Opinion: Kambwili’s NDC Must Offer Relevant Checks & Balances

The official opposition’s task is to oppose government policies by providing alternatives or feasible solutions, but effective politicians must master the art channeling popular discontent with hard earned facts.

This may be made easier if they can be seen to voice the concerns of wider society and not their personal issues. However, in the race to tackle this there is always a temptation to reduce national matters to a personality contest which currently can be seen to have no place in modern and the future of our politics.

They run the risk of channeling the popular mood against themselves.

A primary danger for opposition parties is appearing to leap opportunistically on every problem for government. In opposition, Kambwili should avoid becoming like UPND who could be nicknamed “UPND Bandwagon” for desperately attaching themselves to various populist criticisms of the Lungu government.

So while NDC may continue to occasion discomfort on PF, any attacks should be attached to a wider national narrative about areas that should be prioritised and protected, and they may advance further if they manage to damage the PF image as the pro-poor party.

The party has lost elections that have deep symbolic significance for its fortunes, and its present state. It lost an election an event which would have been inconceivable, a few days and months ago, judging by the successful perceptions they have created. The loss could do either of two things: provide a significant and strategic assessment of its weaknesses and strengths, as well as chart a practical way toward; or represent a final seal on its fortunes.

However, if the NDC find a new leader who could be helped by the consultant they could establish themselves positively in the public mind and could be taken seriously. This personality campaign against Lungu is not working. Its a tricky strategy, because a party seeking to lead needs a much broader agenda than a personality contest. What happens if President Lungu doesn’t stand, so they will eventually be facing a new and untested leader. Will they be able to generate a legitimate campaign against a leader who has not yet won a general election?

Finally, my advise to the NDC now that they know that they won the popular vote but lost the election. NDC should go on a diet, they ought to lose some political weight. They appear in perception big but very weak and feeble, incapable of equalling their talk. Like the adage goes power corrupts, but the lack of power corrupts absolutely.

Prince J. Ndoyi
MMD Youth


  1. Masauso Nyirenda

    If U Cannot Manage With Politics,just Give Up Becoz U Ar Making Noise To The Zambian People.

  2. Zach

    Kambwili kuchikamwa yapping too much

  3. Starboy

    Vi ma supporters va chibuku mutapuleni na kachasu, kuipa sikubaba?

  4. zambian

    This is all of poiltics in our country,,,, mr lungu you are there already just continue and ignore them but it watch out 2021

  5. FGM

    The issue that has brought those squabbles are unilateral unification with the ousted ruling party and tolerance to allegations of corruption the vice that made mmd get unpopular.

  6. BMK

    Mr. Evans Mulenga what is your point. I don’t understand what you are talking about. You are saying that NDC lost elections but won a popular vote.NDC was only formed yesterday and looking at its performance in the just ended local government elections, i think credit must be given to them.Iam not a member of NDC or its supoter but surely i can’t get a reasonable point from your article.

  7. Lyayo

    Well said Ck only jumps from one issue to another.Yesterday it was King’s health today it’s Lungi is a foreigner.Drought it’s Pf when it rains beyond April it’s Lungi.No consistent bena aba kuwayawaya the.

  8. Soso

    Kambwili should have waited to till his tears clear off before charting is way forward and know what he wants to do if elected otherwise his party is a still born. His appetite to fix Lungu is person and will not fix this economy he better reconcile with his party or join upnd which has potential to unseat Pf. Zambian have now matured and knows what they want and you can’t ask them to join you in your battles. That’s why said demoted his and confined him has minister of football and pitch envasion. Sata new very well that he is empty and don’t understand governance. Sata kept him at bay and I blame lungu for giving such a position as chief government spokes person. Lungu realised late that he made a blander, that’s why I you remember he was using Vincent Mwale to issue statement after every cabin ate meeting when Kambwili was present as minister of information hopping that he will resign on his or due to frustration but being dull kambwili didn’t read the handwriting on the wall and remained stuck in the position until he was unceremoniously removed through a press statement by Umwaice Amos Chanda.

  9. Jk

    mulesekeshe mu Zed

  10. Jk

    mulesekesha mu Zed

  11. fisunge

    It seems every one wants to be president in zambia As long as they have been in the government system before that’s what makes them fail because they’re known for some reason let’s wait and see what God has prepared for us in 2021 I would like to see the new people in the system being in charge of the game

  12. J C M

    mr prince j ndoyi that is agood advise to the NDC guys they should stop politicking/ politices of insauilts instead of telling the zambian pipo what they’ll do when they form the next government

  13. MacFarlane

    If you find the difficulties, in politics why can’t you stop and look for a better things? Just give up

  14. truth

    CK thought PF would disintergrate minus him.To his shock PF is a company unlike NDC or UPND which are sole trader parties.

  15. Lerato

    One Zambia one vipuba

  16. Shaka

    Zambian politics is monotonous We need fresh faces maybe they will respect the Zambian populace. These recycled jacks have grown horns and sharpened ones such that they are now heroes.

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