Njoya T’s Wife Walks to Freedom on Child Assault Case

The Lusaka High Court has set free Njoya Tembo’s wife Brenda after overturning her five year jail sentence for assaulting her 14-year old niece with a cooking stick.

High Court judge Mwila Chitabo struck off the conviction saying that the magistrate misdirected himself in convicting Tembo’s wife.

Brenda allegedly used a cooking stick and a pressing iron to assault her niece with teachers from her school Woodlands B confirming the assault in their testimony.

Chitabo accused the magistrate of not having based his decision on a legal basis as the prosecution team neither presented the cooking stick nor the pressing iron as evidence.

The judge said that the evidence of the five witnesses was not collaborated with Njoya Tembo who double as Zambia Association of Musicians chairperson not allowed to testify.


  1. Herbert Nduulwa

    That’s how it is in Zambia.guilty people always goes free.But don’t forget that final judgement is near.

    • edgar chibuta


  2. joe

    I see, mind you God is watching.

  3. mwanya

    zambia judges most corrupt not even ashamed of yo self ati evidence ifyabupuba.

    • Anthobalachio

      Lesa akamikanda BA swaini pamo nowamitumpika, if it was a poor nganamumukaka

  4. Chris

    You should learn something from that not two mistreat the people you leave with you a foolish woman

  5. HH

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  6. suntwe

    Yayaya,,,tiye nazo!!!!! .

  7. zambian

    In Zambia we treat criminal as friends

  8. young don

    One day is your child who will be assaulted and we ganna see if u gonna judge fairly.

  9. kaisunge

    now i believe what my grand papa told me dat correction facilities has been created 4 de poor nt rich pipo.

  10. Reuben

    Zambia kuwayawafye so u mean ifilonda he evidence

  11. mishcai

    She has to serve as a deterrent to the would be offenders.

  12. Maybin

    What evidence?was the child not hate?

  13. Joseph David

    what a shameful ? its only, in zambia where we ve dumb judges.

  14. barotse man

    Mr Tembo,useless Tembo you’re aren’t suppose to be ZAMU president .
    you lack leadership in your blood

  15. Razor

    Anyway that sentence was just too harsh. A simple suspended sentence would have sufficed seeing that she was a first offender & at the same time looking after the child. On top of that she would also have to go for counselling as part of the sentence.

  16. Honourable Mwaba

    That’s bad indeed,how can the guilty person be set frr

  17. AK

    It’s Not Fair, A Poor Person Would Have Been Jailed

  18. Lloyd

    Its sad, one day i will make these guys pay!

  19. Alex

    Bcoz Bamuna Babo nibasereb that’s why u Barry cases

  20. zeke man

    It means poor will remain poor and the rich will remain rich !


    Its not fair how can she walk to freedom after assaulting a girl there is no law in Zambia people you saw those injuries that is dangerous to the society , I am blaming the court and the entire judiciary for that.


    That prostitute is very stupid she is not a parent


    Sentence on the paper only

  24. Evans

    Zambian sure where are we going,,,, criminal’s are set free and those who did not do anything, they are the ones who are muma bar’s…corruption will never end in this country,may be the day we Zambia’s stop shiting.

  25. Clement Siliya

    That judgment was totally wrong!!

  26. Wezzy

    Corruption at it’s highest point……. So bana dyamo ndalama

  27. edgar chibuta


  28. XYW

    Justice must be exercised

  29. Jay

    I think this high court Judge don’t no why he is in that high sit.

    Go Back to local court kuwayawayafye

  30. Didier

    Am ashamed to be called a Zambian coz of such corrupt officers

  31. Rusfort

    It’s anfair how can the judgd sent her free?That’s bad act sorry o poor
    girl God is watching

  32. The Voice Of Peace

    This case is confusing now, judges over stepping each other’s judgements and the victim ( the niece) was not brought up in court so that the judge can see the burns and hear her statement. Judging based on the picture was wrong, secondly releasing her without clearing the public’s mind is a nightmare. Our courts have become porous to all impurities of the society, we no longer have confidence in most judges and their judgements, God is the only true judge and he is coming soon.

  33. Sydney Kambatika

    With such judgements but u still claiming to be a Christian nation.I really feel for that child who was being mistreated.let’s learn to be truthful my fellow Zambians so that we have peace in our hearts!!!!

  34. HH

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  35. Bk

    I know you want to protect your name but the truth can never be. Covered

  36. hasty

    Comment poor girl injured physically,spiritually n psychologically forever….God is seeing u

  37. Sunday Chisha

    be mindful God is watching you.

  38. Starboy

    Tembo’s wife has no womb, it was eaten by dogs during a miscourge, that’s why ama temper coz she cant bare a child

  39. Nicholas

    I agree wit u AK ngamupina nganakakwa

  40. Vanilla Daddy

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  41. Jack


  42. Jack chingambo mescash lagoon

    One Zambia one money

  43. Jimmy Shaba

    The fact still remains that she is evil

  44. Scorpion

    The final Judge is on the way!!!!!!!

  45. francis wakumelo

    How many innocent people are in jail

  46. Portfolio

    God will punish you nonsense

  47. gee


  48. Ignorant

    Me i dont know

  49. Shaka

    All animals are equal but some are more equal than others. Only the poor get convicted, the rich get away with criminal offences.

  50. GBM

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