Presidential Dance: EL Goes Down, Again

President Edgar Lungu occasionally dazzles his audience with some dancing skills. But here he seems to have outdone himself with yet another ‘I am just like you’ dance. Enjoy the moment.


  1. mr sikuka

    done yama bosale

  2. mr sikuka

    elo ninshi bantu balila njala

  3. Joseph David

    He is a , micheal jackson

  4. Sonta

    Dance ya ma bosale zoona!!

    • Erick phiri

      Ni dance ya ma bosale zoona zoona!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!???????

  5. James Mphande

    Mmmmm Mr sikuka so u mean now he don’t have to dance just because Bantu bananjala serious awe people.🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲


    Wow that’s part of life mr president

  7. Nkonkosheni

    Dance ya pa duze, aba velevele in da house.

  8. Unchangeable


  9. Starboy

    Enjoy coz the time is now, kumanda kuli boring

  10. James Mphande

    Yes I agree with you Starboy

  11. Shachz

    I like it, even the late FTJ did it MHSRP. He danced to the tune “ubushimbe nabumpesha amano.” Go ahead Mr President, with a little wine you can even do better!

  12. Mj

    Dance yaba velevele

  13. Shaka

    This is interesting, once in a while, interact with the hoipolloi. Show them that you’re not self-centered.

  14. Masauso Nyirenda

    That Shown His Humbleness To People Bcoz Very Few Can Do That.Continue It’s Ur Country No One Can Scare U

  15. Mukomango Mwansa

    That’s my President but remember to develop the newly created district Lavushimanda ,Chiundaponde

  16. Charlesmicklay

    This is good Mr.President, days goes on.ya mabosale

  17. Kambwili

    new song. ‘Akawalala ba boma’
    Click on link..Download..Listen…Share.

  18. Dickens

    He has feelings… Emotions.. Let him dance…it is normal guz….it is just a title…president… Even Hakainde is free to dance….better in that way…while death is near each one of us….

  19. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Usless come and see how people are suffering here fake fake fake

  20. Haluza Hagain

    Eeeee bola, chilepule mudala



  22. Hope Bwembyah

    Wow this real

  23. Lion

    But this so called President of yours is stupid

    • kungwabanze

      I guess ulimwana wapachani do u hav respect for the people in authority if u had a father to teach u, cud been respectful.

    • HH

      Lion ngacakukalipa go hang yourself

    • Erick phiri


    • kufahakurambwe

      Finally someone with sense, although you watered down his description…stupid.

  24. Innocent

    enjoy watchhing dance yama bosale this is good


    thats the best way to be proud and free.

  26. richard mithi

    thats a proud and free zambian


    Dancer presidwa nabamene bakuzonda bafune basafune nakuyamba kaili na katatu elo bafune basafune ndine presidwa wa zambia yonse.
    My press ECL dancing is part of life.

  28. Madalitso Banda


  29. Madalitso Banda

    Enjoy yourself while you are still on the throne


    Dancer presidwa bamene bakuzonda bafune basafune bakutamba kabili na katatu elo bafune basafune ndiwe presidwa wa zambia yonse.
    My press ECL dancing is part of life.

  31. Bk

    Obama was break dancing what is wrong with our ECL he is human


    Presidwa wozichepesa,wonkhala pamozi na munthu aliyese elo akonda aliyense.

  33. P.n.p.z

    All the dance balange at waliba Heath
    My presented

  34. Patrick Mwale

    That’s our President showing some dancing skills,go ahead boss! we are behind you!

  35. Wellington

    Injoy our father

    • Big tur

      That’s my President. Man of the people. You are full of humility, humbly and down to earth!

  36. innocent

    Ndye ma dance yanasalako

  37. Gabriel

    Anyway nayo iLife(even that is nice) BA president kkkkkk

  38. Zachariah

    Nice One Ba Kateka

  39. Fines Bulawayo

    Outdone himself bwanji? He is still a human being and an African at that. We Africans sing and dance all the time. We should not pick up some Liverpool snobbish mannerisms

  40. McReveals

    Dance yama bosale……only a few men of calibre of an do that ka

  41. Misheck shift

    wow dance yama bosale zoona let the man enjoy his work…..am proud of you mr president

  42. Hebk

    Even in church pipo dance. Nothing wrong.

  43. S.K'snistics

    kulatambilamofye ama dance cabe

  44. Nicholas

    Balange Lungu pamaka

  45. Hurry k

    We loves u Mr president so so much ECl blessings from God is with you so just let the dogs continue backtin

  46. vusi Sithole

    that is nothing wrong with that, even jacob zuma used to that, dont mixt your hunger and you lezness with mr president E C Lungus happiness, viva lungu and pf

  47. Austin

    Ungayende Kumunzi sooo

  48. Dainessmpofu

    That ‘s my President l like it

  49. Mazimayumu

    My president

  50. Hatwiko

    Nothing wrong with th predident dancing.he was even holding ka kwacha to sowela the dance troup.thts the way to go..our kk dances even up to now at his age when hs happy.mufuna chabe munthu kunkhala okalipa

  51. chisanga

    Kikikikikikiki jala nyatuchita batu ise

  52. Pa Kamunga

    Only those who don’t know how to dance will be critical. Kwasa my man kwasa show them chimwemwe and kalukungu styles

  53. Denso

    Ba lion mwakikwata diarrhoea mukwanwa. Are you a saint? Wait for your time not disrespect.

  54. preacherman

    Thats my president showing the skill there. Cool.

  55. Senzo Hadebe

    Dance yama gaster yaoneka mushe

  56. daschise

    Mabwana ndimwe muliko

  57. zeke man

    ???????? Mr

  58. Shmateo


  59. Kule1

    Ati pali ichi nechi nichisa apa. Ba velevele ba mwiine!

  60. Sydney simulilo

    Dasi ya ba mwine

  61. Shaka

    Enjoy life while alive, death is unpredictable .

  62. Bee

    Dance yamu lolol Lol…. We live only once

  63. Oscarmwale

    Yeeeee ine kunicita sooo!sela tushaneko.

  64. Kambwili@yahoo.c

    Ba Chiluba FTJ, MHSRIP baele ba grandpa KK ati tamwayelala ukutoloka muletoloka. Bambi nika beer kalebomba. Ubushiku kulaluka fye ati iyoo bulwele mwaya naku SA.

  65. Chandra

    Worst President ever since independence

  66. Henz

    It’s normal to dance as part of interacting with all classes of people. And it’s a demonstration of humbleness. As an African,be it rich,chief, mp,minister, pastor and even a President; dancing is part of our identity. Let him dance any style. Dancing is also good 4 health. Please,this is not time 4 politicking. He is our President. He is a human being like u and me. I would like to watch him dance live. I do admire his dancing styles. He is a humble president

  67. kangaroo

    Imbwa ilebosa,ing’ombe ilelya
    Show them mr ECL

  68. Jms

    No matter how ,why and when you dance that dance was from happines their is nothing wrong its just your minds which is making it the way you want it to be .what we need here is that their is no faithfulness in the management of how some financials are being utilized don’t get me wrong if I was given the power of SAMSON you could have known what I’m capable of

  69. Sianga Musialela

    Man of the people! Yep yep hooray!.

  70. Zgangani Benjamin

    Where is the video ???

  71. patriotic man

    dance yama bosele taikonda bakateka

  72. Shaka

    Wamu chinyau kaili

  73. Sonta

    Come on! Mr President show as how to do it! forget about those who politicise it’s because their leader Mr five times election failure doesn’t know how to zungulusa the waist!!!

  74. NickTurbo

    yesai Mr President 😁I like the dance

  75. Kalowana

    He is also a humanbin so nikufwenkula chabe mufuna muzivinamweka let him dance

  76. Cash Flow

    Signal, dununa reverse

  77. Cash Flow


  78. Cash Flow

    Signal, Dununa reverse 🇿🇲

  79. Jj

    U owez inspire me wth ur dance Mr presido

  80. Nebert

    Nice to entertain his people at to.ea

  81. Mark

    Nice to entertain his people at times.

  82. Mark

    Is good

  83. Fred

    I personally appreciate the president’s sence of humor. Keep it up.

  84. HH

    Chimwemwe yaba tokata

  85. Zach

    It’s a best health practice

  86. Bman

    Pipo y is it that everything is political? he is also a person like us. let him enjoy. there is nothing wrong in that dance.

  87. Bman

    I like that Mr. President

  88. Mwanza


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