Saccord Welcomes Move To Halt Reforms

SACCORD has welcomed the directive by the Republican President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to the Minister of Justice Hon. Given Lubinda to move the constitution amendment process to September to allow for the dialogue process.

Reacting to the directive by the president to have the amendments to the constitution halted so as not to undermine the dialogue process Executive Director Boniface Chembe said the directive was welcome as some stakeholders had raised concerns over the timing of constitutional reforms.

Cheembe observed that the directive by the President’s is an indication that there are efforts being made to take on boars concerns from various stakeholders.

“This directive comes against a background where some stakeholders in the national dialogue process had raised some concerns over the timing of the constitution amendment. The President directive is an indication that there are efforts being made to take on board concerns arising from various stakeholders on the national dialogue process.

“In addition, the directive also gives stakeholders extra time for them to consider making additional suggestions on that which needs to be done to perfect the amended constitution,” he said.

He also expressed gratitude that the President was committing to dialogue without any conditions.

“It is also encouraging to note that the President has committed himself to unconditional dialogue which is important as this will assist stakeholders to plan accordingly on how to address the matters of concern to the nation. The national dialogue process is now on course and it is important that all stakeholders continue to be engaged whether foreign or domestic,” Cheembe said.

Cheembe also expressed happiness at the President’s insistence for dialogue to be led by local institutions.

He said stakeholders with issues as regards to ZCID capacity should open up and identify their areas of concern so that they can be worked on to ensure that the process is accepted by all stakeholders.

President Lungu on Thursday directed Justice Minister Given Lubinda to halt the constitution amendments process so as not undermine the dialogue process.


  1. Shaka

    Did it had to require resistance and debate to come to a common understanding. This could had been done long ago. Thanks to HE the president.

  2. Jms

    Why do you amend how can you amend some thing good who are people who put that law in process you should have made this before each person will do the same way his/her friend has been doing so they want to win by confusing us

  3. FGM

    I hope the amendments to be made are not aimed at fixing someone or empowering a single individual. Our constitution should have clauses to stand a test of time; not 2021 elections driven

  4. amendment 4 3rd term bid

    y amend,wh z complaining,pf?
    Jst coz it doesn’t support 3rd term?
    it shud nt b amended only 4 2021,t wil bcam evn mor wors 4 zambia
    its mor lyk allowin devil 2 run th church

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