U20 Shine In Kigali

The Zambia Under-20 made good on their credentials with a 2-0 win over Rwanda away in Kigali.

Kafue Celtic striker Francisco Mwepu did justice to his family name by fallowing in his elder brother’s footsteps Enock with a virtuoso performance that saw him net a brace.

Rwanda who swept past Kenya in the last round could not find answers from a probing Zambia side that dealt them a blow before their home fans.

The African champions are fighting to earn the right to defend their title in Niger next year but have to negotiate their way through a difficult qualification process.

Zambia has to go past Rwanda before facing either Sudan or Burundi in the final qualifying round.

The Rwandese will be in Lusaka next Saturday in the second leg hoping to overcome a 2-0 deficit.

Assistant coach Charles Bwale had the luxury of two England based players with Wigan Athletics’ Mwiya Malumo making a cameo appearance in the dying minutes of the tie in Kigali while Lifumpa Mwandwe of Shrewsbury Town did not even make the line-up.


  1. Kanyenda Aaron

    Nice Under 20 God Will Make U Defend The Cup

  2. ECL

    Go go Zambia we are behind you guys job Weldon, away from home beating the host even when they come home on Saturday do the same put two more goals. Let’s go Zambia

  3. swana brown

    Proud of u boys keep up de spirit but why bringing someone from Europe to come nd bunch him?

    • Tom London

      He was is part of the winning Zambian team and will get full pay for being patriotic enough to wear the green Jersey . The game plan in this case mattered . Obviously , plan B in an away game has other tactics . You wait and see next weekend at home the young lad will definitely supprise every one .

  4. Claps

    They are Zambians

  5. Self nyokozi

    That’s a story which is needed to heard in our mother Zambia, congregation baice, Zambia gooooo and defend

  6. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle


  7. Demutal

    Go bola go Zambian

  8. Shachz

    Aba Abana aba! Like brother like brother!

  9. P.n.p.z

    Thanks guys under 20

  10. joshua mbewe

    I love u guyz .gooooo! Chipolopolo goooooo!!!

  11. vernon

    go go zambia defend our cup and let our name stand

  12. kondwelani

    Thanks guys u20

  13. Sawendeli

    job we’ll done guys , go go forward

  14. Jms

    I knew it as I say the interest of some pro boys this will make football in Zambia interesting. I tell you that we have good players and coaches but thing is that ,Coaches are mislead by you people who think you know football but know nothing just be spectators so that you start kicking you friends in the back

  15. Isidro kamy

    Welldone guys big shout out to my classmate mumba prince I see u ba skiper

  16. kangaroo

    Kuti washala, naine natemwa saana Zambia go Zambia go!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!

  17. Justin Tj

    Chipolopolo all the way… Come on guys, mother Zambia is behind you…

  18. Charlesmicklay

    You have made us proud, thanks guys

  19. Sianga Musialela

    True National Team!

  20. Hotness

    Job well done guys, the entire nation is behind you. This young mwepu will be a player every one will be talking about In near future.

  21. Kapena Kapena Augustine Prince


  22. Alick

    Great work indeed

  23. Stanley m

    Just like his brother.

  24. augustine ngalande

    great job u-20

  25. Oscarmwale

    Thank u guys continue de same spirit.


    Job weldone guys.

  27. Angels

    Even lloyder,has confirmed saying E Bana aba E Bana aba ND the crowd is shouting also saying Iyoine LLOYDA

  28. Jms

    Now what to do YOU FAZ you must LEARN we need the corroboration which we had among Godfrey yuka chitalu,Alex chola and the then manager ( mtsrip) and the then Faz never fight but maintain go for the best players to be coaches if you want good football kalusha went in coaching early he should have waited others wise he could have been a good coach if he concentrated in just coaching now he mixed with managerial aspects we have lost kalu now let’s look forward and see what we can do Don’t do what you want to do to simata leave him if he is critizing you you just have to change no matter how you forbid him people love because he has the qualities of a leader if you do what you want do suppose it was you what could have happened be Fair just go to Catholic church you will hear them say Na—-twi–ngilee mu — gada yàkwa– lesa SO please let’s get in or encourage others to get in not out PLEASE

    • ROKA

      Kalusha was big headed,hence confused faz and himself. He has come out with zero both as an administrator and coach. Intact he called himself director. Result, Zambian football lost directions. The same Simataa,he confused himself also.It seems he doesn’t what he aiming at now,apart from Galt finding!!Please we some sober minded people to counsel the two!!

  29. Sonta

    Keep it up guys! That’s what we want

  30. Uncle Bizzo

    Thank you for the job well done

  31. Uncle Bizzo

    Thank you for the job well done,keep it up

  32. Prince Mande

    Great performance guys keep it up. Keep up the good work Mwepu.

  33. Muzaza soko

    Viva Zambia viva oneness

  34. chilufya mwape

    All the best boy.

  35. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    Thanks Ba Above 18,you v’e done us proud always, world class material… Go above 18 go.

  36. mwansa

    All the best we are behind you guys

  37. patriotic man

    nayonayo ba zed the entire zed is behind you

  38. Offline

    Go,go chipolopolo boys.

  39. Mhone fred

    Go Zambia go all the best

  40. Gift Kachama

    I kneww we would do better.God b with u guys we ar behind yo backs.THE COMPUTER FAMILY.CHIPOLOPOLO CHAMPIONS

  41. Kalowana

    Yes thats our team U20 we are behind you guys make as proud once again, nitukakondwe mobanse kai

  42. fanta coca

    Go!!!!! go!!!! Zambia

  43. Chox

    §tay bl€§§€d ba und€r 20! 😛

  44. Bizzo

    I travel all the way from europe to be on the bench. …hell no.congratulations boys.

  45. Michael chilinda

    Go Zambia go we are behind you guys fight for our mother Zambia gooo go

  46. Chisha Joseph

    Go Zambia go

  47. Jms

    Superheros may it be so

  48. Elisha

    thanx ba u 20 keep making good reputations God bless u!

  49. Benny

    Work hard boys be like 2017 under20

  50. Lizzy

    Go Zambia go we are very proud of u guys, keep it up.

  51. John

    Congratulations boys.

  52. Bramino Hassein

    Good family gene, like Ronaldo family

  53. john simutowe


  54. Kambwili

    UPND chilanga campaign song. ‘We want change’
    Click on link..Download..Listen…Share.

  55. Felix mata

    Keep up guys!!

  56. Xavier

    Bring it again,we are proud of you guys.

    • ROKA

      I hope you won’t insult them when they lose a game!!Zambians always want sugar in their mouths

  57. supporter talunsa

    it will be a live on TV or what

  58. DL

    Go Zambia. Make us proud. White wash them in Lsk on Saturday. O de best lads.

  59. Freeman

    We ar behind u guys kip it burning

  60. Zach

    Kalusha didn’t come zero, 1988 Africa football of the year, under his presidency came the Africa cup. I prefer the foreign coach to be assisted by our own. Go Zambia

    • Mwanza


  61. frazer

    Well done guyz go go go Zambia

  62. Agm


  63. GM

    Go Zambia go Chipolopolo Abesu ni bullet

  64. Claps

    We will come and support you guys at nkholoma stadium. Go go

  65. Mwanza


  66. GMN

    Yes bravo guys,now to us pa zed let’s support looses and wins. when they Loose we insult them

  67. Claps James Mphande

    Now this coming Saturdays game will the tickets be sold in ShopRite or spar or they will be just selling at nkholoma stadium guys help me?

  68. john mwelwa

    Go!! gooo!! zambia we’re behind you guyz, and let’s support our local guys coz localis lLaka!!!!!

  69. D J

    nice one,the computer family.follow yo footsteps of yo bro mwaiche

  70. Sunshine

    Go Zambia Go make us proud , shoot them 🔫🔫

  71. top blaze188

    I owe knew they had it in them

  72. Habakkuk

    Fabulous let them dance kalidula

  73. Claps James Mphande

    Tomorrow in action at nkholoma stadium guys do your best…. Goalllllll

  74. Chamajohn

    God us there for you guyz never give up we love.

  75. Leonard mwamba

    nice ba z

  76. Hurry k

    We ah so really thankful 4 u al guy s May God bless u al Amen

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