Wigan Starlet Heads In Zambia For U-20 Call Up

Highly rated Wigan Athletic Under-18 striker Mwiya Malumo has set off for Zambia enroute to joining the Under-20 National Team that is preparing for the Niger 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Rwanda.

Malumo is expected to be in Zambia by midday on Monday to process his paper work before teaming up with his colleagues that are currently in Malawi preparing for this weekend’s clash with Rwanda in Kigali.

The Under-20 technical bench has summoned Malumo and Shrewsbury Town starlet Lifumpa Mwandwe to beef up the squad.

Mwandwe is also expected to leave the United Kingdom tonight and will also be in Lusaka tomorrow.
Meanwhile the Zambian team will play another friendly match on Monday against Silver Youth in Malawi as they sharpen up for the junior wasps.

Team manager Mwansa Kapyanga told from Lilongwe that the team was in high spirits and ready for the challenge.
“We have a friendly match tomorrow (Monday) against Silver Youth at 14:30 from Silver Stadium,” Kapyanga said.
“We are scheduled to fly from Malawi on Wednesday 02A.M.”

The reigning African champions has not left any stone unturned in their chase for a place at the 2019 Niger Africa Cup.
On Saturday Zambia beat Malawi 1-0 with another practice match scheduled for Tuesday at the Bingu International Stadium.

(Source: FAZ Media)


  1. GBM

    Charmain’s campaign song.

  2. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Go Zambia, we can do it.

    • Howard Chimbala

      It’s a must win game…..the boy is truly a patriotic Zambian.

    • Toxic Trojan

      U’s a b**ch

  3. Razor

    You made a mistake for coming here to play for zambia now you are inelligible to play for any other country no matter how good you are.

    • P.M

      You idiot. The boy is zambian, why should he be legible to play for an other country but zambia? Stop being inferior about being a zambian. South Americans are good but play for their countries be it Brazil Colombia or Chile. No wonder you are drowning in foreign seas just to go and be slaves on European countries. Welcome boys..zambia is your home.

    • Stanley m

      Leave the young man alone

  4. Ras Chichious

    Welcome my younger brother home is home this is the the better place for u……… Go……Go together we make it possible with our togetherness Jah…..bless our nation

  5. martin chiyesu

    It’s unfortunate people like Razor are trying to mislead the youngsters when they have made a wise choice, be a Proud Zambian rich or poor go go go zambia bolanalesa.

  6. mwale

    mulimbwa kabili tamwaKapinunuke y dont u go in rular areas and take thoz wh hav talents to train them bt lets wait for nw govenment to rule nt push.

  7. J C M

    Iwe, do not mislead a young boy so u want to say that he is chitombwa or jonathan. that bny is not a foregner

  8. Harrison kanyembo

    Go Zambia youth we can do it.

  9. kelvin

    Welcome bro do wats expected of you

  10. kelvin

    We can do it

  11. Jms

    No matter how you speak to every one the sense is that we honor our country and our personality A true Zambian is a well behaved person so you are welcome my boy look we never new some boys like Daka but we have now we see him as a pro .Razor is a non Zambian refrain from him that’s jealous

  12. Razor

    The same pipo praising you here are not going to feed you when FAZ fails to pay you allowances. Ask Elijah Litana where he is now.

  13. Patrick Mwale

    Excellent decision youngman,welcome to Zambia,home is here.

  14. The Voice Of Peace

    How more Zambian can one be if he can travel all the way from Europe and come in Zambia? It’s because the guy cares for his country, if you don’t like what these two plays are doing, then sit down and see what their appearance will do for us team! Go Zambia go!😀😀😀😀😀😀

  15. Jms

    I don’t understand why immigration officers allow useless people like Razor stay in the country

  16. BakuBanja

    Welcome To Zed

  17. Pele

    Welcome young man. Be prepared for jealousy people in football. Be prepared for people who will expect you to score all the time and teammates who play football as individuals and not part of a team. Some highly rated Fashion Sakala has fallen out if favour because he took it that he was the greatest thing that happened to Zambian football!

  18. Pope

    Don’t blame the boy for choosing to play for his country. Passion comes first in football. We’ve heard of players who regretted for leaving places where they were loved and went for greener pastures i. e. Neymar who left Barcelona for PSG. Money isn’t everything brothers.

  19. Sianga Musialela

    Welcome home mwana a poho ye nsu ! Let the young play the game.

  20. kelvin


  21. Fucking Anything

    Nice Plan And Decision


    Go Zambia go!
    Zambia will silence Rwanda 4-1.Mwiya malumo will score 2 goals.

  23. Uncle Bizzo

    Sweet home sweet ,do your best bro

  24. Alfred Khuli Chana

    Make Us Proud

  25. Nicholas

    Good for you and the team

  26. c geofrey ziwa


  27. c geofrey ziwa


  28. m ziwa

    I lyk it

  29. Goma W V

    Home is home, we are proud of you….all the best

  30. D W A C


  31. Arnold

    U ar welcome

  32. Kasuel

    Welcome home bro


    The day has come for Zambia U 20.Guys we are behind U and wishing U all the bestttttttttttttt.

  34. Kalowana

    Its the team we have currently go boys gooooooooo!


    Let it to be played well, we want to reach the final of the U20 world cup of nations.

  36. James Mphande

    Why didn’t you come to the ended under 20 which reached in the quarter finals of the world cup. Welcome I hope u will do better.

  37. Commander

    Well come to the mach

  38. Fucking Anything

    Some Charps Are Crazy. We Need To Encourage Them Not To Destroy.

  39. rambo john

    Which day the game wil take place?

  40. rambo john

    Our former u20 makes us to b proud and famous around the world interms of football. Whre by each country knows about zambia ati bakali.rememba world ory the white pipo’s started mammuring and searching whre zambia is,

  41. rambo john

    Our former u20 makes us to b proud and famous around the world interms of football. Whre by each country knows about zambia ati bakali.rememba world victory the white pipo’s started mammuring and searching whre zambia is,

  42. rambo john

    Guys be likee our former u20 .icimwelafye epelaaaaaaa.go go go go zambia

  43. Great Eagle

    Guyz let us not desipise our players no matter what.

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