PF/UPND Bigwigs Show Some Love

Patriotic Front media director Sunday has continued reaching out to some of the sworn Patriotic Front critics with UPND secretary general Stephen Katuka his latest in the love one another zone.

Chanda whose defence of the ruling party sometimes borders on the annoying has equally reached out to his opposite preaching some love.

The PF and UPND regularly cross political swords and nervously push the traditionally peaceful Zambian people to the edge.


  1. Shaka

    This is encouraging, let us live in harmony. We all Zambians despite political differences.

  2. Shachz

    One of them if not both is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Politics are politics, they remain the same, worst enemies today best friends tomorrow & vice versa. Babafye kwati fipuba!

  3. James Mphande

    One Zambia One Nation

  4. Kambwili

    new song. ‘Akawalala ba boma’
    Click on link..Download..Listen…Share.

  5. Uncle Bizzo

    Let’s remember Bob Marley with One Love.”WE 1″.

  6. Skb

    That’s the way to go. Let this be shown even at PRESIDENTIAL level……..or are we asking for too much too soon? PEACE, LOVE and HARMONY.

  7. Haluza Hagain

    We now want to see the big fish expressing the same love

  8. FGM

    Hate speech by some leaders is what misleads the overzealous party cadres. Zambia is a multi party democracy in which all are constitutionally allowed to publicly share their divergent views without intimidation . A platform should be established to educate cadres that are in a habit of insulting, beating and blocking the opposition parties from exercising their constitutional right.

  9. Bk

    We should differ on oppipn only.but at the end of the day we are brothers and sisters.

    • Bk

      We don’t listen to stupid and useless songs from failed politicians Like???

    • Bk

      Who said these worlds Empty Mwaliteta and Muzungu opusa?but at the of the they are brothers

  10. Self nyokozi

    Its good to be together as we always say; one Zambia one nation. Well done

  11. Gabriel

    That’s the way we should live as one Nation

  12. pwepwe

    one Zambia one nation I like it

  13. Fines Bulawayo

    Chisokone Chisokone Chisokone! One Zambia!

  14. Joseph David

    its one ZAMBIA, one NATION


    Vabakulu ni vabakulu?

  16. Asibwen

    Power In Our Hands, Lets Rise And Comndem The Two Political Parties PF And UPND. These 2 Parties There In The Political Game 4 Their Own Person Gains, And Not To Save We Zambians. Just Yesday , Upnd Gave Condition 4 Them To Attend Nation Dialogue, And Yet We Zambians We Are Waiting 4 Them To Dialogue, Now I Have Seen These 2 Polititions Are After Something. They Want Untill To See Zambia Brocken. Eg Like What Happened Just After 2016 Election; Where Pipo In Southern From Other Political Opinion Were Victimised , Now If It Had Been Every Were, What Country Could We Have Now. Zambians, Politians Have Passpots, Vihecles And Even planes Which ‘ll Help Them To Free When Chaos Start , And Live U And I Who Have Nothing, And Think About That Grand Ma In Village Who Even Ran. Lets Think And Rise Against Wrong Things. Sign Out:

  17. Hatwiko

    Dont be cheated iyi ni politics chabe.ma politicians wine and dine togethr.others are business partners.imwe muli busy kumenyana bena bali busy sharibg their profits whlst the following day they go to th media despisibg each other….Keep it up Zambia niyanu monse…

  18. vusi Sithole

    kikiki! katuka very soon he will leve upnd money speaks, just wait and see

    • good head

      Kikikikiki I Sunday Chanda on a flash mission. I smell rotten cabbage.

  19. Hatwiko

    Why not !!!!…life goes on..he hs a family to look after not to look for.

  20. Chimuka Chifuwe

    This is something that all of us Zambians must support & put into practice as the saying goes”together we stand, divided we fall”. Why should Politics turn a once peaceful country into hell? Lets get this done, Let LOVE reign!

  21. preacherman

    Love is the key…we are only but one nation


    Sometimes fyabufi

  23. Sydney simulilo

    Pf care full

  24. Steve

    Ba GBM mwamona abasambilila not kulanda fye pakanwa ati panga to panga

  25. Drex

    U must also teach your cadres to love one another.

  26. A jay

    This is good weather theres a sheep or wolf atleast wolf is comparing to be sheep

  27. Jms

    I know that we don’t have to say that one or two people can make the family or tribe bad BUT you should be careful that even the very Angel betrayed the high most so be careful how and when to be friendly with who Yesterday you weren’t now HOW and WHY education look again consider eg age,behavior, part how close they stay tribe see if about 5 friends know each other IF ALL THESE ARE CORRECT you have passed my boys but if not check this out you have trespassed the line you need to be taken to court

  28. Steward

    No comments. I belong a party called God’s party.

  29. Victor

    Mr Kabwiri you are big enough to reason when passing comments,do not divided the nation by passing destructive comments better to keep quiet.your time has expired

  30. Evans Mwelwa

    Politics is politics is like work, religion or denominations we can differ on doctrine but remains friends or relatives like Jehovah’s witness, seventh day Adventist against Catholics or Moslems against Christians. What is important don’t be extremist. LOVE, PAX is important.

  31. fanta coca

    One land one nation

  32. Jms

    God has no party but he has people be careful their is No one who can make people divided any one who is made for division it means those who are divided are not educated now if you say people are not educated then you are saying their are no educated people that’s WHY we are saying we need education for ALL please its better Zambians say for what they NEED sorry we see,hear

  33. Jms

    Sorry we see, hear but we don’t see nor hear much

  34. Jks

    Yes its good but it has to come from our heart not that at night you are the first.to cast a stone azgainst the person embranced during the day let it be true love

  35. Jks

    Lets love one another we wil loose nothing

  36. ipusukilo

    nangu tatubweshenye tamwakwanta incito ba upnd yo aim z to make our country undeveloped.

  37. Dr dd

    You showed us the example for political love but your us the love for caders

  38. The Voice Of Peace

    I don’t remember the day I saw good rivals shaking hands, I pray that that the same spirit be upon other leaders.

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