NDC To Back UPND In Chilanga

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has thrown its weight behind the UPND in the Chilanga by-election.

NDC has advised it members to back the UPND’s controversial Charmaine Musonda in the June 5 by-election.


For Immediate Release.

NDC to Support UPND in Chilanga.


The National Democratic Congress NDC will support the opposition UPND in the Chilanga race.

The Chilanga constituency parliamentary by election takes place on June 5 next month.

NDC Secretary General Mwenya Musenge has since urged all party members in lusaka province to go flat out and campaign for the UPND candidate Charmaine Musonda.

Mr. Musenge has however clarified that the party has not gotten into an alliance with the UPND.

He added that since the NDC is not jostling for the Chilanga seat, the only credible party to support in the race was the UPND.

Mr. Musenge has further disclosed that senior NDC members will soon join the upnd campaign team as they race to manda hill.

Mr. Musenge is confident that the UPND candidate for Chilanga will emerge victorious come polling day.

The NDC Secretary General has further restated the party’s quest to participate in all future parliamentary and local Government by elections country wide.

Last week, the NDC candidate for Chilanga failed to file in his nomination bid.

This was after the Electoral Commission of Zambia ECZ disqualified Edward Simfukwe on allegations that he had arrived late to file in his nomination papers.

Issued by: Misheck Moyo. NDC National Chairperson Media and Member of the Central Committee.


  1. Claps

    Even if you help each other campaigning thinking PF Wil lose, mamamama muzalilila pamoz🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲 pf in power until kaya

  2. Claps

    Even if you help each other campaigning thinking PF Wil lose, mamamama muzalilila pamoz🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

    • real

      Monse bene CK and HH, muzaluza as a pair. PF is the only viable alternative political party in Zambia at-least upto 2026. Learn to accept this reality.

  3. Self nyokozi

    That’s a good heart of helping one another. Forward forward never back wards.

  4. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle

    Go ahead guys we are together

  5. P.n.p.z

    Nothing plan,,why ??
    If u not stand keep quite

    • oli chipo

      Together we can change,zambia forward

  6. Ignorant

    Some political parties should be deregistered because they cant stand on their own, everstime ati we will support this or that party. NDC kuwayawayafye

  7. Ignorant

    I meant everytime

  8. Drex

    Pf z going down

  9. Pf

    Go ahead NDC, we are behind u


    As NDC let us learn a lession from the young man katongo who has been used by pf to turn down the decision at last minute.

  11. jack

    Go ahead guys we are together ,,,,

  12. Isidro kamy

    Backup mwandi efunika ba NDC

  13. sim1

    Ya chifente fentec

  14. Oscarmwale

    What if upnd loses .

  15. Hammer

    The hatred exhibited by NDC towards PF is worrying! It reminds me of another incidence where Chishimba Kambwili claimed that Tonga would vote for a stone rather than a person from another province! This man has too much hate in his heart, I would urge UPND to be careful and distance themselves from Kambwili! After all they have always campaigned without his help. He is not doing this out of love for UPND

  16. Shaka

    People of Chilanga will decide who will be their leader. As the rest of Zambians we are tired of taxes.

  17. Uncle Bizzo

    Let there be love and peace in Chilanga before and after the elections. GOD BLESS OUR GREAT NATION.

  18. Big Brain

    Vote wisely chilanga people please. Let no one to misled you. Since you have the enfranchise (right to vote), do your best.

  19. Gabriel

    Just watching anyway even that is good

  20. Bernard sikagoma

    That idea you are taking ba NDC is good. Now my concern is that, make sure the votes are well protected. We are tired of hearing they have stealing our votes. What are you doing UPND I think this time don’t tell us that they have changed the figures protect our votes up to the tme of announcing be with them. Don’t give them chance to do what they are planing.

    • GANNY

      Comment Always you have to find a reason for losing an election, even before you cast your vote.

  21. chris

    When the going gets tough,their is need 4 enforcement.ni forward chabe.

  22. vusi Sithole

    ECZ bilongs to pf, even if you back kawaya part you are not going to count votes, viva pf we know want to do they will cry!

    • .Bernard sikagoma

      I am disappointed with yo comment

  23. Mk

    Point of correction Vusi ECZ does not belong to any political party. You need to understand issues before commenting anything. NDC is not supporting UPND because of love but just because they want to embarrass PF. Hatred is the root of evil so UPND be careful with NDC.

  24. Bernard sikagoma

    Mr vusi,are u really a Zambian who care this country? If u are a Zambian, change your altitude. Don’t love ECL and his part, but love this country. Don’t pretend as if u live better life stop misleading pipo of Zambia.ECZ DOES NOT BELONG TO ANY PART. Vusi, are u managing director of ecz and informing the nation that u are pf cadres we involve another organization to be in charge of election in Zambia.

  25. dealer man

    But zoona ndiyekupusika ma hule uku.icho chimama chabapwalalika ba hh

  26. mulase

    Ba NDC nd hon chishimba kambwili..u should have consulted Miles sampa before making a decision to support UPND.Wen Miles registered the National Democratic Front if am not mistaken he went into an MOU with UPND but wat happened is something miles can explain better to u.UPND is one political party that does not honour or rather incorporate other political parties from the time of the late Michael chilufya satas PF.Not until they change that attitude, they will remain in the opposition forever.They know very well that their party is only strong in 3 regions out of 10 nd it takes a mathematics drop out to think that 3 out of 10 is a gud pass.Wat baffles me is that no matter how much u advise them to look beyond the 3 regions all u receive will be insults nd I mean big insults.Let us wait nd c how u shall work with them this tym around.

    • evans chisenga

      I thought Musenge said its not an alliance but help.

  27. Abudu

    Shut up if you don’t know anything wako in wako

  28. Jms

    Sithole agaiiiiin what the matter and let me edge you you have now ideas in fact you are saying the truth YOU SHOULD HAVE CONSULTED BEFORE YOU TALK SUCH THINGS TO A REAL MAN LIKE BA KAMBWILI

  29. P.n.p.z

    🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣 napafye

  30. kamo mpenapo

    wil nver again mek a mstek 2 suport ba pompwe,ba koswe
    go ndc…go dr.ck …u hav 1 perfect vote frm me

    • Typ

      Ar u sure u ar thinking good ka? See yo ka perfect vote will not worry us, rulling party z a strongest party tht z difficulty to challenge, u pipo think properly how could you start a fight without knowing who z going to help you, pipo stop waisting your time to commenting pali ba pf, can’t u see that pf will win even 2021,according to my self if I start training football then my coach refusing to pick me to go and play match, again to the next match he did the same I should stop training football and look for other things that I should benefit in. Mr Edgar go ahead dont waisting time to think about thoz who ar about u, this pipo they didn’t starts complaining about you no, since 1966 up to date just focusing na vakusogolo although they judge you still god will take u to the next 2021 we still loving u our great man, Mr Edgar if anyone feels jerous about you pliz just tell them that go to the late Mr Sata who had chosen you to be our lovely father’s.

  31. Ziba zako

    Is there morality in our politics or do we just support despite our past sentiments fie the sake of winning. Kambwili had nothing good to say about UPND. Is he now buddy buddy bcoz PF is against him. Let’s have permanent positions on issues. Let’s not change wurhbthe wind just bcoz… We need some morality in these parties. Some backbone.

  32. Hebk


  33. mando

    Bakutu bakata

  34. mando

    Fight the race until it is done

  35. Jks

    Its their choice let them go ahead the final whistle wil tel who has won

  36. strong pf

    Beyond any reasonable doubt PF will win the seat let’s bet

  37. vusi Sithole

    some people realy dont think, the director and the chairperson at ecz appointed by the president and the some presisdent is bilong to pf, so ecz is a president and pf brnch pliz. they do wt we tell them or we kick them out,

  38. Mwanza

    nice move

  39. Wiso

    PF ni matuvi

  40. P.n.p.z

    🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣🚣 100 years of

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