Chipenzi Backs Charmaine: Morality Is Not A Legal Benchmark To Contest MP

Civil society leader McDonald Chipenzi has sprung to the defence of UPND candidate in the Chilanga by-election Charmaine Musonda’s controversial pick saying her moral issues should not be used to disqualify her.

UPND members are divided over Charmaine’s candidature claiming she is morally bankrupt.

Opposition members argue that Charmaine’s affair with former Chiilanga MP Keith Mukata which ended in the tragic killing of a guard leading to the incarceration of the current lawmaker was a morally wrong pick.


Qualification to be an MP: The Case of Charmine MUSONDA.

A lot has been said about the suitability of the UPND candidate for Chilanga Constituency bye-election, Ms. Charmine Musonda. Moral issues and arguments have been raised and advanced by both opponents and proponents of her within and outside the party including independent analysts.

These moral issues, unfortunately, are not prescribed in the electoral law, the constitution and others laws. Zambia’s electoral laws and Constitution do not prescribe anywhere that divorcees or divorced, a suspected homebreakers, husband or wife snatchers, prostitutes (both males and females) or need those with boyfriends and girlfriends are ineligible to stand in an election save for the certified married couples, pure singles, if any, widowers or widows.

Unless we legislate or introduce a moral clause in our laws as a qualification as we did with Grade 12 clause, the current Constitution does not discriminate or cast aspersion at any aspirant based on morality.

Actually it stipulates and outlines qualifications in clear terms for one to be MP in Article 70 thus “subject to clause (2), a person is eligible to be elected as a Member of Parliament, if that person—(a) is a citizen; (b) is at least twenty-one years old; (d) has obtained, as a minimum academic qualification, a grade twelve certificate or its equivalent; and (e) declares that person’s assets and liabilities, as prescribed. (c) is a registered voter” which Ms. Musonda squarely met.

Under 71 of the Constitution states, “a nomination for election to the National Assembly is valid if the candidate—(a) has paid a prescribed election fee to the Electoral Commission; and (b) is supported by at least fifteen persons registered as voters in the constituency in which the candidate is standing for election” again which Ms. Musonda squarely fulfilled.

From a political party viewpoint, depending on which party one is standing, primaries are held from ward, constituency, and district, provincial and central committees to select candidates which Ms. Musonda respectfully fulfilled and cleared by all organs and emerged a Star. The winner of at all those, structures, especially, the ward primaries, is ideally supposed to be adopted regardless.

However, the practice has been imposition of candidates by central committees on local people which in most cases led to aspirants standing as independents, not on their own volition but because they feel cheated by the party top officials.

Issues of intra-party corruption and bribery have been raised in many political party adoption processes and systems but these cannot be blamed on candidates aspiring in political parties especially that there is inherent weakness in internal anti-corruption, anti-bribery, anti-vote-buying systems. No reports have been issued that one of the aspiring candidates or officials has been disqualified or demoted respectively for engaging into anti-democratic tendencies such as corruption and bribery. This means that political parties are inherently tolerant of such electoral vices.

Therefore, in a morally broken society like ours and in a country where morals are not legislated or prescribed in the laws and where there is no national agreed moral code, it is legally, morally and democratically wrong to cast aspersions at or discriminate Ms. Musonda on her perceived past, present and future.

Each one of us has got a past, present and future save that some of the people’s pasts have not been unearthed. The day these pasts will be unearthed for some people, even the Devil will be surprised and shocked.

Respect the Chilanga grassroots’ decisions and allow Ms. Musonda represent them since she meets all legal and party requirements for being nominated and elected as MP. Congratulations to PF and UPND, for not only adopting women, but for pledging for peaceful campaigns. Congratulations to all other political parties for participating in this bye-elections and breaking the African syndrome of one-party dominant electoral democracy.

Let the Code of Conduct be enforced and adhered to fully by the ECZ and political, media, law enforcement and civic players.

Aluta Continua!!!!!


  1. Likukela Kota Ikafa

    What has MORALS got to do with it. Now we know where POLITICIANS come from. Thanks Chipenzi!!!

  2. Shachz

    Ba Musonda Bena Kuwayawayafye RIP UPND.

  3. sage

    Morals are important as well. I think moving forward we should start considering that.may the best candidate win

  4. Jam man

    Good write-up. In USA morality is a big issue. Political careers are lost coz of morals. Leaders resign over sexual issues. Is written in their Constitution?

  5. chozi

    how does a morally bankrupt person fittingly aquire the title of honourable.

  6. Amagenge

    Chipenzi to stand for political office calls for legal issues. But as society we add morarity when it suits us. No one is argueing that Musonda does not qualify legally. You seem to have missed the bus because of your alignment to the party!

  7. John Chinena

    Misplaced thinking. Morality is very important ba Chipenzi. People have committed suicide after guffing up morally.
    In this case it is beyond morality. She saw a guard killed and opted to remain quite instead if helping the police quickly conclude the case. Was she helpful to the nation and the family of the guard. Who knows may be it is her that pulled that trigger. Just thinking.

    • scarecrow

      chipenzi u just want to fuck musonda ulina nyele mapolo yako

  8. Chris B

    Chipena Chipenzi mac fimo fimo we do not need slay queen in parliament especially those that have caused death and have broken people’s homes.

  9. Hammer

    Chipenzi you forget that the law doesn’t vote but the people do! No matter how many sections and subsections of the constitution you quote , people will judge candidates and believe you me character of the individual matters when it comes to choosing one to be called honorable ! To represent me as an ordinary citizen! Do I want a woman who didn’t care about bringing justice to a poor murdered guard by withholding info by keeping silent , who sleeps around with married men?? That is not my representative As for Chipenzi you are a UPND cadre, so what you are saying was expected..

    • BlackBird

      So why the hype if at the end of the day people will decide? Why not let the people decide instead of the boardrooms? In any case, most of the complainants are not from Chilanga. Why not let the people of Chilanga decide? The People of the USA decided on Trump and no matter how much you hate him, the people who matter decided. So let Chilanga people decide.

  10. zeke man

    I think HH look for someone else otherwise u going togive the chilanga seat for free, free,free …to PF dont say i warned you.

  11. zeke man

    We wantPF to go with all it’s MP’s now you want to give them a free seat HH THINK TWICE

  12. Lyayo

    Chipenzi has said it ,let me now hear some fool calling my president @ cakolwa.Kaleza tuzasilizana

  13. Make Sure

    For sure this lady will loose this Chilanga seat ,please look for another person to take this seat otherwise PF kkkkkkkkkkkk is Happy

    • scarecrow

      fuck yu

    • BMK

      PF will use Musonda’s past incident as a weapon throughout their campaign. What a shame!

  14. dealer man

    Rb once said. Aba bana baliyenzelu

  15. Le

    Official UPND chilanga campain song download

  16. hasty

    Comment Morals are very important ,no morals you are a bunkum.

  17. H K's

    How about bena dora siliti zambia open re they not in parliament?

    • bk

      She is beautiful.what about your eyes….

  18. Soso

    I didn’t know that chip Enzo also plays double standard kind of analyses. He has been an advocate for morality in politics and he fully understands the laws of ideals. Apart from the western laws in our electral laws, we are Africans and zambian I particular who have a cultural norm o life. Chipenzi have aways attacked politicians without good character in the past. Maybe he is not speaking as the same Chipenzi we respect. I see now that he have a dual personality one if it comes to malaria in Pf and one when it comes to morality in upnd. Sir you are correct when you say morality is not a legal bench mark but you forget to state that bad leaders corupt morals and a nation with bad morals is lost and a lost nation is dead. Sir, I beg you to retract you statement for the sake of young people on this forum. You are an acomplished activist who is highly admired by many including myself. Please if you have an interest in the matter it is sometimes good to remain silent. Without good morals sir you would have not reached were you are today. You are the only remaining voice in the civil rights movement and we can’t afford to loose you on a platter on political appeasement. You are aware sir that Ms Musonda if elected will not only be a legal representative but she will also be role model to young in both morality and achievement together with leadership. Young women will no thing the easiest way to get on top is by throwing away morals like the upnd candidate being assured of support from an prominent civil rights activist of high calibre like you. If you are a believer please refer to the bible on who is qualified to lead. You can also check with the dictionary the meaning of the word morality and them cop are with the bible it just the same. I bad seed will always produce a bad fruit no matter how and we’re you put it. If she is selfish in term of getting easy many from other people’s husband ho do you especially her to not deep her long fingers in the public funds. We have a problem today because of such thinking. Looking at her bad morals mind you very fresh what can make someone to doult that she bought her way up the upnd adoption ladder? Or maybe she is being rewarded for a big job she did for the top upnd elite. Sir learn to remain silent on matter of interest to you. We all know that you have a soft spot for upnd which you don’t deny being an honest and straight forward person. We have only one Mcdonald Chipenzi and we love you sir and we wish to remain with one.

    • mmk

      Soso, on point. Little did I know Chipenzi can sink this low. A lot has happened leading to Mukata predicament. In Zambia, once we ignore the moral aspect of our leader, then we should forget taking our nation anywhere. We have citation of how bad the PF government has been, but are we going to replace it with another corrupt seed. I have a lot of tell respect for Chipenzi but on this one,NO! Chipenzi, declare your political interest and we will respect you as usual. stay blessed.

    • cozcowjr

      @ soso, chipenzi is upnd and he is paid by hh. do you really think he can write anything bad about his own. and for your own information , these people and morals do not see eye to eye.

  19. Zodwa

    So morals don’t apply unless HH is holding Lungu to a higher moral ground? Sounds hypocritical to me.

  20. Zodwa

    So morals don’t apply unless HH is holding Lungu to a higher moral ground? Sounds hypocritical to me. On this one ba UPND have fumbled the ball.

  21. mumbi phiri

    Iye imwe uluse ku family yabayashi how are they going to feel if they see z girlfriend to the madare becomes an mp Imwe sure have Marcy

  22. wapya

    They don’t have a decent person represent them and if the people of chilanga vote for this woman then there will be the need to send medical people to go and do mental checkUps to all the electorates because only few months when she was acquitted from the caurt because of murder ati beminine please don’t take people for granted

  23. Joseph David

    its to test if chilanga, its until a UPND stronghold. leave musonda, MC DONALD,

  24. Clive

    Most of the comments on this matter mean well for UPND. It may be writing on the wall. Trump is having sleepless nights over Daniels.

  25. Kambwili@yahoo.c

    All political party presidents are morally stupid. Start by condeming them before you condem madam Musonda.

  26. Tom London

    Chipenzi , my brother call a spade a spade OK . Of course the zambian law here is very mute . But at the same time the constitution here goes in circles in addressing the issue of morality . Are we addressing a civil case or a criminal conduct here .??
    If ms musonda ” s case is a civil case with no criminal conduct percentage your observations and indeed your personal analysis of this saga could be valid . But if a criminal element no matter how small it could be is available , then iam sorry to tell that , that on it’s own is discreding .
    OK let us put the constitutional jargon and look at Christianity as Zambia is being called . What exactly are we telling ourselves ?? This on it’s own among other things addresses the issue of morality .
    Zondwa wa Bantu was not allowed to come and perform here in Zambia on moral grounds .
    Edgar c Lungu ” s junta appetite coursed him to collapse at Heroes Stadium on moral grounds that discredited him to some extent .
    If your analysis is from the political point of view then you are simply saying that politics is a game without morals .So my question to you Mark is are you now a politician than a civil activist ??
    Look here ecl not long fired cosmas on moral grounds .
    Morality or lack of it is a compromising factor to good leadership don’t you think so ??
    First of all you should have analysed how deeply involved musonda is in your story , that could have helped you to how best to analyse this issue .
    Remember also that the constitution or any other law does not vote , However it only provides an enabling environment to voters to vote wisely , again here morality is indirectly addressed .
    Upnd I know is however going to win in the sense that Zambians lack good moral grounds . We merely look at the popularity of a running candidate . Which to me is very unfortunate because it has given raise to cadrelism in the country and this has compromised issues of checks and balances , accountability , transparency and even morality . And so in a country where all these don’t exist you expect a corrupt , an inefficient government and this normally accelerates other issues like lawlessness and so on .

  27. fisunge

    Mwandini voting for a prostitute and a murderer will be serious so women don’t vote for prostitution in parliament for this will down load morals it’s written in the Bible in Timothy that those aspiring for higher posts should have good morals so morals are number one

  28. bk

    Chipenzi think it correct because ti is not his relative who was killed or whose husband she snached

  29. HH

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  30. Innocent

    Tell them up!

  31. Al kaida

    Chipenzi is a UPND Cadre.

  32. Zach

    Who knows maybe someone within there political family would like to take over from were Keith ended. Just like the previous widow was screwed

  33. innocent

    Zambia the real Africa where morality is ignored because we have some interest in the cause.ALL the best to ALL participants.


  34. ss

    a leader without morals. ummmh kaya. i havent see such a leader. and only those without morals will surely vote for her.

  35. Mk

    Mr Chipenzi, this time u have missed the point. Have u considered the agony this lady has caused to former mp’s family. If mortality is not an issue in politics then stop talking about corruption, injustice and many other ills of the government or individual leaders. If you want to become a politician do what Chilufya Tayali did instead of hiding in a civil society. I’m highly disappointed with your comments.

  36. XYW


    • Maybin Mwananwalye

      Serious Observer
      Go Musonda Go. You are the electorates choice.
      Mortality; some her accusers are defilers, molesters, witches, daga takers, human traffickers, adulterous, blood suckers, drug traffickers.
      Where is your moral standing in this society for you to demonize Miss Musonda?
      Check yourselves before you cast mud on others.

  37. polynomial

    voting for a hule

  38. Sydney Kambatika

    Though some laws ain’t in the constitution of Zambia. but as a Christian nation that we are,we need to follow them.have in mind that this nation was dedicated and rededicated in the hands of God.therefore as outlined, we need to do what’s pure if we are to experience the fruits of heaven.let’s vote for leaders who are pure in character!!

  39. Sir

    I think she is ready to explain how the guard died………… Pa last naive bazamumanga let us keep watching

  40. abinala

    chipezi is upnd cadre hence he has no morals 2 say the least because if he has morals he would have advised the upnd

  41. koswe mumpoto

    Upnd be seriously sure can u pik that suspect who nearly entered the Prison cell,wth that carriber we can not remove PF in power,I think u are jokers I ll now defect from yo cima Party muli fipuba

  42. HH

    Campaign song UPND chilanga election.
    Download and Listen.

  43. Bk

    Party of Murders and pipo who can insult in the Dorcas Uniform a sevethday uniform. may Heaven Punish you.

  44. Bk

    Chipenzi is Tonga so he is supporting his brothers party.

  45. ditto

    This pick is way off…hh, rethink this sh?t pls.

  46. HYKON WK

    Yes morals first….. Charity begins at home

  47. fisunge

    Pls ba chipenzi This selection you made as upnd will cost the party even the blind can see so when people decampaign you don’t say your votes have been stolen because most voters are women and women hate husband snatchers in local language maule do you realize how m many people this woman has sent to early grieves?First it’s Keith’s wife and children and then the guards relatives when she remained silent when she knew something so tell me what laws is she going to enact you ve really lost it

  48. sim1

    To me it sims to be jst an issue of trible lizm ,why is it from all along when the issue of kifi happens you did not call musonda pro,but since she is nomited and name is not hamusanda she is a pro.To those who are claiming she is a hule,I say mutobe libwe nyamula mwala umushombe fulu Stop

  49. mwelwa

    Anyway fyamucalo

  50. Kampeni

    Just thinking loudly.
    What do you think would have happened if Musonda C. had been adopted by PF?

    Chipenzi is right, there are no morals in UPND and that is why they have been stuck with Chitombwa for 12 years, a known thief, a known Freemason and a known satanist. These are the morals that Chipenzi and company believe in.

  51. mescash lagoon

    HH viva bravo

  52. HH

    Charmain’s campaign song.

  53. the legend.

    Vote for her and c how you shall double your poverty broz and sisters open your eyes but dont ukudumbula amenso if pf takes over.


    Ba chipenzi what’s wrong with you?
    Be honest ba guy……..

  55. KJ

    U are stupid who ever picked on that lady ,this is yo down fall,no intelligence in upnd surely that lady whether she has been in yo party since pendefikondo she was wth mukata only women are favored like i dont know because that cimawoman was used to complicate mukata hopeless party will never rule this country,during campaign u were busy selfieing wth young girls instead of doing business of campaign mwanya even 2021 Pf will win hope less party im now defecting to serious party not jockers.


    Eny single by-election is for PF we can’t give it to any party.Anless more than 10 by-elections we do share 1or 2 seets to opposition so that bazipukutilako misozi bolila bena mr 5 times election looser s.But iyi yekha ya kuchilanga tishapula elo bakaili bayamba kupisha ma councillors bowo imwe bwelani mu PF there is still enouph space in our boart tizamilandilani.5 juneeeeeeeee OF will carry the day on chilanga by-election VIVA LUNGU-VIVA INNONGE-VIVA DAVIS MWILA-VIVA MOURHINIO ANTONIO and VIVA LOYD BANDA KAMTANDE May God bless PF.

  57. Sydney simulilo

    Lets see now ba Bwana

  58. Ignorant

    Chimpanzee ulishilu, anyway who doesnt know that you are nothing but a cadre.

  59. Shaka

    Let the people decide, but don’t steal the votes as it’s your game.

    • scarecrow

      the problem is hh’s balls are not functioning after they sprayed paint on them in chimbwakaila

  60. Chails

    Go back to control you campain ,nga ni presndesio u bepelefye

  61. Lee

    bosses ekaliule kenu ako?

  62. Pope

    Blame the constitution, not Chipenzi.

  63. P.n.p.z

    Welcome 2021 ,SOTA apo wabomba

  64. Boma Inonge

    Upnd please reverse the choice because morals matters in a candidate.. Please.

  65. hantuba

    What happened to morals written on the tablet of your hear. Chipenzi are you out of your mind?

  66. mmk

    Chipenzi, Chipenzi, Chipenzi, Civil activist, Replacing a bad seed with a similar one. Chipenzi, you should stop talking about the failures of the current government as civil activist because your morals are corrupt.

  67. PC

    Morals are key they make a judge recuse themselves from handling a case. Is not that legal?

  68. PC

    By the way where are the various tribunal findings? Dbz post, DPP abuse of office, election violence….

  69. Chichi

    Is Chipenzi telling us that he and his organisation, a CSO dnt support the moral character of people aspiring for political office? How sad…we have just been suspecting his allegiance and the attributes he espouses…now we know…

  70. Madiba

    Dora Siliya confessed to have used her bams getting to the top,what dose that mean yet she is called honourable, why didn’t you crucify her for those words of using her bams getting to the top.

  71. Umufwashi

    Your analysis is one sided mr chipenzi, infact why don’t u publicly announce your support for upnd

  72. Fucking Anything

    Characters Leading To Moral Background May Not Be Condoned In Our Society And Cultural Heads, Deal To The Fact That Our Constution Alows Morality, Which Has Praised Mr Chipenz And Such Leadership Must Be Condemen To Shame . We All Kno The Real Punishment We Can Give In Our Comunity To Such Undispeackble Cruety Leaders.

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