State House Clarifies Video Skewed To Suggest Pres. Lungu Is A Dictator

State House has moved to clarify an online video skewed to paint President Edgar Lungu as a dictator following remarks made light-heartedly during fundraising walk for the aged.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relation Amos Chanda said the remarks were made in jest.

He said the remarks were meant to discredit President Lungu by his detractors.

The clip was conveniently cut out to eliminate the context it was filmed when President Lungu apologized to motorists for having budged in the bus soliciting for donations for the aged at Cheshire Homes.

“He made a comment in jest to emphasize the apology that he was making for inconveniencing people on the road,” he said.

Chanda said there was nothing wrong President Edgar Lungu did by saying Zambians tolerated President Kaunda for 27 years.


  1. shu shu shu

    No need to apologize to i.d.i.o.ts. A fool will always remain a fool

  2. PF

    No Apologisies!! For Those Culprits!
    Bcoz Fools Wil Never Won Batle…

  3. treason.

    And Mr President,zambians Are Not Going To Tolerate U 4 The Third Time.

  4. Claps

    Mr president no any apology u didn’t do anything wrong.

    • Fwanya

      Who cares..whether he apologizes or not

  5. Nyambe Ntobolo

    At you tolerated Kaunda for 27 years……..is that wrong

    • Fwanya

      Kaunda never went around teasing people with impunity. So ba Lungu enjoy now because you wilk never be president for the rest of your life

  6. Jms

    Please put things in order their is nothing wrong or right it just someone ‘s minds which detamines which way go. Their is such financial ventures for the President why can’t you just divert a small amount rather than being involved in critics i’m sorry for saying this but its true that their isn’t wrong with but if a wrong advise is given people will critizes but when the advise is nice even the out come is nice few roads or few things will let people complain

  7. Likukela Kota Ikafa

    Nothing to criticize Lungu about on this one.

  8. dealer man

    Ah.. …. Lungu.Ni patali bakamba

  9. Shachz

    I see no reason to talk about a gallant freedom fighter. How many times was Kenneth jailed before independence? Mwikula umutwe ba mwisho. No one stays there forever. Ask Robert M if you want!

  10. Shachz

    Amos, akulyafye. Fili mwitobo nafilowa!

  11. Jay

    Yaba,only God knows,and is the only one who can rule this country called zambia,the rest,u just lie to your selves.

  12. Jay

    If we tolerated kaunda for 27 years,then bare in mind mr president that will never tolerate any other president with their own selfish deeds.

  13. FBI


  14. Mukomango Mwansa

    Ba under 20 baliwina

  15. Patrick bhaka

    The only think one can do is to apologise even when he did do something wrong that exactly shows how much respect and love he has for this nation, We love you Mr President and we will continue praying for you.may the all night Lord bless you sir

  16. Patrick bhaka

    The only think one can do is to apologise even when he did not do something wrong that exactly shows how much respect and love he has for this nation, We love you Mr President and we will continue praying for you.may the all might Lord bless you sir

    • .Bernard sikagoma

      Jesus look at these Zambians. They sleep hungry busy praising. Lord have mercy on these ignorant people, they will confess to what they are saying.

  17. Maxiwena Maxinal

    Speak gently in your house harshness does not gorven a house for it is said words once come out may not taken back the speaker may forget but the listener may not forget , so Pliz Mr President mind your words u use to say to the public

  18. Jms

    Build fast the high way to reduce reduction don’t kubebe

  19. Boma

    Nothing wrong

  20. Kambwili

    new song. ‘We want change’
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  21. Kambwili

    UPND chilanga campaign song. ‘Kawalala ni lungu’
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  22. Umwenda mushiki

    Mr President Sir, you should know that all of us Zambian are your children as long as you are on that position, so the Bemba proveb says ubufumu bukashisha amenso, so wilabofya icifukushi pakutungulula, elyo kabili wilakonkelesha abantu Bambi,. Please sir just concentrate on leading us the way you will read is the way Almighty God will give you gifts.

  23. Kambwili@yahoo.c

    What are you people talking about? Don’t talk about KK. He is gone and he was a freedom fighter. Not imwe tu malinso. Just concentrate on stealing our resources. Mwapwisha Mukula tree thieves, ma jails yaliko and will still be there. God bless Zambia.

  24. pwepwe

    ecl my President

  25. Joseph David

    Lungu, awe sure

  26. Xenon

    Hmmmm so he thinks we are going to tolerate Him Pa not at all coz he is just a chance and a dancer. It’s ridiculous for him to start talking about Kaunda for he is just nothing compared to him not even half

  27. Xenon

    He just has no good news for good people but only those that are just like him

  28. vusi Sithole

    only fools will talk rabish about our good president, wat ever lungu dos always its right, we will vote for again, for opposition we wll help you to eat your money,

  29. Johnathan t

    To respect a fool is to keep quiet

  30. Livingstonian Brashe holla

    2021 upnd you re losing, if HH will win am going to denounce my citizenship, over. My dead body it’s better i leave Zambia HH can’t be the president of this country he is too selfish, ok tell me how many people has HH helped in this country and some idiots want such a fool to rule this beautiful country who have no heart for the poor for what no way.

  31. Agm

    The great Leader the Late Sata he leave you food ful of on the plate just eat until 2021 ukashileko ba KACHEMA na bena bakalieko!

  32. Edwardo edwardo

    Ecl you are the man

  33. HH

    Ecl is winning in 2021 nafuti

  34. bullz

    Zambia has got cheap politics.

  35. Claps

    ECL until Kaya uko

  36. Anthony lukhelo

    What should mr lungu should know is that …..Zambians are not foolish….elections are near

  37. Hajabram

    He is the worst leader of Zambia since independence

  38. the boss

    Don’t talk about ecl because we Zambian chose him he didnt force us to vote did he??

  39. Wiso

    Njala, no jobs bafikala at lungu 2021? Are you idiots?

  40. fisunge

    Those insulting are just lazy pipo where do they get those energies to say bad things it’s because there stomachs are full

  41. mercutio

    The first republican President Dr kk to me, he has been the better among the presidents of Zambia today.I grew in he’s days…When i compare & contrast…Jobs for all the youths was well planned & programmed…Zambia had the power of all the mines,parastatals,farm blocks,airways….etc despite some ups & downs as compared to some Presidents of Zambia today.

  42. passion

    Charity work,dancing on public foolishly wen you are drunk and trying to compare yo self with KK will solve our problems tell us on how ur planing on repaying these debts.
    Zambia into a debt trap with China
    ¶Heroes Stadium $94 million
    ¶Security Wings housing project $275 million
    ¶Kenneth Kaunda Airport $360 million
    ¶Kafue Gorge Lower Power Plant $1.7 billion
    ¶Kariba North Bank Power Plant Expansion $430 million
    ¶Lusaka L400 Roads $300 million
    ¶Ndola Airport $400 million
    ¶Lusaka Decongestion $286 million
    ¶Topstar deal -Communication Towers $280 million
    ¶Copperbelt Roads C400 $418 million
    ¶Chipata-Serenje Railway line $2.3 billion
    ¶Mongu-Kalabo Road $287 million
    ¶2000 Military Houses $157 million
    ¶Mansa-Luwingu Road $242 million
    ¶Mbala-Nakonde Road $180 million
    ¶Lusaka Sanitation Project $130 million
    ¶Kafubu Water Project $104 million
    ¶Levy Mwanawasa Hospital Expansion $90 million
    ¶Kafulafuta Dam Water Project $449 million

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