Letter: Who Is ZCID?

We talk much of ZCID this, that! Who is ZCID? If you understand who ZCID is you will be able to view and appropriately analyze the functionalities of the frequently stated organization.

This organization is not a strange one or a puppet because it is a consistence of the same political parties whose membership is part of it, UPND had been in the driving seat of the very organization now a deliquent to them.

We are accusing the very organization of deteriorating the political tense in this country today.

It is just only a platform that can be used for dialogue as we include Commonwealth and other local groups of interest who could merely be used to facilitate on the national dialogue which must never be dimmed as of two that are PF and UPND alone.

These quarrelsome politicians are fully aware of all this but just playing blame game trying to win sympathy of some ignorant Zambians, a shear waste of time and resources!

James Kalumwa


  1. Ignorant

    Actually all political parties have representatives who sit on the board of this zcid & whatever outcomes that zcid has had in the past & today has been the combined decisions & conclusions of every political party.

  2. Sunta sunkutu

    Dr beyani, the almighty fuuul from upnd is actually the party representative on zcid and has been for years. Yet he is the first one to question the brains of that organization, not knowing that he is partly Insulting himself. What an unrepentant bafoooon. Upnd are turning out to be the worst largest opposition this country has ever had.

  3. Tyne

    @Sunta, you ve’ got an amazing personality!!!!!!!!! how you address Dr Beyani in your comment.

  4. mercutio

    Say what it is z.c.i.d.? me i donchi kno cheacher…!

  5. Shikantwa

    Very poorly written article. I am away from home Zambia and reading this hoping the writer will articulate what ZCID letters stand for and what is, and possibly the office bearers if any. So fake news. I didn’t get anything. And am forced to say it’s a useless article.

  6. mubita Lubinda

    bad news

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