NDC Denounce Webster Katongo

Webster Katongo is a traitor, NDC Youth chairman Charles Kabwita has charged.

Katongo, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) presumed candidate, failed to turn up for nominations in the Chilanga Constituency by election.

The official who has since defected and is backing the PF candidate shocked the Chishimba Kambwili led party when he failed to turn up for filing of nominations in the forthcoming Chilanga parliamentary by elections.

He did not offer any reasons to his decision to embarrass the opposition party.

But Kabwita has described Katongo as a traitor who cannot be trusted after he ditched the party to join the ruling patriotic Front a few days after nominations day.

“Traitors betray the trust of those who have faith in them or believe their promises. Webster Katongo is a traitor who has betrayed us in the NDC, by turning his back on us at the eleventh hour,” Kabwita charged.

He said Katongo was the NDC preferred candidate and all arrangements were made prior to nominations but decided to stay away while his phone went unanswered until 18:00hrs when it went off to put the Kambwili led party in a panic mode.

“Mr Katongo was our preferred candidate for Chilanga constituency by-election. Everything was prepared for his nominations the day before the nomination day, but to our surprise he stopped answering our phone calls and only sent a text message that he was in the bank at exactly 13 hours, at about 18 hours he switched off his mobile phone, and never said a word to the leadership of our party,” Kabwita narrated.

He said Katongo was planted and knew his plans adding that his motive was to prevent the National Democratic Congress Party from filing in nominations.

“He knew what he was doing from day one. The mission was to prevent NDC from participating in the by-election in Chilanga constituency. God have mercy on him,” Kabwita added.

Katongo has since joined the ruling patriotic Front accusing the NDC of lacking foresight to discuss issues affecting Zambians.

Katongo told a media briefing on Sunday that he will support PF candidate Mama Maria Langa.

The election is set for June 4.


  1. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Bola yakosa

    • IchaloUbusumaWa

      Another Kalulushi scheme, I am sure he was rewarded handsomely otherwise forget about politics.

  2. GBM

    Charmain’s campaign song.

  3. Razor

    Indeed this guy is a traitor and if he can betray the party that adopted him what more when his newly adopted party fails out of favour. He will betray them too becoz once a traitor always a traitor PF or indeed any other parties should be careful of such characters.

  4. King john ii

    Ño he has sense danger from NDC leave him alone

  5. Barotseland

    He has behaved like a prostitute his Judas Cariot never have trust in such fool next time.

    • Shachz

      One Zambia one Nation. Solution; change of names e.g. Dr Kenneth Hikaunda, Grey Habazulu, FTJ Shachiluba, Christone Shatembo(Lt Gen), Dr Nevers Muumba, Rupiah Boola Sibanda, Michael Hichilufya Hisata, Edgar Chawa Shalungu, Hachishimba Hikambwili(HH) Etc. Simple, One Zambia one Nation.

      • twikatane.

        They say politics is a dirty game. Its not easy to run a party. You are better of reconciling with PF and move on.

  6. ROKA

    This is shocking!!After he reported that he was attacked by apf and his damaged sure and that the police were investigating,only to hear that the guy HSS defected.Bribery, nepotism at it best by apf

  7. ROKA

    His car damaged by apf

  8. mercutio

    Things fall apart or animal farm…..me i donchi kno cheacher…..

  9. Self nyokozi

    He is just stupid, fool

  10. mr 1% Akash Baraji

    But people can be evil zoona.after being trusted and loved coming to shun the party and its followers. He lucks leadership because he has shown his real being. He z not trustworthy.but he will regreat his move one day.full of lies accusing innocent people the pf and upnd that they attacked him and destroyed his car.He thinks he z comfortable with his current site,he dsnt know that he z chasing the expired air………..

  11. HH

    Charmain’s sexy campaign song.
    Click on link..Download..Listen…Share.

  12. Pabwato

    You are welcome……. i just wonder why bwili can’t resign as Mp?

  13. abinala

    u can call him stupid, fool/ other names but y don’t u ask him because there is something he knows about mdc which u don’t know.Do u know when leadership meet leadership its like positive wire meet positive wire

  14. Don doc

    More and more to come!!! Next is your SG to join the PF.

  15. Shaka

    He is a dangerous man, never trust him ,a betrayer. Ba muselela kwa kaba. U

  16. Bk

    You have bin taught bitter lesson

  17. mulase

    Do not blame katongo.This is a Don’t kubeba strategy for which hon kambwili wz part.The same DONCHI KUBEBA strategy which the former members of PF now in NDC used is now backfiring.kkkkkkk bola naikosa chachine

  18. real

    Its donchi kubeba. Go go PF. Next is Haluza Hagain (HH) to join our strong side, the PF or u can call it the Power Factor.

  19. Ignorant

    If you cant beat thej, join them. Simple logic!!

  20. Ignorant

    Kikikikiki 2021 i foresee a presidential candidate withdrawing frm the race a day b4 nominations to join the mighty PF, pabwaaaaaatoooooo!

  21. Haluza Hagain

    Next to defect ni Hulya Humuguyz

  22. FGM

    By elections are full of corruption and bribery as if its a game of no rules . Worse now , a candidate has been bought to make NDC fail to field a candidate. Shame indeed ?? Where is multi party democracy which we fought for in 1990?

  23. francis wakumelo

    He will do the same to pf don’t trust such people

  24. Shachz

    Honestly, there is no law which can bring such criminals to book? What foolish Katongo did was evil. We are in a democracy, let people who want to participate in the governance do it freely. Iwe ka Katongo, nga wakenefye from the word go. Balikubosha? Ukutumpa Satana iwe!

  25. Chails

    Pf is a part still rezaind

  26. Chails

    Utill lizaind , nipabwaatoooo

  27. Edward Tembo

    Ndc you have a noise and daul leader.

  28. Gabriel

    That’s why Zambia will never develope its because of people like katongo.BA bwana you lack leadership you don’t deserve to be a politician shame upon you BA katongo

  29. Pele

    Another village idiot who noticed the “development” brought by PF a day before nomination day!

  30. Yabalansa

    Pf u r going to c in 2021

  31. Kambwili@yahoo.c

    Those celebrating may the Almighty have mercy on you. The future of this country and the future of our children is ‘dark .’ Politics in Zambia is now a dirty game. At first I thought politics and religion were there to serve people. They were inseparable. It’s not the case now. Shame on us!!!

  32. Cahill

    Webster is a political mercenary .

  33. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Give us latest news ba Zambia Report

  34. vusi Sithole

    clever man katongo. dont saport fools,

    • Hebk

      Katongo is right. You cant support a party with no agenda for the country but only personal issues. Cimo nabobene bambi …no agenda only how there votes were stolen , impeachment..sale your agenda….

  35. Uncle Bizzo

    Correct GBM

  36. wapya

    I like this man he is very courageous he knows the truth about ndc and found no future in ndc bane nikuyenda kulibamenebapangika

  37. Adams mbewe

    Yalikosa sana game nayo -nayo


    benango baponta ife tivina

  39. Nono

    It is a sheer waste of time. PF is winning this seat hands down.

  40. bk

    He is right. NDC has only personal issues not national agenda.

  41. Haluza Hagain

    Next news please!

  42. MWALE


  43. Sonta

    Kwasala ba Mr five times election failure bati joine

  44. Mukomango Mwansa


  45. Mukomango Mwansa

    Work hard ba pf so that you can reach out to a troubled world, Chiundaponde lavushimanda

  46. Namwanga Boy

    What goes around comes around,In the last elections Hon Kambwili bribed the adopted upnd candidate for Roan constituency Mr Joseph chilambwe who never turned up for the filling in of the nominations. Less Nina lyotola

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