues un Developmental, we R watching U dodging national duties ND U expect yo selves 2 come ND rule us, radish BULLS.

  7. J C M

    Comment: next time don’t stay away frm parl u guys

    • alman

      So you don”t use or benefit from the Livingstone-Sesheke or Mazabuka – Kafue rd at all? Thick dead.

  8. Love your neighbor

    It’s not only Kafue Mazabuka road, there are so many major roads that are in bad states. Nakonde Chinsali road is very dangerous & in poor state, Kapiri Ndola road is slowly but sure having dangerous hidden potholes, even kapiri Kabwe you can find very dangerous potholes, but those roads have toll gates on them, Mbala Kasama road small but dangerous potholes are there. All these other parts are not apposition strongholds, people stop politicising development and regionising it, almost all parts of the country have bad roads not southern province alone, our govt just work on these roads. Our friends in TZ are better off, Tunduma Dar road has no toll gates but they are maintained.

    • Intelligenceshu

      I wish we could have more pipo like you who have extensively travelled around Zambia. I agree with you that so many roads in Zambia have become so bad. We have abandoned road projects like Chinsali Kasama short cut root, Nabwalya road in Mpika, that other road project to connect Eastern province to Muchinga just to name but a few. I also wish to dispute to those blaming opposition MPs like the Garry Nkombos as they are not the cause for not working on that road. Those pipo are very innocent. It is the responsibility of government work on such major developments. Of course MPs can talk about in parliament the state but it still remains with the state which controls the funds. Nkombo as an MP is only given CDF which is very small and I doubt if it can even do a 10 Km bituminous road. We all as Zambians need to request our mother Zambia through our father Mr EC Lungu to find a way to wok on Mazabuka/Monze road which serve not only our Southern siblings but also an international root Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

    • Jk

      Love yo neighbor u are correct this nation is just I don’t know what I can say, Toll gates were built a long time,how many roads have they built so far stop supporting blindly FP are just bunch of thieves, mukachimona bakoswe ameno ububi

  9. Razor

    They have stolen all the money. How are they going to fix the roads. Even borrowed money meant to fix roads as well as toll fees are being stolen

  10. Andy k

    Time is coming, dont worry Wait our mind is changed and our eyes are now opened bye


    In Zambia southern road is great and business road transportation of copper, mukkula, coal, sugar the list is endless only that people in front like politicizing things. Please the mentioned road need to be worked on.

  12. francis wakumelo

    Let love lead

  13. Wise Son

    The road under discussion is the so called great north road from Cairo to South Africa. All the tourists that land at kk airport in Lusaka and wish to see the vic falls vise-vesa use the same road. this road brings a lot of revenue to the country. not to talk about the copper that moves on it into south. we must be ashamed as a country to have such a road. politics aside, let’s fix that road.

    • Michael

      As a tourist from Switzerland. Drove the road down to Livingstone and back. Terrible.

  14. Ct

    Where is Garry nko

  15. Ct

    Where is Garry nkombo, is he

  16. social

    Comment.we didn’t berge for anyone to construct a road wther pf or upnd thy are using the same road. since da pf is in power they should construct it

  17. Melvin

    Some pipo I wonder how they think?? The road we are talking abut here is same road trucks which carries copper and other minirals use to transport them to other countries. Now suppose the transporters says No to use that road what happens to the Zambian economy??? Bcozs they will be no importing or exporting of goods,__ and here some one is talking abut UPND,narrow minded pipo

  18. Kelvin

    You people you don’t know very soon this year the government under the leadership of his Excellency changwa lungu will start make up the kafue _mazabuka road before this year.

  19. Hatwiko

    The contractor Inyatsi hs bn on site working on the road throgh out th rainy season patching up…tgey were evn wirking in th rains..th gvt put it vry clear tht th road wd be patched up only during th rainy season and works to put a new tarmac wd commence aftr th rains fr obvious reasons u cant puut thala na mvula…this was vry clear both on radio and Tv.pipo using this road can see wht th contractor is doing.doing a road like this one is not like oulling a letter head ya university and u put on your own ideas…it takes monnths..

  20. Tila

    Should it matter what political party rules in the area or just the safety of the people of Zambia, in as much as the Majority from the southern is for UPND, it’s the government’s duty to ensure that the country is a safe place for its citizens, therefore the government should take it upon itself to see to it that safety is provided to the citizens, a lot of Zambians use that road to travel for various purposes.

  21. RN

    In my own analysis,i think that the revenue collected from toll fees is going straight to pay our national credits (Loans) that we owe

  22. Leonard tembo

    Way the road between kafue to choma had taken so long

  23. Evans Mwelwa

    Pls stop politicising everything what is needed is to work on that road have been that road in August last year between Kafue and Mazabuka is terrible what is needed is good contractor to do the job .From Monze going to Livingstone is perfect is all Southern province and our strong hold as UPND

  24. 2021 Is Ours Again

    U said u said you won’t eat roads and now u want to complain about something rejected


      My friend people were refusing the combony roads not these major ones that contributes to country’s economy.

  25. real

    Its not about a political party. Its about the government doing what the government is suppose to do.
    So we call upon the government to fix that portion of the stretch and other portions of the road network that r in the similar state.
    As a people, we shall support the government to achieve this mandate. Cheers to all!!!

  26. Love your neighbor

    2021 is ours again, do you use roads or you just use water & air transport? if you use roads are not safe as well whether you are PF or not, u are in danger because of these dangerous dilapidated roads all PF,UPND, NDC,NAREP etc, can be involved in an accident because of bad roads stop pointing fingers at anyone, its about life or death here.

  27. FGM

    Distribution of national wealthy should never be segregatory . Tax payer’s money is not ruling party’s money. Unless one doesn’t know the source of national treasury. MPs are mere law makers . Kafue _ Mazabuka road is a critical road for Zambia’s economy. Politicising it , is being irresponsible and careless for our economy. RDA where are you? You don’t need someone to remind you on such roads.

  28. vusi Sithole

    just ask HH and upnd to work on southen province roads.not pf and lungu please.president lungu is very biz working for us who voted for him.

  29. Archbishoo

    It is not all about politics, it is all about our well being, that road is being used by all the people of this country, their are roads like, lukulu road, shangombo road, these road have been forgotten and yet the connect to borders, hence hindering the people of those areas from doing business,

  30. FGM

    It will be very difficult for Zambia to develop if most citizens fail to take the government to task for failing to performe its responsibilities . How can a normal person praise the government for neglecting its own people and economy? While the same government is daily collecting taxes from every citizen? Little education is truly dangerous!!

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