Katumbi Remains Committed To Peaceful Take Over Of Power In Congo

Congolese national police have confirmed the arrest of leading political activist Ayiki Taban Ibrahim who they accuse of having a link with Moise Katumbi, politician Olivier Kamitatu has said.

Kamitatu, the director of Cabinet in the opposition Ensemble led by Katumbi, has taken a swipe at the government of President Joseph Kabila for attempting to implicate the opposition in the massacre of citizens.

He says Ayiki Taban Ibrahim was arrested by police this week and has been framed as launching a rebel movement.

Kamitatu says Ibrahim has been accused of deploying a militia to unseat the current government.

The claims suggest Ibrahim was working with Katumbi along with several elements from Belgium and France and South Africa in Kampala and their plot peaked in February 2018.

Ibrahim is accused of contacting Colonel John Tshibangu to set a hostile militia from Aru territory in Ituri which he would arm alongside the aSALW group.

But Kamitatu has dismissed the link with Ibrahim saying he was never in support of any form of violent take over of power in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The popular former Katanga governor says his bid to liberate the vast central African nation will remain peaceful.

He has condemned the allegations revealing it was part of a scheme by DRC president Joseph Kabila to portray an unstable situation so that his government delays the December 23.

“We call on Congolese, neighboring countries, and the entire international community not to fall into this trap and to reject this cruel and criminal plan of Joseph Kabila’s regime,” Kamitatu states.

“The impact of a civil war in Congo could be devastating for the Congolese people and all the neighbouring countries. Everything possible must be done to prevent it.”

Kamitatu says President Kabila should take responsibility for the massacre of Congolese people in Kasai, Tanganyika, North Kivu, South Kivu, Ecuador and Ituri where have died in politically engineered violence.

“The regime’s involvement in the Congolese tragedy is sadly proven. All Congolese know the regime’s overwhelming responsibility for the murders of Michael Sharp & Zaida Catalan (two UN experts), Therese Kapangala, Rossy Tshimanga and all the innocent killed in the peaceful protests,” he adds.

Kamitatu says the disappearance of tens of thousands of Congolese massacred in Kasai, North Kivu, Tanganyika, Ituri rests on President Kabila’s hands.

“Everyone knows that the proliferation of arbitrary arrests, detentions and killings in secret prisons and torture illustrate the absence of a just and democratic State,” he adds.

Kamitatu says the people Congo will never be fooled as to who was responsible for their suffering.

“Joseph Kabila and the National Intelligence Agency prevent all institutions from fulfilling their republican role. They prevent our security forces from working effectively,” he says.

Kamitatu explains that Mo├»se Katumbi’s candidature for president of Congo is sending fear in the Kabila regime which is determined to stop him from possibly assuming office on December 23.

Kamitatu is confident the people of Congo will soon install Katumbi as president of the DRC.


  1. FGM

    SADC States should openly tell Kabila that time has come for the Congolese to embrace and nurture democracy. Delaying elections beyond December should be attached to a penalty. SADC members speak for your citizens and not your personal egos.

  2. Nkonkosheni

    I love this man 4 sure.

  3. Shaka

    Sadc member states may you team up and oust this catank

  4. Shaka

    SADC member states may you team up and oust this cantankerous son of Africa.

  5. Starboy

    He who kills by sword shall die by a sword, those people u killed and still killing will haunt u. If only I had enough money to buy a county, I wouldn’t allow uto seek asyasylum into my country iwe ka chibila, am so angry that I can squeeze u with my two hands to death, were u born with a country in your hands? >:) :@ ma African leaders very selfish

  6. Shachz

    Ndeloleshafye niba neighbour. Nalilandile Na pakubala, “years ago I thought Joseph was a gentleman.”

  7. Xavier

    He got kabila


    Bye bye kabila welcome katumbi

  9. Justin mubanga

    Katumbi,is a peace living person.He has a heart for the people.

  10. Dabs

    Sadc learship does not help matters

  11. Idriss Victor

    Firstly, am always hrt broken reading and getting 2 knw about the dark actions in ma country. And am afraid that Kabila long ago lost the integrity and the credibility to be our president. For tht rzn, as congolese we’re ready to install the man with immense capacity, grt value, essential minds to be our prezo. His Recent achievements in th heart of Dr congo, Lubumbashi surely gives us confidence he can make it for the entire nation.

  12. Moses musonda

    My brother kabila if you care for your country you have ruled for so many years,as a servant of God just hand over the power to see development in our lovely neighboring country people will still recognise you just as kama,Kaunda and the other vvvips.

  13. Moses musonda

    Africans let us unite

  14. Graham Mwanza

    katumbi is the main man for congo am in support of you, you are a great man

  15. Mbulli

    Congo pipo fight for your rights and put the one u know better in power indeed people have suffered

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