Kabimba Is A PF Surrogate, Charges NDC’s Kabwita

National Democratic Congress Party (NDC) national youth chairman Charles Kabwita has described Rainbow Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba as a shameless, immoral and immature politician.

Kabwita charges that Kabimba is PF surrogate who should never be taken serious.

Kabwita, a former ally of Kabimba when both were in the Patriotic Front and benefited from trips organized by the then Secretary General, has come out strong on his former boss.

During Kabimba’s time as Secretary General of the Patriotic Front, Kabwita enjoyed a cordial relationship.

But the two have clashed on different platforms after Kabimba disparaged Kabwita’s new boss Chishimba Kambwili on a live programme on Prime Television.

Kabwita has accused Kabimba of making allegations against NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili with a view of winning favours from Patriotic Front.

He charged that Kabimba is a desperate individual who wants to get back to Patriotic Front for economic survival.

“This is a man who is failing to pay rentals for properties he rents in Lusaka, Kabimba has a narrow mind in case he has forgotten, let us remind him, this is the man who was chased from the PF because of his treacherous and mischievous character.

“Kabimba is obviously shallow that he has forgotten how the whole nation cerebrated when he was fired from cabinet by late President Sata,” Kabwita charged.

Kabwita has further warned that the NDC will be left with no option but to continue aggressively taking on Kabimba should he continue attacking their leader Chishimba Kambwili.

During Kabimba’s exit from the Patriotic Front, Kabwita was among the few who remained loyal to his former boss and had been suspended from the PF due to his links with Kabimba.


  1. FGM

    Poverty has neutralized a lot people. Most people can’t stand and promote their conscience. Zambia seriously needs a government whose main agenda will be to reduce poverty to below 20% . God bless Zambia.

  2. Nkonkosheni

    Kabimba plz live CK alone,walyamba ukupena u ar not looking normal.

  3. Shaka

    We are tired of political threats, why can’t you just tear each other’s throats if you’re courageous enough.

  4. Shachz

    I’ve already commented, best friends today worst enemies tomorrow. Teba ukukonkelesha!

  5. mideo mwanza

    plz stop hate speech and politics we are one zambia one nation

  6. Kambwili

    new song. ‘Akawalala ba boma’
    Click on link..Download..Listen…Share.

  7. Augprina

    Wynter is an original fool, period!

  8. Bk

    Is Chishimba kambwili a consautant or anather Coward who is afraid to resign from PF because he lose

    • Hebk

      Others are presidents. Why him consultant. Any way he is a brave coward..

  9. Jimmy Shaba

    Kabimba is free to align with a party of his choice. Otherwise ndc is not a factor politically.

  10. vusi Sithole

    kambwili is a big fool. who cn not see his foolishness in pablic at all. wynter is a real man

  11. abinala

    mdc consultant y failing just 2 be mdc president, what is he afraid of just 2 come out on the open 2 be president? on what is mdc consulting ck & y is he act as if he is the leader of mdc ?

  12. Ct

    Repentance is better than being stubborn, wynter has realised his mistake

  13. preacherman

    Am back, may your speech in hete

  14. preacherman

    Am back…may your speech in here be mature, don’t insult your friends just bcze u feel u are a star. Wat u saw, so u will reap. Be good to every one. At least u can try.insults its not the way.bless u

  15. preacherman

    Jesus is standing at the door knocking and if u hear his voice and open the door he will come in, eat with u and he with u…Revelation 3:20f

  16. Southerner

    So mr kabwita from what you have just said,how has zambia benefited??? Is this what you call checks and balance?? Is this reason enouph why you and your boss have formed a polical party and win votes from what you have said? Is what you have said your political and development agenda zambia needs??? I just need to understand you better i may also join you and the Kambwili. At the mo.ent,it appears that in zambia every politician wants to be president .

  17. Mwanza

    kabimba is not leader kambwili is a leader what has kabimba done for zambia nothing

    • Czar

      What leadership qualities do you see in that Humpty Dumpty coward, Kambwili?

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