RB Counsels Hichilema To Concede & Remain Open To Dialogue

Fourth Republican President Rupiah Banda has pleaded with opposition United Party for National Development to acknowledge that President Edgar Lungu is the Head of State as a first step toward dialogue.

President Banda who is a living testimony of shaking off election defeat said he had communicated to Hichilema even through his son Andrew (Banda) that there is no harm in meeting at the table with President Lungu.

The former President met with the board members of the Zambia Centre for Inter Party Dialogue and thanked them for keeping the dialogue agenda going.

He said that the Commonwealth should indicate whether they were in support of locally championed dialogue or not.

Banda said that there was no doubt that Zambia had a President in office and that everyone should get used to that fact.

He said that acknowledging that fact would help President Lungu accommodate everyone in the dialogue process.

The ZCID board has been meeting key national figures among them President Lungu, Dr Kenneth Kaunda and Banda as a prelude to implementing the national dialogue process.


  1. PF

    Tel Them Banda No Impechiment Of De President.
    Govt Z Govt!!!

    • shu shu shu

      HH and group are not leadership material

    • Chief Itichi

      RB perfected the art of robbing treasury.
      No respect for this Wakuba

  2. Claps

    Tell him coz he don’t want to see ECL rulling now he don’t know that he will never be there. Azatasha

  3. Jms

    You can’t say no impeachment with out concern their is no like facts here these two people mentioned here are just back benches even if they don’t their is no need what we need is being faithfulness to Zambians first priority

    • Likukela Kota Ikafa

      Rewrite this. You might have a point. Very difficult to get your msg in this form

  4. Nyambe Ntobolo

    I would have preferred Mr Banda to remain neutral for him to became a statesman

    • ROKA

      I don’t support Banda but in this case ,he is right.He has stated the fact.By is icikema the only opposition political leader?Why is he given this publicity most than others. It is wrong to assume that his party is the biggest opposition party in Zambia.How can a tripartite bantustan party be cited as such.It is one sided and presume it’s agenda, on which its foundation is anchored, is to give these areas autonomy. Wait and see!The other areas shouldn’t support this party or else Zambia will be disintegrated

  5. Jms

    Their is nothing like being neutral he has to understand that this is the brainstorming of fresh blood and those who are willing to fall and stand on your own

    • King cool

      I like former president Mr Rupiah Banda , He conceded defeat. He is a Man of integrity, He deserve to chair the meeting on National dialogue. He a peace maker, I salute him, keep it up. Show this young boy , ngamwaluza ninsi mwakula. I think this boy is a great dull boy, He call himself that he is educated, If Lungu is not a President,why then his MP goes to Parliament,? HH is a very nice dull boy, grow up my boy.

      • Tom London

        King cool , rb is not neutral . of course he accepted defeat himself and so why can’t ecl accept that he rigged the election results and step aside immediately that alone can solve this nonsense

  6. P.n.p.z

    Mr banda tell them bofwe

  7. Cash Flow

    Still searching

  8. hantuba

    This issue on persuading HH to concede defeat is neither here nor there. The man(HH) will never concede defeat and the reason is very simple. It is like asking someone to amputtate his legs himself. Everyone knows that the moment this conceding issue is off HH’s desk then he becomes irrelevant not only to the Zambian political scene but to his own party.

  9. Shachz

    What does the word ‘dialogue’ mean? Please help me! Is it a discussion or an argument with the opposition? What will be the benefit out of it? Umbi takasumine ati ali Lusa, umbi Nao teti atemwe uku munukulapo Na palowa! Kulekafye. Let us just wait for the time (2021) kwasila kwamana kufelile.

  10. FBI

    Dialogue in this case discussing way forwad forgetting the past

  11. Mukomango Mwansa

    Ba HH I think you can just resign because I don’t see any quality of leadership in youuuuuuuu

    • Hammer

      HH after realizing that the end results of the dialogue is to put in place systems which will improve our electoral system and other rights he is no longer interested! For him he wanted an end results which will help him to go in state house ASAP! He is not interested in the good governance of the ciuntry

      • ROKA

        Its the same people who demanded that the 2016 elections must be held under a new constitution, but today its bad. Icikema expected to get to state house by backdoor through rerun.Please apf,investigate the rigging done in their so called strong holds.We hear, other parties’ polling agents are not allowed and this gives them an opportunity to issue as may ballot papers as they please to one voter and voters’ registers as marked at will. That’s why they claimed, even before voting that they had won the elections. apf be serious on this matter twapaapata!!Enough is enough. Recent bye elections results, especially from Southern Province testify to has I am saying!!!!

  12. Owen Musenge

    My take on this issue is that RB is not straight and I feel that the much talked about dialogue should be premised on what has necessitated the need for dialogue. You don’t just base your discussions on nothing. There must be a reason for starting dialogue. What RB should do is to help the dialogue process to take off by getting concerns from all parties and bring these issue to a a round table. There is need to look at reasons for demanding for dialogue. Not this one sided cosmetic counsel coming from a person who has already taken a side that he supports.

    • ROKA

      This is not cosmetic counselling. Some is just drunk with arrogance, stubbornness and pride,very dangerous sins been committed by the moronic Armageddonist

  13. Dabs

    Whatever is the issue dialogue is required especially ECL and HH these are key to the process .If need be their should at personal level without undermining each for they confess that they are Christians

    • HH

      Don’t talk about me RB if I lose 2021 Zambia will be like Sudan .Nana muzanya

  14. Patrick bhaka

    These nothing like taking a side Big Man hh should just exept that these already a sitting president then the country will definitely move forward but not forward for hh . Then I can also advise people like you to advise hh to go for dialogue.

  15. Jms

    Seeing qualities in someone you have to be educated because if you can’t beat him they say join him now how can you realize his strength when you can’t beat him but just injure him and if you thing of persuading the other to except or not isn’t the solution indeed we have known that persuading goes with corruption their is no persuading unless you buy the judiciary and when that is being practiced you are not a country man PEOPLE DISLIKE YOU in such dubious means you buy what ever USING bad educationists

  16. Sianga Musialela

    People of little minds talk too much for nothing. If you don’t under something it is better to keep quiet.They say silence is golden!

  17. FGM

    ZCID was quiet for too long. Its like someone has woken it up after ms Scotland came to Zambia. ZCID’s seriousness is being doubted because of that silence. Who didn’t know that Zambia was in a political crisis after the 2016 presidential elections? Until the Commonwealth chipped in ; all were quiet. We lack seriousness in Zambia.

  18. Bruno mars the moonshine jungle


  19. Kambwili

    UPND chilanga campaign song. ‘We want change’
    Click on link..Download..Listen…Share.

    • ROKA

      Which change named,change wamungulu two iyo.I am urging NDC to avoid icibusa na moron,remember how treated baSata!!

      • JBG

        Not just Mr Sata but the way he treated Nawakwi and Tilyenji Kaunda during the time of UDA. They have just found a cheap bubble gum in your name. If you want people to you serious, find your own route and a different way of politics remember the way Sata ascended to power through his own way different from that group you side with. They will just chew you and throw you in the bin

  20. DJK

    Let bwezani think twice baba

  21. DJK


  22. mulakwe

    come 2021 hh azakalilanso.a leader with rotten heart can never be the president of our lovely Zambia

  23. Never Be Quite

    We want a peaceful county

  24. ROKA

    This is not cosmetic counselling. Some is just drunk with arrogance, stubbornness and pride,very dangerous sins been committed by the moronic Armageddonist

  25. Kambwili@yahoo.c

    Banda has been misleading Lungu. Banda himself almost refused to conceed defeat. Banda had been forsaken by his own son. Banda never explained the Nigeria Oil scandal. Banda’s son went lnto hiding. Who is Banda to advise other leaders? Whoops!! Zambia in the sun!!!!

    • JBG

      That’s what happens when you join a team of bitter politics. They are a lot criminals who are appearing in court. Don’t mix issues

  26. JBG

    RB is right on this one. In every home for peace and unit to prevail, you need the parents to respect each other for the children to follow suit. HH can not be the president but he has a huge number of followers. So the day HH will accept ECL and respect him as the head of state, even the followers will follow the same path. In chewa we say ” MWANA WA MBUZI AONELA KWAMAKE KU NYELA MKOLA”. As it stand, it will be very difficult for dialogue to take feet. This should be taken as a humble advise from RB


    just passing mwandi,,,,,,,,,,,,

  28. pwepwe

    who is the president of Zambia. a lungu b hh c nawakwi d muyokera.the answer is lungu

  29. Hebk


    • Wilsonmunsaka @gmail. com

      Yes I like HH 2021

      • Wilsonmunsaka @gmail. com

        2021 HH not lunge plz ba people

      • Wilsonmunsaka01@gmail. com

        HH for like

  30. Frank Bwalya

    Chi Rupiah Banda chipuba..that’s what we call people of his character in Bemba.

  31. HH

    Bane muzanya when I lose 2021

  32. mac-b $ sign

    wel spoken dad , zambia is bigger than politicians.

  33. vusi Sithole

    hh or hyna hyna this country zambia for now its president lungu’s farm, so do wat he tells you do cos u will never be a president of zambia, nt even 50yrs from now, ask harry mwanga nkubula or simon mansa kapwepwe,

  34. Tyne

    I am not UPND but I want to assure them that I am standing in 2021 only to defeat this chief loser called HH, the man behaves like abyss the sanctuary of the devil is in his heart. Takwabafye napate yabula abantu bamano, ubupuba bwaba UPND is that all political advisors have left the party perhaps you may forget some of them are, Chifire, Dr Banda, Edward Mumbi, achilifye na ba wiliam banda, nombaline ba GBM nabo baleka. Nishi tebupubafye mu party imu mwe!!!!!

  35. King john ii

    No hope for hh to be the president of Zambia!!!!!!!! Shame

  36. Shaka

    The two formers stated in the preamble have become puppets to the current leader and are beneficials, who doesn’t know We are not blind.

  37. Sonta

    Musiyeni ni eve azanya 2021!!

  38. Sonta

    Just leave him like that, he is the one who is going to defecate 2021!!!

  39. Elven Fred.

    Why can’t this old man keep quiet? He is always singing in a negative way, he seems to be leaving in the past.

  40. Agm


  41. Sianga Musialela

    Wako ni wako is showing its ugly head again in Zambia. Countrymen let’s watch out.

  42. MBULO

    isabi ukubola lyambila kumutwe.How can someone fight for collaption when himself is the master?

  43. Barotseland

    In his time as President RB dd nothing apart from frying to and from Chipata drinking beers with no development in his time and let him just shut up and be quiet like his brother KK. This country is not for Easterners .

  44. Hebk


  45. King-G

    Banda is upto 4 something

  46. zambian

    It is difficult for hh to accept defeat

  47. vusi Sithole

    HH kikikiki! sleeping cow, viva lungu and pf we love you!

  48. Sikota

    If what people are commenting on chilanga by election candidates fully depicts as a chritain nation, I would then prefer to pray in house. Your comments are retrogressive. Let constituents vote wisely as they focus for the future.

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