Elias Kamanga Institutes Legal Action Over Land Dispute

Elias Kamanga, the former Copperbelt Permanent Secretary now in Northern Province, has instituted legal action against prominent Kitwe farmer Kevin Soper

Kamanga is also taking steps to sue media houses for defamation of character.

Soper has on two occasions attempted to stage a walking protest from Kitwe to Lusaka to meet President Edgar Lungu on claims that Kamanga grabbed 600 hectares of land from him.

Police have on both occassions Soper embarked on the journey to Lusaka thwarted the attempt.

Kamanga says he has instructed his lawyers William Nyirenda and Company to commence legal proceedings against Soper and some media institutions he accusing them of disregarding his advice to get facts from the Kitwe City Council.

He wondered why he was the only one being maligned when there are many other individuals who acquired farm land on the same piece Soper is claiming.

Kamanga said his lawyers are also pursuing another matter to ascertain whether Soper’s conduct was not contemptuous especially that the decision to sub-divide by the Kitwe City Council was a directive from a Supreme Court ruling in 2000.

The Permanent Secretary has however said he only owns a title to 59 hectares of farm land contrary to Soper’s claims that he grabbed 600 hectares from his farm.

In 2000, the Supreme Court made up of then Chief Justice Enerst Sakala, Lombe Chibesa Kunda and Ireen Mambilima delivered a ruling that the farm land in excess of 1900 hectares belonging to Mfubu Ranch be subdivided after it established that it was neglected and under utlised.

The Supreme Court directed that Mfubu ranch be given 600 hectares while the rest be subdivided by the Kitwe City Council who went on offer Soper a good number of hectares but refused and claimed the whole land was his.

The ruling also cancelled Soper’s title and that of the late Barnabas Chellah the former Wusakile Member of Parliament.

Chellah owned a huge piece of farm land alongside Soper before he was hacked to death by squatters.


  1. hasty

    Comment Land grabbed.

  2. zambian

    Ba soper muletekanya how can you claim what does not belongs to you.

  3. Douglas lungu

    Mr Kamanga, I know you as a humble but vibrant pf member for years. Be careful as you fight this white man because the public sympathy seems to be with him. I worked with your wife at Rokana basic, and I’ve always admired and respected you. Resolve this quietly and fairly

  4. fair access to land

    Land grabbing in Zimbabwe had to happen at some point because of selfishness by the minority to own large tracts of land at the expense of the majority.
    The same land redistribution process about to take place in South Africa.Their parliament even approved.
    This Mr Soper must not be greedy and must learn to share with others more so that there was even a Supreme court judgement on the matter.

    • hasty

      Comment only big people benefited from that grabbed land.

  5. Stanley

    The issue of land in Zambia is now a burning one.People should be careful with such matters.

  6. Razor

    Kamanga using your position to acquire land is not good. You will lose that land if there is change in govt.

  7. J C M

    naimwe mwebapela olo ukushitisha impanga mweba ku land mwila pela impanga iikulu kumuthu umo , nomba imiti iyikula nga yakula ikasanga inshi? ikanga impanga yapwa

  8. sim1

    Get out ba kolwe, just glabing land you can’t even lima chewpit.

  9. shu shu shu

    It’s good that ZR has given us kamanga’s version but please go even further and publish the supreme court ruling and a map before and after the council re-demarcation

  10. Chikala

    Let him walk we will see if he’s going to manage akafwile na munshila

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