Citizen’s View: Did Zambians Aggravate Mayor Kalumba’s Condition?

I never mocked this man. In fact I never mock people by playing practical jokes on or about them. Sleeping challenge, what what. I only joke with my personal friends and behbaikl know it’s about a friendship.

And I won’t condemn those who found it funny to mock the man. He was a very educated man more educated than me and he was accomplished.

I never gave him a chance to win the mayoral election despite being on the PF ticket.

But today am really touched. I can imagine all that calmness when people laughed at him and mocked him was his way or avoiding to fight back because he had a bigger battle to fight.

Condolences to his family to the PF and all Lusaka residents. May his loss leave each one of us better people and may his battles not be in vain.

Let’s name a motor rally after him since his last policy announcement was about motor racing.

Written by Oliver Shalala


  1. Chintu Bakula2

    May His Soul Rest In Peace

  2. hasty

    Comment Mhsrip

  3. William Shiliya

    May his soul rest in internal peace.

  4. Sirre F Muntanga

    This issue of praising someone after their demise should stop in our country.
    Why didn’t you praise him when he was alive. Please people let’s stop this hypocrisy

  5. PC

    Thank you sirre f muntanga

  6. The Chosen One

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong in criticising someone when they’re not performing. Lusaka residents elected him and expected him to deliver which sadly, he didn’t. That said MHSRIP and condolences to the bereaved family.

  7. zeke man


    • Nicholas Pule

      May his soul rest in eternal peace.

  8. koswe

    this man showwd the signs of sleeping sickness dew to the drugs he was taking. its sad that a life is lost but his bosses should have given him leave and attention to seek medical attention instead of letting him in office with the pressure of that office its possible one can give up life easily. mhsrip

    • Bernard

      This man was supposed to be evaluated to India wen he first fall in Namibia before waiting for his death, anyway mhrip

  9. Likukela Kota Ikafa

    We grieve. RIP

  10. Bk

    May you rest in peace

  11. Khuzwayo

    Jokes are jokes but sad he’s died. MHSRIP

  12. Benson Kampukwe

    Peacefully good people die and leaves a very big gape to be filled. May your soul rest in Peace (mysrp)

    • Nyawu yakumawa

      When big animals dies,a gape is seen really.

  13. Geoffrey Bwamba Mwalya(GBM)

    What a big blow to the city of Lusaka & the country at large! MHSRIP.

  14. maston


  15. pwepwe

    don’t say Zambians say Lusaka’s .we have our own mayor in chipata.

  16. Victor


  17. Joseph David


  18. Nick2


  19. Weagans Kanubu

    May lord 4him wherever he will be.

  20. Prof chiwasa

    The Lord be with the grieved

  21. Maulu Hamunjele

    My deepest condolences to his family!!

  22. Chan


  23. zambian

    Why not saying those words when he was in life and now he’s dead
    you talk good of him change for the better dear ……….

  24. vusi Sithole

    us for me i just lost my vote to this man, i voted for him cos of pf and president lungu. Other ways fisho mwale was a best just go mr kalumba

  25. Nyambe Ntobolo

    MHRIP….always miss you your worship

  26. Godfrey kapumfi


  27. swana brown

    Never praise or criticise a dead soul brothers

  28. ccccccc chabala

    I miss yuo

  29. Mafuta

    Arvs stopped working. Mbolo yamuletelila.

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