Katumbi Prays For Regional Support To Restore Stability In DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo presidential hopeful Moise Katumbi says the international community should not allow the situation to degenerate into chaos.

Katumbi, who is in Zambia, featured on CNN’s Christiane Amanpour show from Diamond TV studios in Lusaka on Tuesday.

The former Katanga province governor said countries in the DRC’s region were key to helping restore stability.

Katumbi says the DRC must be compelled to hold a free, fair and inclusive elections.

The delayed election is due in December but incumbent Joseph Kabila who is constitutionally barred from seeking re-election does not give indication the poll will be held.

Katumbi said Zambia, Rwanda, Angola and Botswana were some good examples of democracy in the region urging that peaceful transitions that have happened should be replicated in the DRC.

“If there is no election, Congo is going to continue in its instability and there can be a civil war,” Katumbi says.

“Today 5 million people have been displaced internally; they are killing a lot of people. Millions of people are dying all over the coutry.

“That’s why we need to have these elections so that there can be peace in Congo,” he said.

Katumbi has also hailed Zambia’s democracy and development under President Lungu and has wished for peace to be restored in his home country.

Katumbi also expressed sadness at the expose by CNN which revealed that the Congo was using child labour in mining cobalt.


  1. Makawa

    @katumbi you are very wrong . There is no democracy in Rwanda , kagame is a dictator, he changed constituon so that he can be president for life ,there is no opposition in Rwanda

    • shu shu shu

      Democracy is for developed countries and not under-developing nations

  2. Hammer

    Makawa you said it! There is no democracy in Rwanda! Kagame is feared ! No one criticizes him ! He changed the constitution so that he continues to rule till 2034!!!! Please Katumbi don’t put Rwanda in the same basket as the SADC countries ! If you are going to be as “democratic”as Kagamé is then you don’t deserve to be president of DRC”

  3. Kazy~fe

    Katumbi you’ve just said a right thing truly neighboring country should intervene and help Congo to restore peace so many poor people have died due to selfish leaders who doesn’t want to let go of the leadership. Hope you’re also not saying this because you want to be voted as a president.

  4. vusi Sithole

    we dont need democracy to divelop africa, africans are very lezy

  5. Augprina

    As far as we want you Mr Katumbi to be president of DR Congo the position which u deserve, don’t disappoint African countries supporting u by referring to useless leaders like Paul Kagame as being democratic in his country. U will let some of us including Congolise citizens start doubting your capability to restore what Congo Is in need of. Please help our brothers and sisters in your country to stay peacefully and not always in conflicts twapapata may God the almighty help you to restore peace in Congo.

  6. Tom London

    Mr katumbi , Zambia is on the edge civil as democracy is no longer there . DRC has never know n peace indeed due to selfish leaders . And on kagame , apart being a dictator he is a totally irresponsible crook together with Uganda strong man museveni .both supported the late kabila and his son now DRC president militarily to push out iron man Mobutu .the gun trigger shaped DRC is very unfortunate indeed . as it is Africa ” s richest poorest country due to selfish leadership .
    Let’s hope you are not just the same . after doing so remarkably as Katanga Governor . but your links to Zambia “s ftj at chani fisheries and chani milling is a sad story anyway .

  7. mwape Elvis

    we don’t want democracy to develop in Africa

  8. vusi Sithole

    in zambia therys tomuch democracy. that is why you cant divelop it. lot of educated fools in opposition parts,

  9. Mulenga Joseph

    Joseph Kabila will not allow elections to be held in DRC because of the following:
    1. we say,”charity begins at home”. the founders of DRC failed to restore peace.this makes all the leaders to lack good references to their citezens.
    2. Joseph Kabila become in power 2001 after the death of his father Lawrent Kabila,this shows congolease don’t want democracy. 3. Joseph Kabila has killed alot of people in DRC and the innocent souls are calling him till he die and pay for his evil deeds.

  10. zambian

    Some times war brings develop not democracy vaupuba

  11. temwani

    All these people old ass leaders are full of trush,can’t you see that?at this point of time, no one can change the world!!!!

  12. zeke man

    There is no Democracy in ZAMBIA

    • shu shu shu

      ?????why? Because HH lost again as expected??

  13. Make Sure

    People of this lovely Nation we shouldn’t look at our friends democracy check ours are we Democratic? if so why do we see court cases always with opposition leaders? If our leader is not Dictator why making friends with Dictators can a thief play with someone not a thief ? its is impossible! why do we the Kabila here, the Kagame here sure are we safe with such leaders? what bilateral talk can our humble get from those leaders mwebantu let’s judge if its local bye election see how caders behave like militias pushing electorate then this is Democracy far from it! kuwayawayafye!

  14. BCSAKS

    Zambia is far better than DRC in terms of democracy nd peace let katumbi be the presdt of that country so that our friends there can ve pease.cose if you come to nchelenge where refugees are you can’t like it. I support katumbi to the presdt.

  15. BMK

    I perrsonally conderm the toothless African bodies like AU and SADC. These bodies should be transformed into handling such cases in Africa. AU should have its own military to intervene in countries with such problems. I also conderm the presence of UN in Congo. UN has been siding with kabila, further complicating the situation. The UN should be made to pull out its thousands of troops deployed in that country so that there is a free for all war. This will definately see Kabila being toppled within 24 hours. I think Gadaffi had a point when he mentioned about AU having its own military. But most African leaders ( cowards ) objected to this idea. These are now the consequences.

    • BlackBird

      How is that Army going to be formulated? It will be under whose command? We should think before we write something. AU is an organisation formed by nearly all Countries in Africa. So that Army will be fighting who? Gadaffi was a mad Man whose dream was to become the emperor of Africa and impose Islam as the Official religion. Why do people in Africa have such high affinity for dictators? Kabila and Gaddafi are the same. Those who objected to the idea were not cowards but lovers of their people. This proposal is not feasible. Not even the EU has an Army. There is the Nato alliance but this is meant to fight enemies of Europe but not memberstates. That is why their motto is ” An injury to one is an Injury to all” . So I wonder who your army will be fighting.

      • King lipton

        Blackbird you are lying about gadaffi boi gadaffi was a different from that president you compared weeee

  16. kimbangu

    correct BMK i see no use of these organisation.

  17. Summer salt

    Peace be still

  18. young don

    I personally disagree to the commenters who are putting Zambia to be a Democratic country, lets just katumbi be president maybe he might change things through Gods power and let’s stop comparisons. The so called Zambia is dirty country with unbaptized president and its cabinet.

  19. No man's business

    ndelolesha fyeee…

  20. mumbi phiri

    Do u know HH

  21. Masters

    UPND cadres see zambia to be undemocratic bcz of the rampant loosing of their god…katumbi is right mind u he is in opposition and 4 someone in opposition to talk like that it means he has facts

  22. Paba

    Zambia is a Democratic Nation, with a GOD fearing Leader. I don’t see anything undemocratic about ECL. I don’t just understand People who are preaching about Zambia not being Democ

  23. Cal men John chimz

    Your suggestion katumbi……is absolutely right……

  24. Fyompako

    Go good mr rich man k. m. i tried to give u my ears but i dont understand democratic. maybe alphabetical oder as a zambian like a refugee umder u.n .

    • GRZ

      As far as am concerned,their is no democracy in Africa in particular Zambia our country democracy is just on paper not in practical….their have destroyed the ethics of democracy,opposition are are not free to campaign unless the ruling party…the government system has been manipulated…

  25. FGM

    Katumbi should quickly be given presidential power in Congo. Sadc leaders should emulate Kharma of Botswana. Selfish African leaders have impoverished the continent. Shame indeed.

  26. Ben Shaft

    Mr Katumbi has the humility to lead his country .International community should press for holding of free and fair elections in DRC

  27. Kamalondo katebe

    Papa Moise katumbi are the only hope for Congolese, please God is their for you to get back to congo and save your people.
    Congo has never been ruled by a civilian , therefore I have hope that you being a civilian you will definitely deliver.we are with you papa

  28. FGM

    Africa is democratising , but at a very slow pace. Leaders should learn something from; Mandela, Ellen Jonson and Ian Khama. Dictators have failed us enough.

  29. Mufwempa

    I wonder the kind of democracy is going to bring in Congo, someone who is saying that Rwanda is a democratic country.If that is the same democracy you want to bring in Congo we do not want it.

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