Teacher’s Union Boss Chides Journalists

Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) General Secretary Newman Bubala has accused journalists of blowing small issues out of proportion.

In reference to Teaching Service Commission Chairperson Stanley Mhango that “some teachers could neither read nor write”, Bubala blasted journalists that covered the ZNUT quadrennial conference in Kitwe of sensationalism.

He reminded journalists that they were once taught by a teacher and it was important that the teaching profession is regarded with respect and not with ridicule.

Bubala accused journalists of being excited whenever a teacher misbehaves without realising that it was the same teacher that taught them to write and read.

He said it is unfair to centre debates on the incompetence of one teacher in an effort to tarnish the image of the entire profession.

“I also want to appeal to journalists, am glad we have press men here, we have a situation where every single thing a teacher does it becomes news, surely you have no news? Have you ever seen a teacher who can’t read? You are a product of us, you speak English who taught you? What is this excitement about a teacher? Let us respect teachers, we have taught the world, Presidents, they came and didn’t know A and B,” the visibly angry Bubala lashed out.

He has further sounded a warning to teachers that are in the habit of tarnishing the teaching profession by engaging in bad activities 0f stern warning.

“I also want to appeal to you dear Teachers, because we have Teachers who want to bring us disrespect, let us not engage in these issues of molesting school girls and being drunk, let us protect this profession,” Bulala added.


  1. Musialela

    Well spoken

  2. Shachz

    Mr Bubala, I thank you. Trs have been disrespected enough. Parents too should be responsible for shaping these to be ‘journalists.’

  3. Shachz

    Just because they call you a ‘journalist’ kwasamunafye icikanwa wa ambako Na ukubosa. Why didn’t you just stay at home so that who soever raised you taught you to become what you are today?

  4. kennedy

    there are alot of laspes in today’s journalism,no ethical,no professionalism,turnishing images of other professionals can only retard. development

    • Dickens

      From the look of things it seems most journalists enjoy reporting the negative part of things in life…. They enjoy broadcasting peoples weaknesses, failures in societies…. Truthfully speaking i have not seen most of them with a successful life even after their retirement… Most of them they die early….i think there is something behind their profession….try to change guz.,

  5. Shaka

    Teaching is a noble profession, therefore they should be advised where they error not rebuked or denounced.

  6. MBITA


  7. Kambwili

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  8. BMK

    I think there is no sin commited by the journalism sector in this case. The ZNUT leader is taking that report personal. Journalists are there to inform the nation and should be respected for that.
    The government has acknowledged that this problem is there in the teaching sector and why should we pretend that it does not exist? Infact this is not only in teaching service alone but in all government ministries. So leave the journalists alone and let us commend the government for acknowledging and promising to address this problem.

    • Sonta

      BMK I think your uncle is a journalist now you and your journalist’s you are both brobdingnagian fool’s respectively!!!

  9. Augprina

    BMK you better shut your highly disjointed mandibles. Respect teachers for God’s sake IDIOT!

  10. Charles Mweene

    Newton Bubalala ia perfectly correct in lambasting some of these colleagues! Wholesale condemnation of the Teaching profession I think is imature and irresponsible by who ever it is!To err is human and so let us learn not to ttivualise issues! Incidentally; which one of us; the concerned included WAS NOT TAUGHT by their UNDENIABLY illiterate not formally schooled parents,grandparents or greatparents and today to be acknowledged Scribes, Scholars

    • Charles Mweene

      Typographical correction”Newman Bubala” NOT Newton Bubalala

  11. Haluza Hagain

    I thought that the statement came frm the same union leaders & not the journalists, the media just reported what you said. Shame on you Bubala!

  12. pwepwe

    no teacher can fail to read and write

  13. Self nyokozi

    Lets give respect to teachers, I have never seen a teacher who can not Read and write, if so how do learners be able to speak and write? U’ar there sited reading to what I have written because of a teacher. Shame on u.

  14. Zachariah

    Very True

  15. Hotness

    Respect teachers because they are key drivers of the country’s economy.

  16. suntwe

    Viva teacher viva!

  17. cikalema

    Intact most journalists have humble academic qualifications. The majority posses diplomas

  18. Chri maseko

    Teacher can never fail ,reading and writing are the main tools for this career .iwe chi reporter learn to listen when someone is speaking you are the same reporters without trace of your journalism with bought papers.muzipala mulilo not chusii

  19. vusi Sithole

    kikikiki! zambian’s teachers problm, its good i never did my school in zambia othewys.I was gng 2 b vry dal, i remember wen mr stenly muhango wen was a teacher at chunga high school, we take a child we come with frm south africa, he became so useless. govment tchers in are useless,

    • Charles Mweene

      Vusi or whoever you claim to be; you undoubtedly cant be Zambian; what with your apparent failure to express yourself coherently( revisit your post),You obviously are not a product of any Zambian Government Teaching greats(who you unfortunately choose to disparage in your ill presented post)!Had you had the fortune of being tutored by a Zambian, any Zambian trained Teacher the tone of your post would have been more civil, respectful, coherent and maybe made a bit more sense! It never harmed one to check ones reasoning before engaging ones brain! Unfortunately your post is outright insulting and disrespectiful to Government as employer of the Teachers you so despise!

    • Ignorant

      Vusi to me you sound & seem to be very dull, which south africa did you do your studies from?

  20. Augprina

    Iwe cikamba Sithole or whatever u are called u are useless! Who told u that u were supposed to be a Zambian for u to test the goodness of education if your foolish teachers in South Africa did not teach you well, is that the problem of Zambian teachers? Foolish man indeed, learn to appreciate where it is needed moreover u seem to be a dunderhead u stupid Chap FOOLISH!

  21. Kennedy

    Vusi you’re a total failure!!..a morally upright human being can never express himself in the manner in which you’ve came out to the buplic..infact you may even be a foreigner..

    • Sonta

      Vusi it’s just that we don’t know you kuoneka su na yendepo na ku sikulu ndiwe chi kambwanga cha munthu

  22. Augprina

    Mweene thanks a lot u are indeed an African man indeed who is there to respect a fellow African effort in terms of educating others, thanks big MAN!!

  23. Augprina

    Even you Kennedy thanks original bro indeed!!

  24. Mk

    Let’s appreciate our teachers and love them. Teaching children is not easy.

  25. Eukapo D

    When a cow has complications during birth,you call a teacher,when you buy an electric appliance and fail to install it,you call a teacher,help your dunderhead child have atleast a future,you call a teacher,,teacher this teacher that,,teacher never taught you the broken English,its because of your failure to grasp from the teacher..higher offices dnt complain about teachers because they paid attention in class…as a teacher,when I see any C.E.O or any high ranked person In office, I consider myself as a one…that’s my product…respect teachers…even Jesus was Rabi (a teacher)

  26. swana brown

    Never insult our professional its all bcoz of a teacher that you ar able to read nd speak,therefore a teacher deserves respect.

  27. Jms

    Just check what Tribe Newman is she/he says its from a small matter not knowing that he /she learnt that every thing starts as a small matter please we need educated people who knows how and when to support her /his people be faithful

  28. Jms

    No matter how you teach people how to speak and English and write the thing is if you are wrong and you don’t accept that you wrong If you see that I can’t accept totally just know that my education wasn’t enough just look to what capability HH haslet me tell you no matter what HH will be the same look to our previous BOSS BA MICHAEL CHILUFYA SATA (mhsrip)no matter what they did he did not change so please journalists keep it up that one must be promoted and be the head of education if you want I’m hear for interviews

  29. Francis

    Well spoken. We need you in time like this. Thanks Gs

  30. Misheck shift

    That’s really true sir ….every one need to give us teachers respect like the way we used to respect you guys when teaching you English and writing…..and my fellow teachers you have heard please let’s not engage our selves in such issues which can lead to job loss and destroying students future…lets cooperate and help our pupils so that they can be good future leaders and make Zambia become a better place to all….

  31. DYD

    A for apple
    B for ball
    We have millionaires in Zambia who cannot read and write bcoz they did not have an opportunity to pass through the hands of a teacher.let’s treasure our teachers and our education system and focus on reporting on issues which will develop our country.l thought some of the main roles of the reporters are to: act as a watchdog,inform and educate,promote public debate and set the agenda. Honestly people our reporters should no what is news anda what is not. Even Blind tr’s are able to read and write.

  32. vusi Sithole

    it better to len to respect south african education. cos zambia cant have better Docters.no good engineers, just look at those fools you call mps fighting in parliament educated in zambia. im a child of two south african parents born in zambia doing politics in zambia.a farmer in zambia

    • Sonta

      Let’s forget about this village idiot called vusi let’s talk business now

  33. chips

    Vuzi sitole watch and correct yo english mwe

  34. chips

    Vuzi sitole watch and correct yo english mwe
    Ar thoz mp trs?wikabwekeshapo iwe comparing mps to teachers.koswe iwe.even yo english is poor.

  35. vusi Sithole

    kikikiki! Uyahlanya sipukupuku wena, i can see now that u all cant teach only making noice, ngiyaxlolisa

    • HH

      iwe ka bubal fuck off why cant you accept reality most of you teachers are experienced prostitutes and most of them with BETUZ fucked by union leaders at BETUZ ZNUT is BETTER but BETUZ full of sex workers and male teachers pounce on school girls so what is your problem ka bubala iwe atase

      • Benjamin

        We are all a product of a teacher if we are able to read and write . But as As parents: we are concerned with fast growing satanism in some schools. Some teachers are Initiating pupils into satanism.can authorities do something about it. Scripture Union must be introduced in all schools and parents talk to your children be concerned

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