Kalaba Confirms 2021 Bid

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has opened up on his 2021 presidential ambitions saying he has been approached to be the candidate for the newly registered Democratic Party.

Kalaba joins the list of former ministers that want to cling on to the Patriotic Front but are openly campaigning against the ruling party.

The Bahati constituency Patriotic Front Member of Parliament insists on still being a PF member but has been traversing the country discrediting the ruling party.

Kalaba has been a radio and facebook campaigner with a yet to be established support base.

He is currently in Eastern Province trying to build his support base before breaking one of the worst guarded secrets of standing for presidential elections.

The bulk of PF members that stood against President Edgar Lungu within the party have been politically volatile with their wish of seeing the Head of State on the ballot in 2021 still a subject of legal interpretation.


  1. Shachz

    Best friends today ………… tomorrow.

  2. Shaka

    This is democracy, even I can stand for presidency if I meet the qualifications.

  3. BMK

    I think one thing all opposition leaders should have in mind is that they can not win the 2021 elections as single parties. I would like to advise them to form one big alliance going into 2021 general elections. We want to see leaders such as HH, KAMBWILI, KALABA, CHIPIMO, and whoever it is from MMD to work togetger come 2021. As voters we are now commanding you or else, you know where our votes will go. For now keep on formig political parties.

  4. Dickens

    We have a BIG challenge in Africa….Leadership crisis…. No one wants to remain a follower… Lets wait n see please…

  5. HH

    Wait and see am now a president even b4 2021

  6. Masters

    this is not the right time to dream ba HK, or else u will die dreaming 4 plot 1 like Halepona Hagain

  7. P.n.p.z

    Tell HH ,, pf a part

  8. Bk

    Mr kalaba Don’t Dream Please

    • one zed

      as fo me itx a nice move ,ma vot goes to him

  9. Jimmy Shaba

    The beginning of the end

  10. jeff munkondya

    Please let’s make one party as hh for 2121 please!!

  11. Hatwiko

    Ma dreams aya!!!! No alliance to hv one csnfidate forget getting into state house bwana..I like your politicsl style.good ideas.no insults.you wd hv done better within PF not 2021 but kusogolo after..forget 2021…Either HH or ECL..tho its weighing more for ECL…

  12. vusi Sithole

    kikiki! foolish man. anywe ngiyaxlisa

  13. GANNY

    Comment Too many political parties, that’s why some are ending up like the Mulongoties, no agenda and no followers.

  14. Alexander Mondo

    Kalaba has my support cause no man would resigned from that position there is something cooking. all the best honourable

    • one zed

      #mondo u ar rty i lik yo point, viva kalaba

  15. Fucking Anything

    Bad Idea

  16. Christopher Silwamba

    It Is True The Best The Oppositi On Must Come Up With An Alliance To Ensure An Alright Victory For The Opposition.Unity Is Key To Victory For Any Institution Theref Ore Unity Unity. Chris Sills

  17. Kanyenda Aaron

    Make one strong party like americans only two parties its easy to remove the party in power than many parties with diference ideologies and people fail to choose which is best party to put in plot one lying and iticing people with diferent items polititians dont be so selfish and pride,if polititians are wise and generous the can make one party like fdd,ndc Narep Upnd and peter green if they joined together then pf can run like mice be chased but because of clinging to be on top will be suffering just like this.

  18. whisker jeff

    Zambians are suffering because of the current residency.Zambians open your eyes 👀 and see.fighting for plot 1is not development.

  19. Self nyokozi

    Good idea , 2021 nankwe nankwe , muzakacionela , from zaka na ma years but coming 2021 one will die

  20. kondwelani

    Good idear kalaba

    • wesly chanda

      HH teti. Ateke. Icalo. Ca….zambia. Kamo. Kubatonga

  21. MBULO

    Go Go HH we are waiting for U 2021

    • wesly chanda

      People in. Zambian like. Two. Pf part not. H h

  22. MBULO

    Zambian lets look out we have suffered for this selfcentred people.Come HH your time is now twacula sana pafula

    • Peter Zulu

      Neither hh nor any other can change this nation its only God n nothing else

    • wesly chanda

      My part is pf nakwenakwe for. My life

  23. FGM

    HH blogger don’t confuse people. The highly educated HH can not write your grade 7 English.

  24. FGM

    Its their constitutional right. Let them do as they wish.

  25. Big Brain

    Guys you know what, the politics in Zambia has now become an arena where people display their retrogressive ideas. Because the moment a person is expelled from a political party, they tend to form their own. Thinking they will penetrate the congestion which is in t

  26. Mike ghelt

    At I Masters, in what?

  27. Sonta

    You people open your ayes and see!! Can’t you see that upnd is a dictatorship party you are still suppoting someone who has lost election’s for five times, sure, AWE!! Me am bufford!!

  28. Saint Harry


  29. P.n.p.z


  30. Deanmeekson

    Only then will the people choice be president, the idea of 2021 it seem as sink so low in people skulls

  31. hylves

    Zambia is a Democratic nation as such everyone and anyone can exercise their rights provided they are within the law.but I feel its time we looked at our constitution as a whole because the current one is doing more harm than good.many of the problems that we are facing today as a nation is as a result of having a constitution with a lot of discrepancies. The problem is not bad leadership but having laws that do not support systems that have been put in place the moment our leaders and those seeking leadership position understand this the better for our nation. God bless Zambia, God bless us all

  32. Joseph David

    We are behind you, but for mean while, i would like to advice you to make a pact with UPND, NDC & MMD.

  33. Mulenga Joseph

    If lungu will contest on pf,even a single party like NDC will go through.

  34. Fucking Anything

    The Problem Acomodating People Who Cant Solve Pressure When In Difficot Times They Escape By Submiting Resignation Letter. Kalaba Must Realise How Foolish It Takes To Be Brain Washed.

  35. short nigga mems

    Great move honourable

    • Governor

      If u can’t convinced them then confused them LUNGU ni boma

  36. Bernard

    Good move Harry Zambians will rally behind you unlike the so called hh

  37. Does it matter?

    How many want to join him??
    I am backing kalaba!!!

  38. Teddy

    Are you going to rule Zambia or your going grabbing money

  39. Uncle Bizzo

    Let’s not condemn and condone things for the seek of being heard, let’s find solutions to solve the many problems our country is facing at the moment

  40. ZONDA

    Comment Ba kalahari mu kafuntuka kwati katwishi dont cheat your self just enjoy yr money

  41. Teka,Teka

    Sir u have my support

  42. drex

    OG kalaba

  43. Treason

    A Bad Leader Must Be Left Alone, Ba Honerable Good Move .

  44. sean roxy online genius

    I love Mr kalaba is truly my role model with is motives for youths he can make a good leader

  45. Agm


  46. Governor

    A leader WS born more support u ll just loose ur money kalaba mwa laba shain lupia loose too much money

  47. Chulu Stephen

    Aim higher Mr.Kalaba

  48. Felix Mwewa

    Ba HK bola panshi bakamba prayerfully think about the step you want to take and for HH if he won’t make it in 2021 let him seek the office of councillor in dundumwezi in 2026


    mukakhuta mabisi at nipanga pat

  50. Chisenga


  51. Jj

    HH wil never win unless as a counsellor not MP or PRESIDENT

  52. ndola 2000

    let’s not be fooled

  53. HH

    Plz pipo don’t vote 4 me 2021 coz av no vision 2 rule de country zambia

  54. diego

    Diego 2021

  55. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Ise ni HH kwasika.Iwe bazakudyela ndalama chabbe ara

  56. ecl

    whn sm1 sayz he has no vision we all hav 2 agree
    hk is beta 4 h z confident
    my advice…parter wth th lyks of Dr.Chishimba K.& chipimo so as nt to split th pollz
    otherwise gud mov

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