Seven Years On: The Story Of The Information Bill

By Blessings Kafwanka

The Access to Information Bill, which was first known as the Freedom to Information Bill, was one of Patriotic Front’s campaign promise to be ready with 90 days of assuming office. As we commemorate World Press Freedom Day [on May 3], let’s take a look at the progress that has been made from 2011 to date (2018). Nothing political. Just checking on progress.

24 Nov, 2011
Minister of information, Given Ludinda says Zambian government is committed to not only enacting a Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill but also to implementing it as promised before the elections – Lusaka Times

17 Feb, 2012
Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and Labour permanent secretary Amos Malupenga says Freedom of Information (FOI) bill will be presented to Parliament before July this year free flow of information. – UKZambians

15 Jul, 2013
Minister of Information Kennedy Sakeni says the Access to Information (ATI) will be presented to Parliament in the third session of the eleventh national assembly in June this year – Lusaka times

12 March 2014
Information Permanent Secretary Bates Mushala says Access to Information (ATI) is not ready. He has cast doubt on the urgency of the enactment of the Access to Information Bill by saying government is still consulting over the matter – Zambia Reports

5 May, 2015
Minister of information Chishimba Kambwili says Government will enact the Access to Information (ATI) Bill into law to give the citizenry the right to access information. He has assured journalists that Government is committed to media law reforms. – Daily Mail

12 Feb, 2016
MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili says Government will present the Access to Information Bill (AIB) to Parliament for enactment as soon as Cabinet approves it

5 May, 2017
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Kampamba Mulenga says Access to Information (ATI) bill will be tabled before parliament for enactment as soon as Parliament reopens. – Lusaka times

3 May, 2018
Should we expect to hear something different from the Hon. Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, Hon. Doro Siliya??? Well, let’s keep our fingers crossed as we wait for our colleagues in the media to update us.

“When the public’s right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered.” ~ Christopher Dodd

Happy world press freedom day!!!


  1. HH

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  2. young don

    The government of pf and its cabinet is like fake money with no value, nankwe nankwe 2021

  3. FGM

    Its as if politicians see better when in opposition. When they get into government they become visually impaired.Public order act is now a good law for the ruling pf.Such behavior will always see us talking of the same things . Double standards is retarding development. You’re in government to fulfill your campaign promises and not salaries.

  4. Razor

    This bill will never be tabled before parliament as it will open a pandora’s box which will entail all journalists & ordinary citizens having access to all of governments dubious dealings such as fire tenders, ambulances, dual carrigeway , nrdc & others. Govt. cannot allow that to happen and expose themselves as that is a sure way to lose elections as well as subject yourself to prosecution.

    • Tom London

      So what are we saying ??
      That those holding high offices will not at all costs allow the bill to be tabled seriously for obvious reasons .
      Then comments off ms musonda saga , Brenda tembo ” s acquittal . I should also suggest and advocate for the acquittal of Keith mukata because Zambia has no credible judicial system to address such cases .
      The ConCourt is toothless as well .
      Christianity is hugely compromised .

  5. mr sikuka

    i wonder why you still believe in politicians

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